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  1. You guys have been a huge help, honest, thanks everyone.
  2. Cheers man you've been a big help, definitely will man, first drink is on me for helping me find this site.
  3. Ledge mate! Just sent my submission. Looking into all of this more now. I'm excited already haha. Hopefully hear from them soon.
  4. Heard oz is extremely nice place to live. That would be very good, I want to travel from country to country ideally, I'm gonna be hitting 30 before I know it, and I want to say I've traveled the world before I'm 35 or so. This is the perfect time for me. I will be studying simultaneously developing my skills to find work in the software development industry, but I'm far away from being qualified for that yet.
  5. Yeah the friend I mentioned in my second post is now doing English teaching in china, and after that he is travelling to montreal, and before that he lived in Australia. He doesnt have qualifications, but he's had a good sales job in the past. I just really need to get out, I'm thinking about leaving this month, don't have much money to my name but I'll find a way to make things work somehow.
  6. impractical, not taking a caravan if i decide to go america or something haha.
  7. I want to travel the world, I have a friend who is doing it at the moment and he loves it, says he can't see himself living in England after the places he has gone. I've done little to no travelling all my life, only been to around 2 different countries, and it's time for me to spread my wings. I'm just worried about moving somewhere and struggling to find work, rent etc. I don't know what I'm doing. I've completely lost the fun and spark in my life right now, I'm just empty and I have a feeling this will be a well needed travel to open my eyes a bit.
  8. Unemployed as of now. Still have some money to survive for a bit but the clock is ticking. All I have is a respectable/good qualifications from HS and college, a HND from uni as I didnt complete the course.I've done a bit of freelance work, as I have a bit of self taught knowledge within development, but I'm no pro by any means. (This is an area which I want to get into in the near future). I want to go travelling, but because I'm not qualified, I don't even know what work I'm gonna be able to get, will i be in a tough situation? or what position I'm putting myself into for the future when I get back? I need to clear my head and get away. Was even thinking about going to study in germany where its free, I just don't know where to go from here. I'm 27.
  9. People who complain at restaurants

    Absolutely loathe people who do that too, if I'm not keen on something I'll just not go there again.
  10. There are alot of fake natties out there, so I just thought I would post this as these guys are from an era before steroids. Perhaps can help motivate some guys. No idea how macfadden made it on here
  11. POF - wtf happened

    Your average 6 thinks shes an 8 now, such is life with the amount of validation women receive on social media. Still a lot of poon out there but it's not the same as it used to be, no doubt.
  12. What supps do you lads take?

    nothing, just a weight gainer since I struggle to eat alot (yes I'm a pussy) sometimes take zinc and a multi too
  13. Oh f off mate.

    Call him out on it, he'll just keep doin' it otherwise
  14. London Bridge

    Didn't the manchesters bombers sister basically praise him on facebook saying welcome to paradise? Wonder how many other associates of his were happy for him. There is something severely wrong with the ideology and its teachings, the mosques, the culture etc. I understand its a small percentage, and every muslim isnt a terrorist, but its funny how every terrorist is a muslim. That should be enough to warrant some concern. Don't see sikhs and hindus committing these killings, they assimilate fine.
  15. London Bridge

    Part of the problem is the s**t that they preach in the mosques, pure brainwashing and indoctrination Only need to watch from 0:00 to around 3 minutes