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  1. Weight just isn't dropping off.

    I appreciate a few people have given me advice on another thread to try and bulk up, but with gyms closed I'm sticking to (trying to) losing weight for now. Problem is, the weight just isn't dropping off. I weigh myself every morning and I come in between 14 stone 3 and 14 stone 8. I weighed this back in early December when I started dieting. 6ft 2, 30 years old. Very sedentary lifestyle, working from home 10-6.30 and apart from a 4-5 mile jog every morning, I'm sat on my arse. I'm currently eating 1800 calories a day and have been since 2nd December. No movement on the scales, I'm losing size but mainly upper back/shoulders and arms and this just seems to make my belly look bigger. A typical day food-wise: Meal one: 4 poached eggs & 2 slices of wholemeal toast. (Roughly 500 cals) Meal two: 240g smoked salmon, 100g boiled taties & some broccoli. (Roughly 600 cals) Meal three: 50g porridge in milk. (Roughly 500 cals) I might have 2 or 3 biscuits a day as well, probably 10 cups of tea/coffee all day. I can't get my head around it, I'm starving all day, running on a morning and nouts happening. Objective: I've done the whole get big thing before. Now that I'm getting on I just want to be healthier and look muscly/lean (6pack) but not go daft on size. If that makes any sense ha! Any advice anyone? I was really hoping to be in the position to eat in a small surplus when the gyms open. That seems miles away.
  2. Its a culture thing IMO. Comes down to what is classed as normal/accepted... For example would you say everyone should wash their hands after a piss/s**t? Or would you say there is nothing stopping you from washing your hands after a piss/s**t, but why should everyone else? Don't come into work if you have a cold? Or there is nothing stopping you from staying off work with a cold, but why should everyone else? In some countries (before Covid-19) it was considered a courtesy to wear a mask when out and about, it was normal. Your right of-course! It shouldn't be compulsory, but It would be nice from my point of view if everyone did it (Immune disorder).
  3. As someone who has always picked up daft colds really easily I'm all for compulsory mask wearing staying even after everyone has had the vaccine. Shame something can't be done about scruffy f**kers who don't wash their hands as well.
  4. Have you just assumed my concerns about immigration were racially motivated? Thus proving my point. "Take immigration for example and how you can't mention being against it without being immediately labelled as racist". It was immigration from the EU that put the welding jobs market on it's arse in England - hence my negative view on immigration. I've re-trained now though and happy in the new job earning more money and not having to breath in welding fumes for 12 hours a day. If I've misunderstood your post and your just on about actual racists then fair enough. I don't understand how people can be racist tbh, I'd fu**ing love to travel the world experiencing different cultures meeting loads of different people. I'd love to buck a Korean lass. And there is something about Lithuanian lasses that cures my ED.
  5. The article doesn't say that tnf but on the plus side people may be encouraged to 'buy British. I never voted but I was for brexit. Mainly due to immigration. I wish it never happened now though. I think the issue was that there is a lot of people out there who are disgruntled, for a variety of reasons. Take immigration for example and how you can't mention being against it without being immediately labelled as racist. Loads of people being shut down and the vote was their opportunity to have their voices heard.
  6. TRUMPS fate

    Ah I'm sorry mate I read your first sentence then just stopped. I really don't care lol.
  7. TRUMPS fate

    Which part of my post are you disagreeing with lol... Is that not what I said like? Highlighted how nuts they all are? Did he not split the country down the middle when he claimed the election was fraudulent? Some people get far too defensive over politics. Its like football tribalism at times.
  8. TRUMPS fate

    I thought it was brilliant when he first got elected - I actually found it refreshing as he came across as 'saying it how it is'. But f**k me is he a nutter. He has completely split that country down the middle. Its also really highlighted how crazy they are as well. It's worrying that we seem to be America-lite as well.
  9. This time last year?

    Just think how wild the lasses are going to be in the summer when it's all hopefully over! Ukmuscle magaluf holiday august 2021 Would be nice if the gyms were open to get myself in shape for it ha!
  10. Hair Transplant members here

    f**k that. I've only got a little head - and its a weird shape as well, Id look a right t**t bald.
  11. This time last year?

    I wouldn't mind If i could get out there and fill some mucky cows up but yano lockdown.
  12. This time last year?

    Aw cheers mate. Was a week into a new job, amazing career move for me. Oh aye and the lass I loved finished me Literally a year ago today lol.
  13. When are we thinking gyms will open again?

    Peter Crouches crackhead brother.
  14. When are we thinking gyms will open again?

    I'll be looking like Peter Crouch at this rate. I was banking on mid feb, early march latest.
  15. When are we thinking gyms will open again?

    He's fu**ing relentless.