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    PSevens2017 got a reaction from Verno in It’s Been a While   
    Welcome back mate. Good luck with getting back to where you were 
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    PSevens2017 reacted to Jackoffblades in I've just been sacked   
    Bullshit you cant be sacked like that. You can get the manager that sacked you in trouble. If you took it to a tribunal you will definitely win 
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    PSevens2017 got a reaction from js77 in Bicep tendonitis   
    Dude, use paragraphs. Christ. Plus, writing all the technical wording means fcuk all. Stop trying to be a smart arse and break it down in layman’s terms. That’s all anyone needs or wants. Fcuking laughable. 
    If you work in the field then  you would be able to do this. If you don’t work in the field why are you posting all the above?? You remind me of @daringhorse
    In bold. Why would you be overjoyed? Genuine question. 
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    PSevens2017 reacted to js77 in Bicep tendonitis   
    He’s not telling porkies.... he can teabag his helmet into my open gob without even bending his knees 
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    PSevens2017 reacted to GTT in Bicep tendonitis   
    No, unfortunately such a small 3 incher and Cumming in 1 min 30 was not enough for tendinitis, 
    Do you feel my childhood trauma? 
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    PSevens2017 got a reaction from js77 in Bicep tendonitis   
    Where did you read this from? It does not fester and snap. 
    Why would he or anyone bother having  anterior shoulder stability surgery if it  results in loss of anterior shoulder stability?   A reason for having this surgery is to gain shoulder stability by operating on the bicep tendon. 

    A bit of confusion there, buddy. 

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    PSevens2017 got a reaction from Blanka in Who's good with yahoo mail error!!!   
    Fors must be the only person to send pics to his own email and lose them 
    Pics of tattoo cover ups he said he’d travel anywhere to get done and had waited years to get done but then suffered extreme, vaginal distress when someone suggested he travel 90 miles. Jesus wept.
    On another note, did you manage to order some whey...... to use while you’re not training? 
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    PSevens2017 reacted to G-man99 in Who's good with yahoo mail error!!!   
    @PSevens2017 has access to your email account and has deleted them
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    PSevens2017 reacted to charlysays in Bicep tendonitis   
    I'd try to nip it in the bud now. Its prone to damage anyway and this frequently festers away until one day it snaps and half your bicep falls down to your elbow. At that point you either live with deformity, weakness of elbow flexion and a loss of anterior stability in the shoulder or have it reattached by the deltoid and regain appearance, elbow strength but still with a loss of anterior shoulder stability. Go and see a good physio. It can be self treated though. Slow eccentrics will calm it down. So do bicep curls but do all the lifting with your good arm then let the injured one lower the weight really slow. if done every day it will calm it down pretty fast in a few weeks. bicep tendonitis is often concomitant with rotator cuff impingement so it would be worth starting to do stuff to head that off at the pass- rotator cuff innies and outies with a theraband atleast 3X a week to fatigue NOT failure, 3 times as much pulling as pushing and dead hanging off a bar daily for 60 seconds or so will do it.
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    PSevens2017 got a reaction from Shergar in Jobs - No Experience   
    If you’ve not been to college/uni, maybe look at something there. Might be a bit late for entry this year. 
    Building trade will always find you work. Go do an apprenticeship at college, see whether you want to be a Sparkey, plumber, plasterer, stonemason. 
    You can get grants/loans to retrain. If you decided to move to the West Country, a lot of the guys work in the building trade. Good honest trade, regular work/money & keeps you active. Usually working with others so good for mental health chatting and having a laugh with work mates. 
    Get on ‘Indeed’, type in jobs you’re prepared to do and ask for regular daily/weekly updates to be sent to your email. HCA (Health Care Assistant) work at hospital too. Salaried work, kept busy. Outpatient dept means you pretty much avoid wiping poopy bums of old people. 
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    PSevens2017 got a reaction from hmgs in Who's good with yahoo mail error!!!   
    You have one eye too? Damn Shame. 
    Thought it was your shoulder, bro?
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    PSevens2017 reacted to G-man99 in Best deals on protein powder atm?   
    Is Google broken?
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    PSevens2017 reacted to TURBS in has anyone thought about suicide?   
    No, but R Kelly does 
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    PSevens2017 got a reaction from Frenchy1986 in How covid getting on regarding gyms?   
    Except for it being open 
    You’ve had shoulder surgery. If walking is a struggle why are you near your car?? Legit question mate.
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    PSevens2017 reacted to Pez189 in Mental Health Awareness Week 10-16 May   
    In addition, apps like headspace and calm for helping with sleep, mindfulness etc - they often have big discounts on their services during this time if anyone’s interested. 
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    PSevens2017 reacted to DKH1988 in Mental Health Awareness Week 10-16 May   
    I highly reccomend the calm app. I've used it to learn meditation, they have a great how to in 30 days section. It's helped massively with dealing with the stresses of life, which has overall massively benefited my mindset and how I deal with certain situations 
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    PSevens2017 reacted to Kazza61 in Mental Health Awareness Week 10-16 May   
    For those with an interest in better understanding, or helping others considering, suicide, there are some great resources here and the opportunity to do some online training. 
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    PSevens2017 reacted to nWo in Mental Health Awareness Week 10-16 May   
    Getting into gaming has been really helpful for my anxiety. Not only is it a way to redirect my thoughts away from something that's making me anxious, but playing high adrenaline games daily has had a slight numbing effect on those feelings of anxiousness and stress and helped me learn how to deal with stressful situations. Has to be something very immersive that requires your complete attention and alertness. Battle Royale modes with a team of friends is perfect.
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    PSevens2017 reacted to OptimumPT in Mental Health Awareness Week 10-16 May   
    I am working with Reflex to raise awareness this week, please share to anyone who may benefit

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    PSevens2017 reacted to Kazza61 in Mental Health Awareness Week 10-16 May   
    Maybe some of the resources here might prove helpful to some. 
    https://campaignresources.phe.gov.uk/resources/search?query=&f.content/resource/campaign000=Every Mind Matters

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    PSevens2017 got a reaction from ReboundReps in Posture correctors... Anyone tried them?   
    My feeling is, if you want to use one as well as strengthening ‘effectively and efficiently’ them that is your choice. It sounds like this is what you’re going to do anyway. 
    Personally, we live in a society where gimmicks are common. Buzz words are used to sell merchandise. ‘Posture’ ‘back pain’ ‘Glutes firing’ are overused and used for the wrong reason. Posture is posture. There’s no bad or poor posture. This is bad wording used by people who don’t understand what they’re doing. Plus it makes a patient feel s**t. 
    I believe these braces are a waste of money and time. I would suggest having more movement breaks (to work those traps, rhomboids and keep the r/cuff muscles moving). This is to break up being sat at your desk all day. Do weightless front and lateral raises, neck rotations/flexion/lateral flexion for 20 seconds each every 20 mins. It reminds the r/cuff, neck, back & shoulder muscles what they’re supposed to be doing. 
    If you use a computer then your primary anatomical position is bringing arms across chest (bit like a flye movement except you’re sat down). In doing this you are engaging your pec major. They’ll be in contraction while you type. Long time in contraction. This will lead to overuse. Shoulders will then feel rounded. 
    Get some moisturiser or Vaseline and start applying pressure on inner pecs (Almost central sternum) and slowly massage at a diagonal movement toward anterior delt. Do it from various angles always starting/finish where I mentioned. You can do this at home. Or, like me, rip your shirt off and do it in the office lol. Women be drenched! 
    If you palpate around your whole pec, you may find more sensitive areas than others. When you do, apply pressure and hold for 10-20 seconds. This is called TrP (Trigger point) but I don’t subscribe to that saying. It’s another buzz saying used in healthcare that i try to stay away from. Push in on sensitive areas from different angles. You can look up ‘trigger point pecs‘ online and it’ll give you guidance. 
    Look into your doing ‘Prone (lying face down) I’s, Y’s, Ws & T’s’. Dr Jo on YouTube shows you how. Once you get used to them you can introduce TUT for each rep. I’ve forgotten the reverse flye exercises you can do with bands. Add them in. 
    Here’s a link. Crack on doing what makes you feel happy doing tho. If the brave works for you, your body and your choice.. I’d look at starting rowing (machine), climbing and using battle ropes to utilise back/posterior shoulder musculature.
    You don’t want your lower trap contracted constantly. Do we spend our day with our bicep, abs or quads contracted constantly?

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    PSevens2017 got a reaction from Thedynamitekid in Why I can't focus   
    Go get an assessment with a medical professional so they can determine what course of appropriate support/treatment  is best for you.
    Don’t be reliant on medication rectifying your issue/concern. 
    Asking members of UKM gen con section is not sensible. 
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    PSevens2017 reacted to Mason.E in Hi, new here wanting to learnh   
    Hi, I'm new here, 33yr old dad of 2, wanting to get into the gym get myself fit for myself and for my kids 
    I've joined the local gym and know abit about nutrition , typical skinny with beer belly bloke but willing to listen and take in information 
    Will document my progress when I get a chance on here
    Looking for info on a good starting split like PPL for example 
    Thanks everyone and I will enjoy the reading and getting to know everyone 
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    PSevens2017 reacted to Verno in It’s Been a While   
    Evenin all,
    Its been a good few years since my last post. 
    still training but nowhere near as much as I used to. 
    I’m now in a better position to dedicate more time back to training to get back to my prior weight/size. 
    Interested to see if any of the old guard are still floating about too....
    Looking forward to picking up some useful info and seeing how things have changed over the years.   
    Hopefully  speak to some of you soon.
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    PSevens2017 reacted to Newmanjay in Old user New Start.   
    Hi, I used to use this forum many moons ago under the name fatstuff. I went from 20stone to 14 and half with abs in that time. 
    I have in the last 6 or 7 years gone through a split from ex, dialled up the drinking a notch and went back up to over 20 stone. I have since improved in other parts of my life, work, new family etc but now I need more I'm 36 years old and hoping to kick the drink (I did a month off and lost a stone without changing diet)... I'm now sitting at 19 and half. Not drunk for a week thinking what can I do to get myself motivated. The knowledge and motivation I gained from this forum years ago was invaluable. I'm hoping things are still the same and I look forward to interacting with you ?