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  1. has anyone thought about suicide?

    Mr Perfect was outstanding
  2. has anyone thought about suicide?

    @wavefunction dat choo brah? Dang!!! On a serious note, stop wasting time on here and get to A&E to say you feel suicidal. I think you’re a wind up because all the time you’ve been fcuking about with us wasters, all that energy you’ve been using could’ve been used by calling Samaritans, GP and other supporting services. Why the fcuk the gen con section of UKM? Ive worked with a lot of clients who suffered from all the conditions you have mentioned. Get to A&E. You won’t get any better on here with us lot.
  3. has anyone thought about suicide?

    You’re doing better than me bro (and the rest of the gen con section). Maybe the return of Ketones. Who knows. Suicide doesn’t seem top of your list posting the below in the ‘women don’t like muscle’ thread. ‘I got a bird in moscow russia who is non stop messaging me, she is obsessed with light femdom and orders me around telling me to go to the gym and then when i get back starts shoving dildos up her vag saying how proud she is of me and masturbates thinking of me at the gym said she likes to be in control and wants to tie me up and slap me what she was drawn to was my intelligence, she was surprised how easily i could psychoanalyse her and guess her behaviour.’
  4. Calories too high?

    Hey @SonOfThor @Iridium not too sure what the change of furniture has to do with it but hey, at least we don’t have to look at the wet cum stains on your sheets like last time. Observations - why are you asking the forum members advice for? Every single time you have ever asked advice you ignore what everyone says and do your own thing. Couple of the chaps have reiterated what many of us told you from the very beginning when you were the above profiles. That is: 1. You shouldn’t be using gear. 2. You shouldn’t be using gear 3. Start natty and educate yourself on nutrition, training and rest. 4. Build a natural physique. 5. You shouldn’t be using gear.
  5. Calories too high?

    Reckon @Tonysco will beat you and @Simon90 to it..... his back end would be running like a tap on the plus side
  6. Fatty Wahlberg

    Exactly who I thought about. Insane. I remember reading the PT who was in charge of Christian Bale said his job was so easy as Bale was an animal. Could just give him his plan and let him crack on. Think I read he had a boiled egg and glass of orange juice a day fir his role in The Machinist. Great actor too
  7. Gym showers

    Ahh, fair enough. They started the classes up yet?
  8. Gym showers

    Seems ridiculous that despite the showers being separate they’re closed. Good way to push customers away mate. Poor excuse on the gyms part. Do you have other options re: other gyms or do you like this one? In reference to the communal showers, I’ve always viewed it as an opportunity to boost morale of fellow lifters without being seen as non-heterosexual. Admiring the time, commitment & effort fellow brohomos have put in to those delicious globe like Glute maxes (defo no homo) goes with the territory. Bit like those ass slaps and guffaws. Slapping/flicking each other’s tips. All fun for us hetero roiders!
  9. Gym showers

    Each shower room is separate at AF. Been open all along. There is no actual changing room where i am. There’s a L of individual lockers in main reception where you can keep your bag.Then you toddle off to one of 5 showers with locked doors. They’re not cleaned in between customer use either. Your gym manager is a toerag. Do you want me and @js77to drive up and bum your manager and teach them the wrongs of lying?? Several just take off their joggers and hoodies in the locker area. 3 of them stood right near each other yesterday. Then as one lady walked off she then put a mask on fir the remaining 9 foot walk to the exit
  10. The posts have become boring again on general chat

    Just reported for pushing a Covid vaccine. Can’t be pushing vaccines on here bro. You been around long enough to know.
  11. Women don’t like muscles.....

    Knew it was you! Not from Blue btw. You did upload some pics. Very impressive. You see your ol pal, Tommy Bananas around much??
  12. Got my first jab yesterday

    Anyone I know that lifts had no symptoms....
  13. Women don’t like muscles.....

    Oh yeah, I think you’re right Would bang
  14. Women don’t like muscles.....

    He has a 10” cock tho