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  1. I wouldn't do it. A lot of this stuff is hearsay and broscience.
  2. It probably won't, best bet is cialis/viagra and cabergoline. There is some weak data that winstrol can attach to progesterone receptors, i don't see that doing anything for deca dick. Carry some cialis/caber or drop the deca. Masteron has been shown to help a lot of people with tren/deca dick as well. Caber would be dosed at 0.5-1 mg per week. It is strong and can increase libido/erections.
  3. If you are cutting, then EC stack will help a lot with energy issues. The lethargy will go away in my experience after a few weeks. Are you taking in the morning or evening? It can cause gyno because IGF-1 signalling is an important component of gyno, it will flare up my nipple tissue as well but goes away when i stop.
  4. Because most people have no business taking slin to get to the next level when they aren't even objectively at an intermediate/advanced level. Like i said, this stuff can be dangerous and is not necessary for most guys who lift. Most guys who lift with poor results or those who are stuck need to address training/nutrition/recovery issues. This applies to probably 90% of men who lift. Only a very small percentage will ever have to touch insulin to reach their goals. 4 IU GH can temporarily cause some hyperglycemia and in susceptible people may induce a reversible pre-diabetic state. One shot in the early evening. It tends to spike 3-4 hours for when you will be sleeping. Taking in the morning can cause significant lethargy in many people.
  5. Besides DNP, not really. Most fat loss compounds work through adrenergic receptors which release fat from fat cells and enhance metabolic rate, but these same receptors also increase the heart rate and can increase anxiety/nervousness. If someone could create a selective andrenergic receptor agonist, you could theoretically get a fat burner with all those benefits and none of the side effects. Good old cardio and caloric deficit works every time and is side effect free. I actually prefer to not use any compounds as i don't like the side effects and the crashing effect when you stop.
  6. Most lifters don't need to touch insulin, it's for advanced bodybuilders. Most AAS users would be better off addressing nutrition/training/recovery deficits. Insulin can kill you if used incorrectly, i don't generally have recommendations for it, other than to use under a reputable and experienced coach and only if you are an advanced bodybuilder who has truly tapped into the human limits of muscularity on AAS alone. GH at 4 IU can help get you more out of a lower dose of AAS on it's own without insulin. I wouldn't take more than 4 IU without insulin. GH does not shut you down and neither does insulin. Once you stop, your body goes back to it's old baseline, unlike with testosterone and AAS.
  7. Usually low dose test P and winstrol. Too much test will decrease endurance. 100 mg per week w/ 10-25 mg winstrol will keep you dry, improve recovery , strength and endurance. High dose AAS makes your muscle generate more power but sacrifice efficiency. The highest i would go is 200 mg test P and even that will cut endurance for long distance. 200 mg is better for anaerobic things like rugby/mma.
  8. Not a fan of T3, can increase hunger/cravings, make you flatter/weaker and reduce endurance. I don't see any benefit to metformin on a cut. The verdict is out on metformin, it may impair muscle anabolism.
  9. It will still enhance fat loss without the cardio. it's good that your job is active, that will help burn fat while you fast on yohimbine. Diet break and refeed depends on the length of your diet and how lean you are. Once you get under 15%, one refeed per a week can be a good idea, and two once you get under 12%. If you've been dieting for 8-12 weeks, a one-two week diet break is a good idea. They are very beneficial not just for psychological but physiological benefits.
  10. Anytime, crossing my fingers for your full recovery. If you could source HMG, that would likely be much more effective than HCG.
  11. That's how i used it. That could work, as can daily, EOD, etc. I had good results with 20-40 mg MWF, you can adjust that as you need to for your goals. It's literally an oral masteron but that molecular modification makes it blow masteron out of the water in every wy.
  12. Ephedrine is fairly safe if you are a healthy person and don't use it for a long time or take too much. Same with yohimbine. Yohimbine dose is 0.2 mg/kg You can try 5 mg and see how it feels. It can make you feel weird but it does work. It will also improve erection strength and oftentimes libido.
  13. The steady state is what i'm talking about as ideal. Think light jogging.
  14. Don't do it. T3 sucks as a standalone fat burner and taking T3 solo lowers both your T4 and T3 because of negative feedback system. Grab some yohimbine, in one study, elite soccer players took 20 mg yohimbine and went from 9% to 7% body fat in 6 weeks without changing diet or exercise. Placebo group actually increased their body fat% slightly. You are at the right body fat % for yohimbine to shine. (<12%). Don't use T3, it will increase appetite, can make you flatter/weaker and doesn't significantly improve fat loss in real practice. Use yohimbine. Nutricost Yohimbine is really cheap and brings a ton per bottle. Take in the morning when you wake up, every day and do some light cardio with intermittent fasting. You can keep test P where it is.