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  1. Once daily for all orals. Winstrol and superdrol are extremely effective for increasing strength and muscle size while they don't increase water retention. I'm assuming you already have anadrol on hand. You can just go with Anadrol. Many people love it.
  2. No, but some symptoms are flushed face, shortness of breath, headaches. They also sell finger pr**k testers. Just go with 50 mg winstrol or 20 mg superdrol. If you are set on adrol, 50 mg once daily.
  3. You need to look at Free T4, in UK units, the ideal number is closer to 19. T3 will not boost a cut at those levels and even at high doses it sucks for fat loss. It's only useful benefit is to keep metabolism from slowing down as much and energy during a cut.
  4. You don't need DOMS to get gains. That's a myth and common misconception. The best way to gauge the effectiveness of your training plan is to keep track of the increase in reps/weigh in all your movements AKA progressive overload. If you are benching 225 lbs for 5 reps and 8 weeks later you are doing 225 lbs for 12 reps, your training is going very well and your muscle will grow (as long as you are eating enough calories). It has nothing to do with soreness. You can get DOMS if you do 50 sets of push-ups to failure, but that won't build big muscles.
  5. Iron bisglycinate, main reason: Cheap and very well absorbed, very easy on the stomach. Regular generic iron AKA ferrous sulfate can irritate your GI tract, cause diarrhea, nausea and sometimes even bleeding in the stomach. It depends on your ferritin. I recommend staying above 70.
  6. Good question, there actually is some research showing benefits to taking multivitamins and their usefulness increases the more your diet is lacking in them. Someone who does not consume fruits/vegetables is going to have poor intake of vitamin C and other nutrients which can impair mood, performance, etc. There are studies showing how vegans have many vitamin and mineral deficiencies and that supplementation can help them a lot. It is never as simple as "this study said" you need to analyze the methodology of the research to confirm it's validity. There is a reason elite athletes take multivitamins, they work.
  7. Yes it can. It can take a few weeks to recover depending on your baseline iron and hemoglobin levels as well as the type of fitness activity. It can lower your strength a bit and will affect medium-long distance endurance. Double red donation will really mess up your performance for up to 2-3 months sometimes, but again depends on the context. I cannot make recommendations without knowing all the details because every situation is different. I generally recommend keeping HCT no higher than 53% but caution with overdonation which can cause iron/Ferritin depletion which can affect endurance/mood/cognitive function and energy. Depends on what you are trying to do. For building muscle, i would go for 50 mg. If you are going for an "elite natty" look, you can get away with 25 mg if you don't want to build too much muscle or look too freaky/enhanced. I prefer Sdrol/winstrol for their low effect on water/bloat and i like to keep things simple and stick to one oral at a time but combining them won't hurt either.
  8. Winstrol and longetivity do not go in the same sentence. HGH will not enhance longetivity but may maintain performance and aesthetics as you age. Too much is bad as it can mess with insulin sensitivity and can tax the heart among other issues. A good IGF-1 level to shoot for is 220-320 ng/mL for anti-aging. For Testosterone; Heath/performance/longetivity, staying in the upper male range for total and free Testosterone and not dropping Estradiol too low is your best bet. Many tank their Estradiol due to overzealous AI use. Very common in the TRT profession. There are two different types of "anti-aging". 1. Longetivity (extending lifespan) 2. Maintaining youthful aesthetics (skin/hair/muscles) and performance (strength/endurance). The two are very different things.
  9. Stubborn fat in general. If you aren't already fairly lean (<12%) i would not worry about stubborn fat.
  10. The goal is strength and muscle maintenance, if you are doing that fine now, then winstrol will have limited effect. Winstrol will help preserve muscle, especially as you get leaner but if you have good results with test only, i would save the winstrol for the bulk instead and keep your liver fresh.
  11. Yes, inflammatory chemicals in the blood can cause issues to the whole system. This is also one of those "chicken or the egg" scenarios. Having atherosclerosis may elevated CRP and the CRP may aggravate atherosclerosis.
  12. Once it's elevated, your options are: 1. Try to overhydrate before your blood donation. Overhydrating will drop your HCT a couple of points, and being even slightly dehydrated can increase your HCT %. 2. Lower Test dose or increase frequency and wait until blood cell turn over naturally lowers your HCT. This takes about 3 months. 3. Some guys self-phlebotomize. This is obviously not recommend, i do know people that do it. I know that in the UK, there are AAS support clinics that provide lab work, needles, etc. Maybe they can provide a script for phlebotomy. Not sure.
  13. Not really, you are better off getting a good multivitamin. They will contain good amount of zinc. You can add magnesium if your diet is lacking (low in nuts, greens, potatoes, etc) Personally, i never got into the pre-workout thing. I just do coffee and good music. A good pre-workout is useful if you are tired from work or have a weird schedule though. I wouldn't change anything if your current stack is working for you. Back in the day, the only supplement guys were running was whey. Now it's a whole line of preworkouts, NO boosters, intra-workouts, etc. Most of this s**t is unnecessary and just lines the companies with tons of $$$. They are very good at advertising by posting your favorite bodybuilder taking the stuff, fancy magazine ads, etc.
  14. Yep, that's it. That's 2 % Not available without Rx in the USA for us.
  15. Nope, probably just genetics. You can see some gyno even in lean athletes sometimes if you look closely. If it's truly pea-sized and unnoticeable, try your best to pay it no mind because it will not affect you in anyway negatively.