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    Klaus reacted to STINK in Self injecting on the NHS   
    I inject prescribed Sustanon and I have injected Nebido. My Dr had me do an online 'course' it only took half an hour and was designed for those who are Diabetic or who need injections for Chrones disease etc....
    I feel good on TRT however I feel great when I add in HCG. My energy goes up and my sex drive comes back.
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    Klaus reacted to MFM in Self injecting on the NHS   
    Just leading on from a locked thread below, it was said that an endo on the NHS would never let you inject yourself for TRT. Well, my GP said he's got quite a few TRT patients, and some of them who have been on it long enough have been trained to do it themselves. Probably not common, but at least they do it in some practices. 
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    Klaus reacted to larus in Is anyone using Test Prop for TRT?   
    I am.
    I'm one of the few who dont mind pinning EOD. If you're pinning 3ml of gear, well...thats completely different thing from pinning 0.4/0.5ml of test. Small 26G needle in the chest, shoulders, legs (I'm about 5% BF so that needle works for me, unless legs in that case I stick to 23G) ...takes literally 10 seconds. 
    Was doing EOD 60ml, test level came back too high at 52 so lowered that down to 40sh ml EOD and my test level came back at 34, which in the context of all other blood values being very good, that's fine for me. Been doing that since the beginning of the year, when I stopped cycling and decided to stick to TRT (I'm 41, though I only did three cycles in my life). Tbh, I think prop in small doses also makes dealing with E2 much easier than using test C or Test E. 
    One thing I want to do, perhaps to keep test plasma level even more stable is to to Mon/Wed 40ml of test prop and Friday 80/100ml of Sustanon as the longer ester Decanoate in it is pretty much like Nebido (and will be a stable source as it builds up) but also contains a small dose (I think its about 15%) of Prop to keep the regimen on check.  Just for the sake of a bit of "fun" testing things...
    Out of curiosity, are you on aromasin or adex? what's you dose?
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    Klaus got a reaction from STINK in Is anyone using Test Prop for TRT?   
    Glad to help. I never post I just read,but thought for once I might have something useful to say 
    I do my trt through balancemyhormones.moved back to the U.K. from Canada last year and was told by my new GP there was no chance they could match my protocol so went private. 
    With the hcg, it's msd pregnyl 1500iu, from Clifton village pharmacy.with each ampule I load up 6 slin pins and store them in the fridge. I do the  shots subq in my stomach. It's allowed me to have kids without stopping my trt and it helps with my libido. I get tested every 6 months now that I'm settled on my protocol.I was using the nuffield hospital for blood work when they had a buy one test get one free deal, but now I use medichecks. I had doubts about how accurate the results would be from a finger pr**k but the results match the hospital ones at a fraction of the cost.
    I have low shbg, its at 16.so the eod prop shots work perfectly for me
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    Klaus got a reaction from bigD29 in Is anyone using Test Prop for TRT?   
    I do 50mg prop eod, keeps my trough at 28 nmol. I rotate between my delts and quads, no pip at all which I was surprised about because Sustanon used to cripple me and was told it was down to the prop.its really no hassle and pain free with the slin pins, I crack open my prop ampules and transfer them to a sterile vial, I find back filling a bit messy and this avoids me having to it.  
    I also do my 250 iu hcg on the same day, this keeps my estradiol at 100 pmol without using an AI. I feel good on this protocol, much better than the 125mg of Sustanon every 5 days I was previously on