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  1. I’ve just got to grips with “ brah “ and having “ bear things” what the [email protected]&ks a soy boy ? Sounds like someone you’d pay to spend time with in a Speacilist sauna.
  2. Once did a runner from a Soho lap dancing bar because there was a charge of around £200 each for sitting In the bar and having a beer before we got a dance. Got chased by the security luckily they were more into lifting weights than cardio.
  3. Magic mushrooms - psilocybin

    We used to Yeah UK had a mate who used to go pick them and dry them out in his loft, one of the best drugs I’ve done to be honest we used to sit In his front room and just eat them, I’ve had some crazy experiences on them I once sat and watched myself getting interviewed on the TV like I was famous ?? had I few sketchy trips where Id lost the reality of where i actually was and freaked myself out a bit but nothing too bad.
  4. Magic mushrooms - psilocybin

    Used to love mushrooms years ago I remember been at creamfileds in one the marquees and I thought I was in a medival ball room raving with knights and princesses .. taste like absolute dirt though.
  5. Spam pm

    Well they turned up this morning and I took 2, As you can see the difference in half a day is amazing! You can use my code Africanprince007 for free shipping
  6. Spam pm

    Are you telling me I’ve been done ? I’ve just transferred £500 to a Nigerian Prince for some Authentic African Anabolic tablets ... The prince said I would gain 1st of solid muscle a month !
  7. I remember Ausbuilt he came across as a decent bloke. who was guy who was around at that time that had pictures of himself green like the Hulk ? He was massive, He was well know for doing totally ridiculous Cycles, sure his name began with a J
  8. Used to come on years ago when Mars and Haski were about and learned loads, this forum is one of the best resources on the internet the for AAS and training info if you delve into older threads, I rejoined a few years ago and mainly come on to read the daily chaos in General conversation,
  9. You’ve just reminded me there once a guy who used to do some Sh!t shadow boxing in between sets, proper rocky style
  10. I know its been a long time but what’s the strangest thing you’ve seen in a gym ? There used to be a guy who rocked up in jeans, I bet leg day is a barrel of laughs in a pair of 501s
  11. Anyone actually had flu..?

    Had it once and it knocked the stuffing out of me, I ached all over but my arms were worst they were killing me, I had no energy and was hallucinating because of the fever, I proper thought it was going to see me off.
  12. Our lass dosnt mind at all, Only time gear usage caused any issues between us was when I used tren I made some really bad Life decisions and was generally behaving like a complete [email protected] I Haven’t touched it since and probably never will again.
  13. Tiny cans of beer

    if you look close the beer is called the beast so He’s definitely getting paid , i heard its 5% but the sneaky Icelandic’s are home brewing one that’s 5.1%
  14. I normally use this with varying reps every few months currently doing 5 3 1 on my first big compound and 4x8 on the others or 5x10, I alternate bench and shoulder press every push session PUSH flat bench shoulder press incline bench Front plate raise Ez bar skull crushers or close grip press PULL deadlift bent over row inverted row pull ups barbell curls LEGS back squat front squat barbell calve raises barbell lunge
  15. Im mid blast and it hasn’t made any difference to me, I’ve trained at home for years, it’s loads better than been in the gym waiting for equipment to be free. I don’t have loads but it’s enough. squat rack barbell Ez bar adjustable bench I do PPL using the main compound lifts plus a bit of isolation work.