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  1. Flippin' hell...
  2. Current state 8 more weeks to go

    Wants critique about physique, gets it about trainers, beard and glasses.
  3. Can you guess my barrel sizes ?

    I'd go 1ml, 2.5ml, 10ml, 100ml
  4. Infection risk subq vs IM

    There no real infection risk of a sterile good technique is used. If you've had a number of infections I would look at what your doing wrong. Never had an infection personally but I am medically trained. HIV and especially aids patients receive numerous injections with seriously weakened immune systems without any real risk or danger. Bit to echo what others have said, if you've had several infections before its probably ly not worth risking your health for.
  5. Tips for body like this

    I think it because he's only about 13, plus the obligatory gypsy haircut doesn't help.
  6. Using DNP

    No mate, I was referring to you saying he needs to eat more on DNP and should do more cardio.
  7. Using DNP

    It seams to me @TinTin10 is advising @Tricky to eat more and do more cardio... Thus putting himself in the same deficit, approximately. Whilst this would be healthier from a cardiovascular point of view, it wouldn't be no less or more safe than what he's doing now?
  8. travelling to poland for pharma?

    I thought Poland was prescription only nowadays?
  9. Not sure why anyone would recommend you running test e and test c. As above, if its second cycle and you want to add another compound go with test deca, no need for all them compounds especially for a second cycle.
  10. Best way to gain weight

    You tell him he needs carbs then tell him to have whey? Which is protein?
  11. Using DNP

    I had exactly the same, slacked on my water intake for 3 days and stayed at the same weight, but once I upped it again had a big drop, so must of just been water retention.
  12. Mass for legs without squats or leg press?

    Yeah because your legs know when its leg day...
  13. How dangerous is DNP, really?

    Don't think that was ever in question...
  14. Insulin virgin

    Maybe try less protein and more carbs/fat. Bit overkill on protein to be honest mate. I'm hovering around 100kg@5'10" and have not much over half your protein. How many carbs you eating a day?