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  1. Thoracic Spine area pain. Upper/mid back

    Looking at barbell positioning when performing squats, we place ourselves into a scapular retracted movement to accommodate said barbell. Maybe try some scapular stability exercises. I’s, Y’s & T’s or Backburners. You can do on back or chest day. Do them as a warm up ie through dynamic movements or as a real burner post workout doing isometric holds. I like the latter. Lying in prone position (face down) perform I, Y & T (loads of tutorials on YouTube) and hold each contraction for 2-5 seconds, rep range 6-15 (I give a wider range as some people can only manage lower number so I want them to feel they have achieved) for I’s. Then repeat for others. Ensure a good stretch afterwards. Go get assessed by a physio or sports therapist. They will provide appropriate rehab. This is key. Rehab. Boring exercises that feel like they’re doing nothing. Essential though.
  2. Wrote off 2 cars in 1 week

    Have you stopped training and pinning gear, mate? Anyway, you’ll have to up your game 1000 fold; there’s a spakko on here called DannyLets. He will take some beating for the amount of clueless, stupid s**t he posts!
  3. Thoracic Spine area pain. Upper/mid back

    Need to be a bit more precise mate. Pretty wide area you’ve given with very little info on the actual movement. What shoulder ROM caused issue? Is it near to scapula? Get it assessed with a sports therapist/physio. They can put you through ROM assessment and then provide rehab advice.
  4. He’s a liar and has serious mental health issues. Passive/aggressive posting: ’please when i ask a question dont look into it too much and just try to give people helpful constructive feedback on the question at hand.‘ and proceeds in a tirade of insults and abuse: ’you are probably some construction worker who goes to the gym once a week after drinking 20 pints at the weekend, i live And work this industry you thick s**t. i weigh around 80kg you dumb f**k, you couldent deadlift 100kg if u was 80kg and would take you 20 years to ever reach that high’ Danny has blocked from seeing my posts so sadly won’t be able to see my feedback. Great intro by him though: ‘Well this has got to be the most bizare comment iv ever heard, are you even on this planet you thick c**t.’ Just lol.
  5. Hypertrophy and conditioning phase

    If you’re roiding then you’re already taking short cuts. Don’t, however, take short cuts with application of form, intensity, food and recovery.
  6. Keep digging. Just a matter of time
  7. Massive difference in them pics,, Danny boy. Don’t think trying to pass off tramps cum as Mtren is fooling anyone.
  8. Pharmacom / ROHM

    In bold: so relevant. Not good if someone hears from someone’s mate at another gym that X lab hurt their quad first time they pinned there. Start slating the lab. Idiots. Like Chinese whispers.
  9. Which sites for slin pins?

    Dannylets wouldn’t understand because he’s a tool. Would not listen to anything he says as he is clueless.
  10. What do you think of this car?

    I was joking, Shereeeeef! Only [email protected] use words like that anyway.
  11. What do you think of this car?

    Oh is it? I didn’t know that.
  12. What do you think of this car?

    It’s sex slang for ejaculation. Rhymes with ‘firin’ so some spak decided to name it as part of urban dictionary. Bit like those Nobs with beards, sleeves and man buns who think it’s clever and cool to put the name of an animal (real/fake) with a swear word eg c0ckwomble or [email protected] They usually say ‘to be fair’ or ‘not gunna lie’ more than any other selection of words and drink craft beer for 6 weeks as it’s what everyone else does.
  13. Attenborough or Trump?

    I was in the gym watching the screen while he was doing his speech. Just watching him with the sound off, you can tell he’s talking absolute shite. He does not care one bit.
  14. Attenborough or Trump?

    That’s it, my mistake. Trump is asking for it