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  1. Best movie you ever seen!

    Same thing smart arse
  2. Best movie you ever seen!

    The greenhouse scene from ‘Scum’

    Where in Surrey were you eating?
  4. Strange thing just happened

    Poor them if they have me and Ketones as neighbours.
  5. Strange thing just happened

    Which Surrey pub? We might be neighbours

    Get a room you two. Very, very short lived post there, Ketones.
  7. Fight over game of pool

    Gone from the cue. His legs were gone. Piece of s**t that lad with the cue. Hope he gets 10 years. Horrible little cnut.
  8. It has come to my attention....

    Who cares, Ken, I got you posting in a thread with me wearing my favourite mask!!! Lol is on you, brother Kenneth!
  9. Ronnie Coleman

    Coming from you..... I’d say it’s true mate
  10. It has come to my attention....

    You know which one.... I am not in Croydon (Nor would I fcuking want to be - den of sh1t) but I am near it. I am not in Kensington but would love to be. I did not have muesli last night but had weetabix........ which AT am I?
  11. It has come to my attention....

    Not just this but yours as well...... with you still wearing them!! My post seems to have gotten someone into a sense of arousal.....
  12. It has come to my attention....

    Yes. And while captaining one. And while in one. What’s your point, Buffers??
  13. .... that there are way too many smart alec’s on here at the moment. Yes, this is the Gen Con section for those that aren’t serious about anything in their life and don’t lift but........ considering the guv ‘nor, @vetran received warning points and couldn’t stop going on about it, thus forgetting about his gen con war with the one who does not log off UKM ever, @KETONES it is safe to say that law and order has been lost. I have been advised by @AncientOldBloke that anarchy is on the horizon. Or very own punishment officer, @js77 is on a dribbling hiatus currently so I’ve been called in to restore some sense until he is able to say & spell his Christian name, Ed, coherently. I’m off to train legs today (yes, I lift more than just shirts) so if you pop into an anytime fitness, come say ‘Hi’....... you’ll recognise me quite easily (see below). I am the interim Guv ‘nor until further notice!
  14. Anyone know of any sleep aids

    My first choice would be rohypnol, Chris but your edit beat me to it. A few questions before bombarding you with loads of ideas as best to find out, if poss, why you need support with your sleeping. Do you work/how many hours? Training/how many hours and what type? Do you drink caffeine drinks late in the day/evening? Which ones as you may need to reduce/eliminate from diet. Do you spend time on laptops/tablets late in the evening as results in increased brain activity that can prevent normal sleep patterns. Current stress levels? Just a few things mate to consider before blowing your cash.
  15. Whatsapp ..... WTF ?

    @wylde99 you either got a sister bro or someone is challenging your crown for old thread revivals???