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  1. WIN the new STAXX protein bar...

    ? @Teol we like free stuff x
  2. Jakes log

    Hi mate would like to see your new ink, ive hit a midlife crisis and got a few tattoos at the ripe age of 44 ! good to show in the gym...
  3. Trainers

    Difficult as 2 different styles of trainer !! running trainer wont be much good for the gym as its soft sole and padding wont give much support for lifting and everyone says not to wear running shoes for lifting for this reason. Any cheap flat trainer shoe / bare feet for gym and buy a good pair of runners ?
  4. unhelpfull and judgemental

    Good advice * criticise *
  5. Treadmill after 5 months?

    Endurance is what you need to work on, just plodding along on the treadmill at a set speed (LISS) is not only boring but its also not allowing you to progress. Personally i like to mix it up with some sessions of HIIT which is sprinting then walking to different ratios ie walk for 1 min sprint for 1 min you can do this for a shorter time approx 10 mins for example so your not knocking your legs out and forcing your body to get stronger. I also always set the treadmill to an incline of at least 1% and increase that as well to mix things up ! don't let your body get used to the same training routine, after a few sessions of doing this then try the 3k run but vary the speeds down to 6.5 -7kpm if you have to but then speed it up to whats comfortable and repeat. I used to hate running but building up slowly and becoming stronger allowed me break through the pain barrier as you mention and then get into a rhythm 7.5kpm when i started as well allowed me to go on to achieve 5k etc don't worry about the speed when looking at distance comfortable rhythm is more important. I also mix it up with runs outside which are a lot more enjoyable and to me seem easier than plodding on the treadmills. Also google and have a read of couch potato to 5k beginners guide.
  6. Cut or bulk

    As mentioned id up the calories 300 or so and take a diet holiday watch the scales to check for any increase in weight i guess there won't be, then go back down to 1500 if the scales stay the same after a few weeks. Sounds like low calories even for his size so his body may be catabolic and holding on to the last of the fat for dear life resetting the leptins and ghrelin cant hurt.. As he builds muscle he may go up in weight yet his trousers etc should be getting looser where muscle is replacing fat . Im still below maintenance calories but have stopped loosing weight but the fat % according to scales is dropping if they are to be believed so im hoping im at the stage where muscle is replacing my fat... (ive lost 31kg) was on 1500 calories now moved up to 1850.
  7. Meal Prep Packs

    Gotta love chefs special sauce...
  8. Eating enough

    Can you lose fat / weight and build muscle at the same time ? I thought this was just for lucky noob gainz ... I'm understanding you have to put weight on to build muscle and the key is slowly slowly catch a monkey so you don't gain fat but lean muscle. To me this is the fun of the science that keeps me motivated with so many variables to contend with.
  9. Meals prepped and delivered

    Musclefood are doing clean meal packs that work out 2.70 per meal I've ordered some to try out..
  10. Best breakfast meal

    Optimum 1scoop chocolate whey, med banana, flax sunflower pumpkin Goja berry mix 15g, wholegrain rolled oats 25g - blended up with 250ml almond milk. 424 calories and I adjust quantities as I take on more or less calories with my weight lose programme .
  11. Opinion on my Macros please ?

    To me with all your training 6 times a week lifting for 2 hours i seriously think you are not eating enough calories and your body is desperately holding on to its stubborn fat store (over training) maybe try increasing calories by 200 or so to see if that makes a difference ? Your TDEE is about 2700 rough figure online maybe more with heavy exercise so to bulk 200-300 more. Macros looks ok 1gram protein and carbs to 1lb weight but its the calories that need concentration to bulk / cut.
  12. Opinion on my Macros please ?

    208 x 4 = 832 187 x 4 = 748 43 x 9 = 387 Around 1967 and then he has another meal 2500 is doable
  13. Thanks ultrasonic its simple facts i know i just need someone to say yer your on the right path I just wanted to start to build, maybe define lean muscle mass so if i do eventually get near my target weight im not a little 12 stone weakling and have to start from the beginning. Hence i want to get a head start now on a bit of definition. I do think i am building muscle as im already starting to lift more than i ever have and my arms are starting to shape up when i pose as well as still losing weight. I do expect to reach a plateau where the muscle building out weighs my calorie/fat total then i can keep an eye on weight if it increases. Regards James
  14. HI All Short story i weighed 116kg 5ft 9 when i started a diet plan or started eating the right things ! My fitness pal has worked out i needed 1600 calories which i lost a lot of my weight using then it dropped me to 1500 which has been a struggle. I have lost approx 31kg and now weigh 85kg so i have been doing something right ! a lot of cardio running and doing 5k for charities and i play badminton 4 times a week and gym 6 times a week mainly cardio- but i also realise i am losing a lot of muscle with the weight so decided to take a different angle and start weight training to lose weight and try to gain lean muscle mass and to cut right back on the cardio. sticking with badminton 4 times a week and training 5 times a week 2 of those cardio days. Now i understand you need to put the calories in to build muscle but im scared of putting the weight back on after all the hard work of losing it. My TDEE is 2574 approx and BMR 1596 so i don't understand why my fitness pal insists on me sticking with 1500 ? I have moved back to 1650 on my fitness pal and using macro 40/35/25 p/c/f as this was more realistic and enjoyable to maintain but i worry I am not taking enough calories to build muscle. I have started a basic 12 week weight training program for beginners (perfect body app) and HITT on cardio days in the hope to still lose weight (my target weight was 77kg) and yet still build lean muscle. I also wonder if this is possible at such a low weight ? I am using whey protein, creatine, CLA/green tea extract, raspberry ketones supplements also. What im looking for is the reassurance that im heading in the right direction and doing things the right way ? may be a bit rough but still pointing in the right direction ? Hopefully so i am not wasting my time and their isn't a faster easier way to get my goals.. Been reading for weeks on the subject... regards