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    PSevens2017 reacted to MagiC_MaN in MagiC_MaN   
    Just saying Hi, absolute newbie, I'm an endurance athlete and I'm sure to learn a lot on here I'm sure. Take it easy with me 
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    PSevens2017 reacted to BLUE(UK) in Why I can't focus   
    There’s probably fcuk all wrong with him. 
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    PSevens2017 reacted to hmgs in Why I can't focus   
    That’s surely got to be the first rule of Club UK-m…
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    PSevens2017 reacted to PaulNe in Testoviron depot injection frequency   
    Now you just need some needles made from Afghanistan and some sterile wipes made from Iraq and you're set mate
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    PSevens2017 reacted to Clubber Lang in Getting testosterone in Bangkok   
    enough about steroids, tell me about the lady boys....

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    PSevens2017 reacted to Kazza61 in Do you reckon homosexuals visit this forum to look at our pics   
    I wonder just how many have knocked one out thinking of you so far today Vet? And if it’s a very small number would you feel offended? And if a very large number, would you feel smug? It’s a lot to contemplate.....
    Maybe set up one of those voting things?
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    PSevens2017 reacted to js77 in has anyone thought about suicide?   
    Still fighting even though you’ve lost the war doesn’t get my ‘very intelligent leader’ vote to be honest mate. 
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    PSevens2017 got a reaction from TURBS in Skin Care Routine   
    Not as great as me shaving them xx
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    PSevens2017 reacted to Jackoffblades in Skin Care Routine   
    Yeah in my old bulking days Id have pints of whole fat milk in college with me. Such easy calories to drink during classes 
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    PSevens2017 got a reaction from TURBS in Skin Care Routine   
    Not as great as me shaving them xx
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    PSevens2017 reacted to DKH1988 in South England   
    Im in the SW, Wiltshire aswell in fact. Its alright where I am, plenty of work, on the doorstep of the cotswolds for some nice walks and all that and not far from Bristol one way and London the other. Can't really think where I'd rather move to tbh
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    PSevens2017 reacted to Uptonogood in South England   
    Couple of good free weights gyms and a tonne of commercial gyms so plenty to choose from!
    Being from pompey I can vouch for what @OptimumPT says about it being the asshole of the world. Inhabitants are basically ferral - it took me a good 12-18 months to domesticate myself into civilised world upon moving away from there 
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    PSevens2017 got a reaction from jimmydeen in Jobs - No Experience   
    If you’ve not been to college/uni, maybe look at something there. Might be a bit late for entry this year. 
    Building trade will always find you work. Go do an apprenticeship at college, see whether you want to be a Sparkey, plumber, plasterer, stonemason. 
    You can get grants/loans to retrain. If you decided to move to the West Country, a lot of the guys work in the building trade. Good honest trade, regular work/money & keeps you active. Usually working with others so good for mental health chatting and having a laugh with work mates. 
    Get on ‘Indeed’, type in jobs you’re prepared to do and ask for regular daily/weekly updates to be sent to your email. HCA (Health Care Assistant) work at hospital too. Salaried work, kept busy. Outpatient dept means you pretty much avoid wiping poopy bums of old people. 
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    PSevens2017 reacted to Donny dog in Jobs - No Experience   
    If you’re 23 and need to start threads on the internet because you’re struggling to find low skilled work then the crux of the matter is that you’re probably an absolute fcuking halfwit with very little ambition in you.
    Just carry on what you’re doing sponging off whoever it is you’re sponging off and save the poor bastards who would have to wipe your arse at work each day the additional hassle!
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    PSevens2017 reacted to squeezemyhernia in Jobs - No Experience   
    get a cscs card. they re about £60. then sign up to a few recruitment agencys. constant labouring jobs going for 10-12 an hour all the time
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    PSevens2017 reacted to Restless83 in has anyone thought about suicide?   
    Loved watching wrestling in the 90s,getting put into the walls of jericho in the playground not so much 
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    PSevens2017 reacted to TURBS in South England   
    I'm from London but now living in the SW, left a few times but always end up back down here.
    Nice that I have easy access to hundreds of beaches in Devon & Cornwall and the moors are right on my door step.
    Weather pretty predictable as either raining or really hot, snow doesn't usually settle, no floods or earthquakes 
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    PSevens2017 reacted to MrBrightside in has anyone thought about suicide?   
    I've just started a new career at 38.theres being depressed and there's just being a pathetic c**t. I've spent time on a mental health unit because of my depression. 
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    PSevens2017 got a reaction from Shergar in has anyone thought about suicide?   
    Mr Perfect was outstanding 
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    PSevens2017 got a reaction from Blanka in has anyone thought about suicide?   
    You’re doing better than me bro (and the rest of the gen con section). Maybe the return of Ketones. Who knows. Suicide doesn’t seem top of your list posting the below in  the ‘women don’t like muscle’ thread. 
    ‘I got a bird in moscow russia who is non stop messaging me, she is obsessed with light femdom and orders me around telling me to go to the gym and then when i get back starts shoving dildos up her vag saying how proud she is of me and masturbates thinking of me at the gym
    said she likes to be in control and wants to tie me up and slap me
    what she was drawn to was my intelligence, she was surprised how easily i could psychoanalyse her and guess her behaviour.’ 
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    PSevens2017 reacted to vetran in has anyone thought about suicide?   
    Never thought about suicide I have many thoughts on murdering my mrs though 
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    PSevens2017 reacted to BLUE(UK) in has anyone thought about suicide?   
    Unsure why you’re telling me, I’ve got enough problems of my own. 
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    PSevens2017 reacted to Restless83 in has anyone thought about suicide?   
    There ya go big lad have some sympathy from me.

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    PSevens2017 reacted to Restless83 in Women don’t like muscles.....   
    Is that how you explained it to the £100 an hour dominatrix just before she rammed an apple in your mouth and hog tied you!! 
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    PSevens2017 reacted to imtoosexy in has anyone thought about suicide?   
    Just heard friend of family found hung in his garage for his wife to find. Had beautiful kids with lovely big house in Gerrards Cross with no money problems. This isn't a subject for flippant remarks. Get help pal and quick