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  1. Wonder why the guy isn't jacked then
  2. Gains before E except after C
  3. Christmas party fund lol it will be cancelled at the last minute with no refund
  4. Hash Browns

    That's not a hash brown though
  5. Hash Browns

    I once found a whole rat inside my hash brown it was fully cooked inside it
  6. Hash Browns

    I sometimes have them at work for breakfast only 2 though. I think there a s**t quality food for weightlifting
  7. I think my wife is having an affair with my mate

    Who the feck is snacks????
  8. I think my wife is having an affair with my mate

    I don't know how there connected but first I thought they were lovers then I thought they were the same person but I know that they live together
  9. I think my wife is having an affair with my mate

    Swoletip and epic squats are related in some way
  10. I think my wife is having an affair with my mate

    Don't know seems like he was telling the truth from the sounds of it. What's happened to swolletip? Not seen him on here in ages. Tell him I said hi
  11. I think my wife is having an affair with my mate

    Best way to find out if your partner is cheating is make sure they see you grab there phone and run with it in the toilet and lock the door if they start banging on the door wanting there phone back sounding hectic then there probably cheating
  12. Dorian Yates back tattoo.

    Iv got a tattoo on my penis it says pussy destroyer
  13. Losing my mojo

    I'm already a juice head iv done 2 days of tbol is the consequence of my massive cycle haha and now I have to be on steroids now or I'm f**ked
  14. Losing my mojo

    I'm very frustrated in the gym its like iv got some sort of disease because my lifts are crashing down example my top deadlift 250kg and now each month I see a 5kg to 10kg drop in weight and I could barely get 180kg of the floor today. What the heck. Don't know what I'm doing wrong other than I'm not as fat as used to be. Iv been cutting my calories down for about 5 months but for the past 3 weeks iv been eating loads again to get the lifts back up but there actually going down despite this. One thing I did was try to have a sugar free diet I feel maybe this f**ked me up in some way because it feels like a weird one I feel I can't gather the power to lift even light weights, is sugar really that important anyone know?
  15. Favourite movie soundtrack?

    All of the music from the original 1978 dawn of the dead