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  1. Using DNP

    IDK. It messes with the ATP pathways in the cell. I have no idea if this could interfere with healing but I personally wouldn't risk it.
  2. Using DNP

    Yeah I'm doing 500dnp + 50t3 until about 12%, then adding 80 clen until 10%, then just doing 80clen +20 yohmb + 50 t3 until 8%.
  3. Using DNP

    Was I raging? sorry, didn't realise. So what's so stupid about running dnp at 750?
  4. Using DNP

    I'd not run 750 of any lab long term but i often feel the need to chuck in a high dose day at some point in a 500/day cycle. Like I say, doesn't work for me and I'll not be trying it next time.
  5. Using DNP

    Using dnp is stupid. Using steroids is stupid. Snorting coke is stupid. Except when it isn't. I don't really see the need to point any of this out. You think he's going to die or something? I bet you he doesn't.
  6. Using DNP

    You can talk recreational drugs. I assume some sort of amphetamine?
  7. Using DNP

    750 is the point where i start throwing up. First time I tried it I thought "I'll finish strong", ended up being sick. Second time I thought "I'll cut my saturation time in half by having 750 day one and then 500 for 11 more days" , again was up at 4am evacuating violently from both ends. I reckon 625 would be my sweet spot but never had any 125 caps before.
  8. 2 weeks left! Still no abs!

    Great progress. Most people bloat a little on test, i think at 2 weeks out it would be pointless to half your T dose (I assume it's Enan?) but might be worth considering next time. If it's prop, it might be worth cutting the T dose. Probably won't do much but might be some improvement.
  9. Using DNP

    You butt-hurt bro? You sound butthurt. Ps i f**ked yer mum.
  10. Using DNP

    Agreed. @TinTin10, I'm finding your contributions to this thread quite irritating. It started as a good discussion on the use of DNP, but now every second post is you dribbling blahblahblah, and it's hard to ignore because everyone else is interacting with you (so if I want to read their s**t I have to read yours too). Maybe you could start your own thread on the dangers, misuse and your general dislike of DNP? And leave this thread?
  11. Using DNP

    I'm a runner, used to do 75km+ per week at times (when I was concentrating on running), but I'm getting terrible shin pumps after 5 mins of running on my current stack (test, deca, npp, epi), so it's going to be elliptical all the way from now on, though running would generally be my cardio of choice. On a side note, whenever people would complain about "Agonising" or "crippling" back / calf / shin pumps I'd always be a bit skeptical, having never suffered them myself, but I've gotta say, they really are fu**ing awful, and there's absolutely nowt I can do to lose or even lessen them. I suspect it might be the epi but I don't know for sure so I'm not going to drop it, I'm just going to drop the running instead.
  12. Using DNP

    I'm starting a 3 week run on 23rd July, the plan is to cut the weights significantly (reduce my weight by 25% and reduce the number of sets by 25%) cos it really does take it out of you, lifting on dnp. I may even reduce further if I feel it's limiting my cardio.
  13. Using DNP

    Ah ok, so in your opinion it's dosed correctly or not? (I can't remember if it was someone in this thread saying the latest batch might be on the weak side). I'd be very pleased to hear that it's strong as I'm aiming for a 20lb drop of fat in around a four week time period, starting soon. And yeah I can relate to the towel situation, I always sleep on a bath sheet and put a hand towel on my pillow, saves a bit on the washing of sheets (I go through a lot of towels but I find that less of a bother).
  14. Using DNP

    Any updates?
  15. Preloading Barrells?

    Yes they'll be absolutely fine. I do 6 at a time (2 weeks worth), done it this way for years. Just make sure you're using sterile practice, and put them somewhere out of the way.