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  1. Would you rather

    It would no doubt end up with me spending a large chunk of the 1000 years in a prison/ being experimented on.
  2. Missiles from Gaza destroying Israel

    One thing i've learned as I've gotten older is the world is a fu**ing horrible place. There is absolutely nothing the average person can do about it. So just sit back and masturbate over the images of people getting blown up.
  3. I've just been sacked

    There's unfair dismissal and then there is wrongful dismissal. I initiated legal action against a former employer on both counts but mainly the fact they didn't follow any process at all so focused on wrongful. They settled. Although I had been there over 2 years.
  4. Any ex-smokers on here?

    The first bit of sun and Im absolutely clamming for a rolly. That said one thing I don't miss is taking my first toke of the day and my bowels proceeding to drop.
  5. Dogecoins probably a good one to get on in the next day or two. Musk going on some popular American show soon and he'l no doubt be bigging it up.
  6. Apetamin - appetite stimulant

    Love that me it locks in the freshness.
  7. Women don’t like muscles.....

  8. Women don’t like muscles.....

    Its the physique I'm aiming for. So you think starting from scratch at 30, natty its doable in 5 years. I'm happy with that!
  9. Women don’t like muscles.....

    Have you seen the videos of women absolutely creeping on the poor/lucky bloke?
  10. Women don’t like muscles.....

    Bullshit. Said it before on here. The attention I got from the lasses when i finally applied myself to diet and gym was ridiculous. Sometimes it was just blatant. Got ill, lost my weight and the attention disappeared. I'm not saying all lasses like muscles btw. BUT - In terms of holding down a relationship. Money - Personality - looks will all rank higher than muscles. EDIT: I'll tell you one thing lasses definitely like....Men who are already in a relationship!!!
  11. Gym membership

    Just to confirm they weren't rude or anything. They sort of caught me on the hop and assumptive closed me. Your on monthly yeah? Yeah the next month is due don't worry though wel give you a day or two or next time you come. I'd only been awake half an hour ha and didn't even realise till later that day. Still cheeky tho and ill be sacking it off as soon as I get a car or move
  12. Gym membership

    I sold my car due to working from home so its the only gym I can get too. I'm stubborn too - to the point I'm considering buying a car, insuring it and taxing it and driving the 20 mile round trip to a proper full beans gym. But that would just be daft really so I'll just pay up like a bitch haha but it had pissed me off a bit. I'm newish to that gym which is why I asked about the 12th to the 12th. If he didn't know he should have said. If he knew it was till the 1st he should have said and I'd have said haha f**k that I'll see you on the 1st and sig up then. Anyway bit of a Sunday morning rant ha.
  13. Gym membership

    Paid for a month on the 12th when the gyms opened back up. Went yesterday and they wanted another month's membership as it was the 1st. I didn't have any money on me and they said don't worry we will let you use it today but make sure you bring it next time. Am I being arsey or is that a bit cheeky? As in when I paid on the 12th of April i specifically asked does it run to the 12th of may. He said yes but now doesn't remember that conversation. Its a cash in hand type of place. I know gyms have been hit hard so I don't mind paying it when I go today but that attitude has annoyed me a bit - especially considering in January when we got locked down again I'd just paid for a full month. They were letting the long termers in but the couple of times I turned up the door was locked and I was ignored. (People were inside). Anyone had anything like this?
  14. Weight just isn't dropping off.

    Will be 3 weeks back in the gym on Monday. First day back I weighed in at 14 Stone 0.5. Most of last week into this week I was between 14 2 - 14 3. Hit a bit of fatigue on Wednesday. Stressed at work, poor sleep went to the gym on Thursday and left after about 20 minutes just felt so weak. Big f**k off sore on my top lip. Basically been eating anything I like since Thursday night so weight is up a bit atm and still feeling a bit iffy. But anyway averaging between 2300 & 2500 calories a day which seems to have bumped my weight up about 2 1/2 - 3 pounds in 3 weeks. I'm actually surprised at that! Its quite low calories compared to my TDEE recomendation. Anyone think I should be bumping my calories up a bit more? I'm tempted to order in some protein powder and have a couple of them a day with water.