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    Women’s dirty pants, lifting, MMA, whey, arm wrasslin, BJJ and I regularly gimp myself out at weekends. I’m a bottom.


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  1. Anyone into hand grippers

    Highly recommend you watch The Dawn Wall on Netflix for impressive grip strength.
  2. No..... but ate my battered burger and chips from it. Does that count? Battered burger and chips for 90p on a Saturday as a treat #Westcountrygainz
  3. Need a new series to watch

  4. Need a new series to watch

    It’s based on a true story, Phil, from the 80s. If you read up on it it’ll give away some/all the plot. It’s very good. Give it a go, mate! Surprise yourself
  5. New to the site

    Hello mate, welcome to the forum
  6. Need a new series to watch

    5 episodes into ‘White House Farm’ on Netflix. Couldn’t turn it off last night. Up until gone 12. Think it was on Channel 4 last year. Might be wrong. Some great actors in it. Recommended.
  7. Reading & Leeds Festivals

    Lol. Was travelling to London and stopped at Reading. This was about 8-10 years Ago. All these people got on and were lying down on the floor with their rucksacks. Then the smell hit the back of my throat They were humming!
  8. Reading & Leeds Festivals

    Hope not. Recipe for disaster
  9. Why is "cardio" a must?

    Daringhorse, it’s you isn’t it?? Fcuking preponderance lol!
  10. @Fors331 would be my go to brohomo. He resides in South East London. A member at Pure gym. My mates a manager at Puregym in Sutton so will be able to get hold of when Fors trains. Sound good? Fulham sounds rad!
  11. Why is "cardio" a must?

    Exposed yourself perfectly there bro.
  12. Ready and waiting, girlfriend!
  13. Damn you @big vin Having reflected on my initial assumption that Fors has it in the bag, I’ll wager that once @Fors331 hits the tren, which is inevitable, mid November followed by a series of eye poking, knicker sniffing, jump off a cliff, don’t start mouthy cnut expletives will erupt resulting in a banning only for the excuse creating chameleon to re-surface!
  14. @js77 he didn’t say ‘No’. I think you’ve finally broken into his closet, bro
  15. Why is "cardio" a must?

    Be waiting a long time, bud.