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  1. What are we watching?

    Great series
  2. Last time i posted a pic of my tiddler I got 3 points and a verbal warning so won’t be doing that again. Cracker is hung like a shire horse. I have a tiddler.
  3. What’s everyone training today?

    You train to fight? What kind? Serious question btw
  4. Yo @Savv where you at? Start a thread & disappear!!???
  5. What are we watching?

    I’ve been saving Homeland to catch up on. It’s the final season. Been a solid show throughout. Currently got 5 episodes to catch up on. Netflix are now showing Ozark season 3. Watched the other 2 seasons. Great show. I have a NOW tv box which means I can subscribe to a sky film Channels or Entertainment package pay as you go monthly. I usually stay off it for 8-9 months and then pay for the movies. They’ve usually added a load of new ones so block watch. Then unsubscribe. £8-£9 for 10-12 new movies. The entertainment package is well worth it. Loads of box sets. Defo get your moneys worth. If you can’t afford sky, the now tv box is VFM. Plus you get great tv to binge watch. BT sport rugby are showing classic cup games with up to date commentary by a player who played in the game they’re showing. Only started last weekend. They’re planning for more. Great if you like rugby. They’re also showing old MMA (UFC) matches.
  6. Ted Bundy. No it’s not projecting. Stop talking sh1t.
  7. Day 10

    I hope Mrs Vet is keeping you busy with chores!
  8. Shocking mate. Been several on here who are incredibly clueless and post the most bizarre threads. Not the same person as Crackerman. Setting up another account. Strange
  9. So, apparently you’re an MMA fighter according to your profile.... hmmm, really? Where do you train at Mr Projection? I call bullshit.
  10. Double post would have the same reply for each. Projection is traits you find unacceptable in yourself and are then projected onto others. As for you being in control of others unconscious........ I’ll just leave that here.
  11. As above poster says. Drop to TRT level. You can still do plenty of body weight stuff as well as cardio.
  12. Think the posties are going to be extinct

    Which region was this in mate?
  13. Dimension Labs

    Good to know they’re effective.
  14. Dimension Labs

    How effective has the accutane been? Only used pharma
  15. Lol. Clown! Have a word with yourself and sort your meds out before posting. On tren for about 3 years?! F*** off!