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  1. Could go through 3 of them on a munchies EDIT: After a Dominoes pizza and them lovely cookies No wonder ive got tits.
  2. Sage advise Gyms close again

    They can f**k off.
  3. Anyone backpacked

    I'm 30 tomorrow and you've just described me to a tee
  4. Juices for Chronic Fatigue

    Any anxiety going on OP? Might be worth getting a sleep tracker app, to see if your sleep is disturbed.
  5. Physics brainteaser

    https://www.emc2-explained.info/Dilation-Calc/#.XySSFChKjIU Our nearest star is 4.5 light years away. It takes light 4.5 years to reach it, from earth. If you were on a spaceship travelling at 99% the speed of light, from your perspective it would only take circa 7 months. You would only age 7 months. 14 months for a round trip. From the perspective of the rest of us on Earth, it would take you 4.54 years to get there, or 9.09 years for a round trip. (Assuming no speed up/slow down) If you had an indentical twin, one went off in the ship and one stayed on Earth. When the twin arrives back home, he/she will be 8 years younger than their twin...
  6. Physics brainteaser

    Finally a thread of mine takes off and im nowhere to be seen! Another answer was you can boil it.
  7. Physics brainteaser

    So far so good, still missing another way though i can't wrap my head around that either. Technically, time travel is possible too. We can do it today. I don't believe there was 'nothing' 'before' the big bang though.
  8. Physics brainteaser

    Can you make a hole in water? If so, how? Post your own (yeah i know i'm boring)
  9. Conspiracy theories

    Can anyone remember on Microsoft word. If you put a date on or something (9/11) it would bring up little gifs of a plane and a tall building. I can actually remember doing it at school. Was a bit weird if anything.
  10. Any gyno here?

    Thanks mate! Yeah i've been on and off the gym for years, do a dirty bulk for 9 months. Stop gym altogether for 4/5/6/ months rinse and repeat. Last year or two as i get older i've packed loads of fat on which is why i'm wanting to start fresh. I've had a good fondle, there is no pain. Maybe the smallest like 2mm 'marble' to the right of my right nipple but i have had to really try to feel it. Not enjoying cutting haha!
  11. minoxidil to prevent hair loose

    Im not taking steroids and have only done it once (dbol about 10 years ago) But im starting Minoxidil today so will add some photos in here over the next few months!
  12. Global elite secretly doing bad things?

    It doesn't help when you have nuggets sharing all sort of s**t over social media. Sort of 'dilutes' the issue. Its like Aliens. Too many nutters sharing absolute bollocks and it takes attention away from the truth - they're here and they are farming us for out liver oil.
  13. What's my bf? Would you bulk or cut?

    Anyone seeing any gyno in them pics? Or these after a couple of month cutting down?
  14. Any gyno here?

  15. Any gyno here?

    Have made another thread previously about how I took dianabol only years ago. Top forum this, getting loads of help! Bit worried about my chest though, been hard through lockdown and lost most of my gains so decided to cut down and start fresh. When I was at my 'peak' my pecs would be popping through my shirt, clear definition. IMO it looked...boobish. But tbf i love training my chest and do it more than other muscle groups. Anyway these are pics now and I'll link the thread before I started cutting. It's barely noticeable tbf, but when I'm say laid on my side, my tipple sort of have a slight cone shape. Or I'm being paranoid. EDIT: I'm tensing my right pec in one pic.