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  1. Ibuprofen is your best friend. Make sure to try and avoid the oil going SQ by using a long enough needle and holding it in place for 20 seconds after injection. Hormones tend to crystalize out of oil more easily when they go SQ. Short esters do not stay dissolved in oil as easily as long esters, so they are more prone to crashing and PIP-ing in the body.
  2. 8-12 weeks is the sweet spot for maximum gains/long-term liver health, with TUDCA/NAC for the entire course (250-500 mg/1000 mg respectively)
  3. As far as i know, testosterone gels are very popular. Peptides/growth factors/HGH, EPO. It's all about recovery. Meldonium supposedly increases endurance by a lot as well.
  4. Did you go IM or SQ? How long is the needle? If Test prop isn't brewed properly, it can PIP more easily. Many UGL will also overdose their AAS.
  5. Higher levels of creatinine can be normal if you eat a lot of protein, don't drink a lot of water, take creatine or have higher than average levels of muscle mass. You can lower your creatinine by drinking a lot of water. Creatinine is a metabolite of muscle, so drinking water will dilute the concentration in your blood/urine and being dehydrated will do the opposite. Do you know what your GFR are is? Do you have high blood pressure or diabetes? High BP and blood glucose are the most common cause of long-term kidney damage. Creatinine is not dangerous unless your kidneys are not working at all, that's when you need dialysis. This only happens in end stage renal disease when GFR is under 20. Creatinine is used as one of the markers to test kidney function, but again, depending on your lifestyle/body composition, you can have high creatinine and have perfectly working kidneys. TRT/Testosterone is 100% kidney/liver safe. If you abuse TRT/AAS and it causes high blood pressure, the high blood pressure can damage your kidneys, but it's not the AAS/testosterone doing it, it's the high BP damaging the circulation to the kidney cells, they eventually die, and cannot filter your blood of metabolites/electrolytes, etc.
  6. Aspirin and omega 3s do not lower hematocrit. They just make the blood less likely to clot. Supposedly IP6 can lower iron levels. This can cause it's own issues. How much testosterone are you taking per week? Have you ever been tested for sleep apnea? Are you very lean or over 15% body fat?
  7. It depends on the levels that you get from that dosage. Some people will be way over range on that much testosterone. Some people easily hit twice over the top of the lab range with that dosage. It also depends on the test. Some tests will measure epitestosterone, by testing the ratio testosterone to epitestosterone, you can tell if someone is using exogenous testosterone even if they are in range. They can also do a special assay that looks at the actual molecule of testosterone in your blood/urine and can tell if it came from human testes or made in a lab. The basic tests will just look at your testosterone level though. HGH will not show up. HGH is NOT a steroid. HGH is a peptide hormone.
  8. Masteron and other androgens can nuke SHBG. It's not a concern. It could have been something about that testosterone propionate. Maybe it was mixed with deca, who knows. Could have been something in your life or diet in those 2 weeks that affected you as well.
  9. More often than not, it's plaque in the arteries making them hard, but the hormonal reasons are as follows: Hormones like aldosterone/angiotensin will increase volume and pressure. BP meds have different ways of working, one of them blocks adrenaline's effects on vascular relaxation/contraction (beta blockers), angiotensin receptor inhibitors block that hormone angiotensin which increases volume and BP. The hormones are catecholamines (dopamine, adrenaline, noradrenaline) and angiotensin/aldosterone (hormones that increase fluid in the body and BP) That's a quick crash course/101 on the subject.
  10. Do you use porn at all? Some people get desensitized from that. When did you get your results? How many days after starting the cycle? What were the results? Some guys do get decrease in libido from masteron as well.
  11. If you are lean and you don't abuse alcohol/drugs, it is extremely unlikely that you have fatty liver. The stomach thing can sometimes just be hypertrophied rectus abdominus muscle and weak transverse abdominis (ab vacuum muscle). Working on vacuums will help tighten up your stomach, remember, when you see instagram and magazine models, these guys are sucking it in, with perfect lighting, perfect angles, air brushing and photoshop, real/normal people do not look like that and even those guys don't look like that 95% of the time. Don't obsess over it and enjoy life brother.
  12. Try 200 mg testosterone prop and go from there. I notice less water retention in the face/over the muscles, better energy/mood and physique (thanks to less water). It's just one of those bro-sciency things but nothing beats a personal anecdote you can see with your own eyes. I always do twice weekly and that works for me. Ventroglute will slow down absorption/increase half-life a bit.
  13. Not sure how far into the day your first meal would be, but generally i would not fast past 2 PM. Looks fine, 100% of your results will be your caloric deficit. I generally don't recommend touching aromatase inhibitor/anti-estrogen unless needed. You have to be very careful with dosage if you do use them as well.
  14. Were you taking aromatase inhibitors the whole time or you just started? Are you on low carb or keto diet?
  15. Not really and very high doses can predispose you to kidney stones. Winstrol will dry you out well without being an actual diuretic.