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  1. you can't get it here from what I know. I got freaked out about having low e2 and possible bone loss after reading all the doom and gloom posts on the American forums,so convinced my doctor to send my blood off to a lab in the US, was in Canada at the time so wasn't much of a hassle but did cost quite a bit, tested both standard and sensitive from same blood sample,  estradiol came back 31  pg/ml on standard and 24 pg/ml on the sensitive test, so lower but still within the range of 20 to 30 he likes to see his patients at. 

    He also explained to me that the old study they use as a guide that states 20 to 30 pg/ml as the optimal range was using the standard test anyway

  2. i know from living in North America that the doctors won't trust an e2 reading unless it's using the sensitive estradiol  assay due to the older assays such as the Roche one they use here giving false high readings, I hate even mentioning it because you can't post on the excelmale forum without someone berating you for not using to the "right" test that only Americans have access to,For sure his e2 is a little low tho regardless 

  3. I think your e2 is a little low, especially if you believe the the theory that the e2 tests we use here tend to exaggerate it by up to 30%  your at 15pg/ml supposed sweet spot is 20 to 30, I'd try getting it up to closer to 30pg/ml could lower you ai dose if your taking one, or add hcg and dhea, they both boost my e2.

    only time I've lost libido is when I went on armidex and I went too low, 

    rest of your numbers look great, your a good advertisement for increasing the frequency of the nebido shots 


  4. Glad to help. I never post I just read,but thought for once I might have something useful to say 

    I do my trt through balancemyhormones.moved back to the U.K. from Canada last year and was told by my new GP there was no chance they could match my protocol so went private. 

    With the hcg, it's msd pregnyl 1500iu, from Clifton village pharmacy.with each ampule I load up 6 slin pins and store them in the fridge. I do the  shots subq in my stomach. It's allowed me to have kids without stopping my trt and it helps with my libido. I get tested every 6 months now that I'm settled on my protocol.I was using the nuffield hospital for blood work when they had a buy one test get one free deal, but now I use medichecks. I had doubts about how accurate the results would be from a finger pr**k but the results match the hospital ones at a fraction of the cost.

    I have low shbg, its at 16.so the eod prop shots work perfectly for me


  5. I do 50mg prop eod, keeps my trough at 28 nmol. I rotate between my delts and quads, no pip at all which I was surprised about because Sustanon used to cripple me and was told it was down to the prop.its really no hassle and pain free with the slin pins, I crack open my prop ampules and transfer them to a sterile vial, I find back filling a bit messy and this avoids me having to it.  

    I also do my 250 iu hcg on the same day, this keeps my estradiol at 100 pmol without using an AI. I feel good on this protocol, much better than the 125mg of Sustanon every 5 days I was previously on