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  1. What happened to Matt?

    Maybe risen is the place to be
  2. What happened to Matt?

    Which lab was he then or did he go to risen for a different reason?
  3. Finasteride

    Get a wig bro. Francis Rossi from Quo your hero? No problem, look like Rossi
  4. What happened to Matt?

    Manlet hasn’t trained since lockdown started. Diet of pizza, fish n chips, Jack Daniels and creme de menthe & off all gear and still 14 stone 6 at 10% bf W/washboard abs
  5. Best labs currently

    Me too mate
  6. Best labs currently

    You rate nexus and inone then bro?
  7. Best labs currently

    Are you suggesting we aim for double figures my good man??
  8. Keep Pushing - Rest in Peace

    You Black or White bro? You showing some lyrical flow there
  9. Keep Pushing - Rest in Peace

    Not when you’re palm striking door frames bro. Seriously sorry to hear about your seizures mate. Can’t be at all pleasant. Have you tried CBD oil with the active THC ingredient in it? If it helps with your seizures, would it not be worth investigating to make things more balanced for you? Or discuss with GP.
  10. Best labs currently

    Poor ol Juiceygorilla, hasn’t been back since Monday. Only wanted to know which labs people could recommend. In line with the your question, Pscarb & Stuey are raving about their own opinion. Look what you started, bro. No wonder you fcuked off and haven’t come back
  11. Gyms reopening.

    If it keeps everyone’s mind away from the calamitous bunch of deceitful, self entitled noncing bunch of fcuks that the Tories are then yes. Pubs are opening tomorrow. Fuh-king-lol! Talking of self entitled, the British public will be out in force getting wankered, believing they deserve to have a few sherbets because they’ve been ‘cooped up’ ‘incarcerated’ or ‘forced to stay in’. All hell will break loose. The press will have a field day showing pictures of the carnage from tomorrow. The press will find the thickest bunch of bastards; most likely poor people who are stumbling around twatted & chatting shite! Will be tuned in to the news tomorrow. Loads of violence tomorrow as well. Guaranteed. Young lads pissed up. Clueless. Can’t wait
  12. Gyms reopening.

    Yes..... like people dying from covid
  13. Anyone else seen these...

    Consetts answer to Biltong @vetran
  14. Home/Garage gym setups... Lets see yours!

    @Kazza61 in for the win
  15. Natty only

    Far left looks like he’s had a stroke or sh1t his pants. I usually pull off that move when farting. ‘Why?’ is what pops into my head when I look at these over-tanned flanges.