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  1. It entirely depends on your genetics. Some people will burn thorough the T very fast, others can get away with once weekly. Remember that steroidcalc is using averages/medians from studies, but everyone is different. That is why you can't guess what your T level will be just by the dosage, because we all metabolize at different rates. Even the injection site affects this ( Deltoids absorb faster and peak higher than glutes) Testosterone varies signficantly from morning to night time and even after eating, it's never super stable. Stress, diet and sleep will also cause big fluctuations. I always recommend twice weekly with long esters unless you are a slow metabolizer, but this is for HRT patients not for bodybuilding. In bodybuilding, it matters a lot less. I would do 50 mg x 2 weekly in your shoes, aiming for 700-1000 ng/dL and 20-40 Free Testosterone in American units and 20-60 pg mL Estradiol ( also American units)
  2. Most people don't have issues, oral AAS can cause cholestasis which is basically impaired bile flow, this could cause digestive problems and is also the main cause of liver toxicity. TUDCA and UDCA directly prevent this problem. It might help with any GI issues you get as would taking the oral AAS after your biggest meal.
  3. What was the ferritin number? It takes a lot of iron for a long time to bring it back up, i'm talking +3 months or more depending on the severity.
  4. My theory and shot in the dark is that the constantly elevated levels with long esters are having a non-genomic effect on testosterone's effects on sodium and water retention. The sharper peaks from propionate might also have some effect. If you look at the pharmacokinetics of propionate, the peak levels are insanely higher than what you get with longer esters, even after levels build up. Again, this is really a bro-science anecdote thing on my end. It's just something i and others have noticed. Many people have great results with long esters and can stay leaner/dryer, whereas others will bloat on the long esters even with high water intake/aromatase inhibitors, etc. It's just one of those things. I'm not sure if you would get more or less water retention. You might even get more with higher frequency because you don't have that peak and trough effect, but all of this is 100% theory and at the end of the day, if it doesn't apply to you, then i wouldn't be concerned about it.
  5. Often times, the water retention from androgens is not just from estradiol/estrogen. Androgens can increase sodium resorption and water retention even with 0 estradiol. On paper, nolva/ralox should hinder gains, but in real life, i have not seen it do anything negative besides some people getting some libido/mood issues on nolvadex. The three options: 1. Surgical gyno removal 2. taking ralox/nolva during cycle 3. Letting the gyno happen on cycle and reversing it post cycle during cruise or PCT. If you are an avid bodybuilder and have access/can afford surgery, it may be a decent option for you. Winstrol does seem to have some possible anti-estrogen effects on paper, as for working as a serm/anti-gyno, i don't think so but it's possible as it's a DHT based AAS.
  6. How recently have you had lab work and what are the numbers for Testosterone, estradiol, ferritin? You can also check thyroid hormone Free T4 AKA Free Thyroxine. Do you take any estrogen blockers or aromatase inhibitors? If you donate, you need to keep a sharp eye on ferritin. Severe anemia can kill libido and also cause the dark circles under the eyes. I know many who donate regularly walk around with zombie levels of iron/ferritin and they have no idea. It can cause a lot of problems, not just fatigue. Taking iron is often not enough.
  7. At that age, i would make sure to optimize hormones that are commonly very low. Testosterone, thyroid (Free T4/Free T3), IGF-1 (growth hormone). Then, good multivitamin to address any known or unknown deficiencies. Older people tend to eat less/poorer appetite and their GI tract is also not as good at absorbing nutrients, so they can become more easily deficient than someone younger. Generally, all of that helps a lot and often times the lack of energy is caused by one of the above^ supplements that directly help with energy would just be stims like green tea or coffee. Sometimes CoQ10 can increase energy in older people. For a female: Low estradiol will cause lack of energy/brain fog and many other symptoms in women. You want estradiol around 550-1100 pmol/L to get the best results and you can add a bit of progesterone via micronized gel capsule or cream applied to the breasts. Dosage for progesterone 100-400 mg daily, Estradiol varies by which type you use, injections are the best, but gels, tablets and patches will also work at the correct dosage.
  8. Sounds like impingement, look into face pulls and do those any day you do pressing movements. It will stretch the shoulder and strengthen the imbalanced muscles.
  9. Interesting, that condition is remarkably rare. What part of your shoulder is giving your problems? The front?
  10. Not sure, but it doesn't matter in most context. What application are you looking to use HCG for and why are you concerned about it's effect on LH. HCG mimicks LH and binds to the receptor having a similar effect. If it works that way in women, it's very likely to be the same in men. Our bodies are virtually identical as is our response to hormones and drugs.
  11. Yes, i actually prefer this approach in some ways. 200 mg Testosterone propionate + 50 mg winstrol is a solid stack. Grant it, E2 management is extremely overrated and oftentimes is detrimental to gains and wellbeing/libido/health. Back in the day, E2 management wasn't really a thing and those guys looked and lived great. Most guys overdo the E2 control and oftentimes do not need it, even at moderate doses like 500 mg.
  12. Garbage. Medications cannot always be dosed off of weight, especially sex hormones. There are many reasons for this, one of them being that genetic differences in blood enzyme levels affect the bioavailability and pharmacokinetics of AAS and sex hormones That is why you see such huge variations in blood levels on the same AAS dose from one guy to another in blood work, regardless of size. We all know a guy who can take a very small dose of AAS and blow up and it has nothing to do with his size. His genetics will dictate ; how well the AAS are absorbed, how long they stay in the blood stream, how his muscle cells will respond, etc. Size has very little to nothing to do with the dosage.
  13. Did you do you anything about the Free T4? What is your goal? If she's burning fat, i would continue, dont see a reason to stop. Exercise will naturally improve dopamine/serotonin, it has been shown to be as effective as the depression pills without the nasty side effects in some studies.
  14. Well, ED on cycle can be caused by many many things. That's a whole can of worms. Prostate enlargement will not cause ED. Prostate enlargement can cause frequent urination and it can happen on AAS. Cialis 2.5-5 mg daily will help with the urinary symptoms, we call them "LUTS" in the medical field (Lower urinary tract symptoms). Having low testosterone can actually worse these symptoms, there is a sweet spot. The cialis will also help with the ED if that is an issue. Two birds with one stone. As you have noticed, high estradiol can actually enhance libido and in studies, men with lower and normal estradiol were more likely to complain about libido than the high estradiol guys. Remember, you're not 15 anymore, you can't expect to walk around hard all the time. You will have good days and bad days. Your circulation and the way your brain is wire is going to be a lot different as an adult. What you are noticing could have something to do with hitting a sweet spot of T and E. High T can also lower libido independent of it's conversion to Estradiol. You can keep working on your dosage and frequency until you figure out your sweet spot. Anecdotally, i have better results from propionate than the long-esters. For the erections, pycnogenol and light cardio will increase circulation and proven to improve erections. Libido is strongly a mental thing as well and can fluctuate regardless of hormone levels. Just try to relax, it feels nice to be horny all the time, but at the same time, it's not natural and the "Hedonic treadmill" theory means your libido will wane and spike naturally.
  15. A lot of Anavar is actually dbol. You can buy a labmax test kit to confirm that anavar is anavar and not winstrol or dbol. Is the shoulder pain in the front where the shoulder meets the pectoral? You need to identify exactly what kind of injury or issue you have. Shoulder impingement is the most common i see in lifters. It's caused by too much pressing and not enough pulling movements, creating a muscle imbalance that leads to chronic pain. It is easily reversible. Also how long did you take a rest for the shoulder? I would not go the HGH route yet, because it won't work for certain problems. need to identify the issue first.