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  1. Rpn havoc? ?

    Is it still as good as it used to be? Bought from a reputable shop.. Thought it was banned.
  2. What are all these new labs/ prohominid, where have hdrol mdrol suderdrol ibe epistane. Charapol labs was good. Is rpn havoc still rpn havoc? Seen it on predater nutrition.
  3. Muscle memory

    HI, I've been back training the last 2 weeks after a 6 year break. Im 47 and have got the bug back and am fully committed to giving it another go atleast for 6 months. I have a question, I have not taken anything apart from protien and in just 2 weeks my biceps feel a different shape and I feel harder. Even being out of the game for so long is there such a thing as muscle memory, I mean once you have had a tidy shape is it easier/quicker to get it back rather than starting from scratch. Thanks.
  4. Advise for 47 year old

    Well thankyou everyone for the response and sorry not replied earlier. What ever the dose I agree that test on its own or stacked is the best for me. Since last week been training 3 times just to get the aches out of the way, eating well and loving it. I've had the var but waiting for test e. Im going to train well for a month or 2 before I start. All ready I feel harder and not sure if it's me but my biceps feel a different shape.. Thanks again.
  5. Been out of the game for 5 +years now, it's always been on my mind (don't think it will ever go) but didn't have the 100% commitment. Anyway, went to the gym last week and done a work out , God I missed those awesome feeling aches I had for days afterwards. Im a fitish bloke still playing footie active and healthy and I want to give training one last bash. As I hope you can appreciate I'm no 20 year old with the world being their oyster and Im going to have a little assistance in my training. Being out of the game for so long and the way things move on so fast I thought I would ask advice. Yes I know how to train and eat it's the medical scinence side of things I need help on. In your opinion taking my age into consideration would taking 50mg of anavar E/d for 10 weeks do any harm, I'm only looking for a few lbs lean muscle upper body. All my contacts have gone so no idea what's hot and not. Thanks for reading.