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  1. What I don’t understand is this ... we’re told to isolate for 2 weeks If we have symptoms and every one we have come into contact with has to do the same. So if we had a world wide “your not aloud out the house or you’ll get shot “ style lock down for say 4 weeks, then the virus can’t spread, virus Fuchs off , everyone can get back to normal , job sorted, we all have a good Christmas.
  2. How much water

    I drink when I’m thirsty too to be honest, if I drink loads I just pee all the time, I don’t feel it makes that much difference how much water I drink.
  3. Idles

    Yeah I can imagine Idles are a decent live band there’s nothing better than good live music, I’m missing not going to gigs this year with COVID. I’ll have a listen to Art Brut mate, I need to find something new to listen to.
  4. Idles

    I really liked idles until I heard an interview where they spoke about supporting Foo Fighters for some stadium shows. The lead singer was spouting off about Foo fighters becoming corporate sell outs and how cool and indie Idles were in comparison and that in hindsight they shouldn’t of supported them, He came across as really disrespectful and a bit of a jumped up little pr**k considering one of the biggest bands in the world had just given him an opportunity to play to thousands of people.
  5. Greenday

    Lead singers a bit of a basket case though mate.
  6. Where to buy boiler + fitting

    If your boiler is older than 5 years and your house can be insulated with either cavity wall or under floor insulation theres a scheme in place called Eco 3 where you can apply for a boiler and the insulation to be supplied and fitted free of charge, it’s totally legit and is backed by government and funded by the big energy suppliers https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/publications-and-updates/eco3-innovation theres a lot of gas company’s that have jumped on it and some ask for a contribution of anywhere between £100 and grand, it’s Free you don’t to need to pay a contribution so research one in your area that dosnt ask for it .
  7. What look are you aiming for.

    I’m sure I saw Joe Dealany saying he only weighs 12st, he’s got a cracking physique but must actually look fairly small, A lad I know doesn’t look like he lifts with his top on, but looks absolutely amazing with out it,
  8. What look are you aiming for.

    Like DY said, I want to walk in room and people be like what the [email protected] ! The truth is I don’t believe anyone in the world is truly content with how they look, it’s human nature not to be content.
  9. Don't panic, don't panic, don't panic

    At least theirs an emergency plan in the bag ! but nobody’s got a clue what the emergency is ? WTF I’m panicking now do I need to plan for an emergency thats happened or is happening and is this emergency involving heights because I hate heights and what if my plan in my bag is the wrong plan for the emergency ? so do i need loads of plans ? But I havnt got a bag that’s big enough for all the plans and do my plans need to be the same as everyone else’s ? Do I have to allow social distancing in my plan or are we all going die any way because our plans are wrong ? Im not going to lie I’m worried about this
  10. Best movie you ever seen!

    it depend what mood I’m in but any of these. The Krays and Bronson, —Tom Hardy makes both these films, Forest Gump 300 Logan Carlitos way heat good fellas The rock Con air
  11. My cals are 3200 £150 Pw for four of us at Asda, £60 of that is just for me, we normally go out for Sunday lunch and they have a take away at least one night a week So £250 a week on food a week
  12. Would you snitch?

    It’s just another excuse for those type of people who go out out their way to be offended by something to be offended and create a problem that doesn’t exist , where have all these weirdos suddenly appeared from in the last few years ?
  13. Would you snitch?

    The coach at my boys u11 football team got an email from some Karen saying that he was been reported to the police and FA for not enforcing social distancing at training and match’s, who ever sent the email had also taken photos of the match’s and training to support their complaint.
  14. Advice on PPL

    I’ve been following JW boring but big for a change but I’m finding the mix of heavy low reps and high volume days is too taxing for me and I have a few niggles that I don’t want becoming injures, so I’m going to get back to a PPL I’ve used upper lower splits and PPL in the past but I prefer PPL I usually aim for a 3 working sets of 12 reps , 10 reps and a final set of 6-8 reps increasing weight each time so the last set is near failure. I train at home so limited to a barbell, Ez bar and rack. Any Input would he welcome thanks. 3 days on, 1 off Push bench Seated Shoulder press Ez bar Incline press Front plate raise Lateral raise using a plate Skull crusher EZ bar pull Dead lift Bent over row Upright barbell row Pull up Pull overs using EZ Bar Curls Legs Squats Romanian deadlift Box squats Calf raises Ab wheel roll outs
  15. Pullovers

    Yeah the volume is to much for me I agree mate, I thought I’d get used to it but it was smashing me to bits. Ive gone back to an upper lower split twice a week, working between 10 and 6 reps for 3 sets.