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  1. Best movie you ever seen!

    it depend what mood I’m in but any of these. The Krays and Bronson, —Tom Hardy makes both these films, Forest Gump 300 Logan Carlitos way heat good fellas The rock Con air
  2. My cals are 3200 £150 Pw for four of us at Asda, £60 of that is just for me, we normally go out for Sunday lunch and they have a take away at least one night a week So £250 a week on food a week
  3. Great workout today. strength is up again and I’ve been hitting PB's quite consistently. I definitely prefer going back to the PPL instead of Boring but big. I feel like I work harder and exhaust the muscle more with out Physically smashing myself to bits. Although Id rather Deadlift in the 5 3 1 rep rang though, I’m not a fan of high rep dead lifts I feel my form goes to [email protected] Today was pull Bent Over row 2x8 1 x back off pull up 3xF Upright row 2x8 1 x back off chest supported Ez bar row 2x8 1x back off curls 2x8 1xback off dead lift 5 , 3, 1 mood and energy levels are still really good, cals and macros have consistently been hit, Cardio hasn’t be brilliant due to me been busy, but I should be back to it after this weekend.
  4. update pictures two week in, not a massive difference but I wasn’t expecting anything dramatic in 2 weeks. weight is still bang on 15 stone, Ive added in another 800 calories from yesterday so I’ll see check weight and see what I look like in another two week.
  5. I’ve not updated in a while as I’ve been mad busy with the kids back at school and trying to get back into a normal day to day routine. still been training though with cals and cardio all been consistent and my strength is noticeable increasing in each session. My general day to day mood is the best it’s been in a long time, I’m aware I’m a little bit more short fused due to the tren but the darker mood I normally get with it hasn’t appeared so every thing is all good. ive dropped the boring but big approach as the high volume was taking it out of me to much and I didn’t feel I was getting the most out of each session, so I’ve gone back to PPL. I’m going to weigh myself and take some pictures tonight to see how I’m progressing. my appetite is through the roof at the minute and I’m waking up for food in the middle of the night so im going to start drinking a litre of gold top milk before bed it’s 800 calories so should see me through the night.
  6. Would you snitch?

    It’s just another excuse for those type of people who go out out their way to be offended by something to be offended and create a problem that doesn’t exist , where have all these weirdos suddenly appeared from in the last few years ?
  7. Would you snitch?

    The coach at my boys u11 football team got an email from some Karen saying that he was been reported to the police and FA for not enforcing social distancing at training and match’s, who ever sent the email had also taken photos of the match’s and training to support their complaint.
  8. Advice on PPL

    I’ve been following JW boring but big for a change but I’m finding the mix of heavy low reps and high volume days is too taxing for me and I have a few niggles that I don’t want becoming injures, so I’m going to get back to a PPL I’ve used upper lower splits and PPL in the past but I prefer PPL I usually aim for a 3 working sets of 12 reps , 10 reps and a final set of 6-8 reps increasing weight each time so the last set is near failure. I train at home so limited to a barbell, Ez bar and rack. Any Input would he welcome thanks. 3 days on, 1 off Push bench Seated Shoulder press Ez bar Incline press Front plate raise Lateral raise using a plate Skull crusher EZ bar pull Dead lift Bent over row Upright barbell row Pull up Pull overs using EZ Bar Curls Legs Squats Romanian deadlift Box squats Calf raises Ab wheel roll outs
  9. Pullovers

    Yeah the volume is to much for me I agree mate, I thought I’d get used to it but it was smashing me to bits. Ive gone back to an upper lower split twice a week, working between 10 and 6 reps for 3 sets.
  10. What would you do?!

    Make sure you film it ! I completed Porn hub 3 times on my last tren cycle
  11. What would you do?!

    If your in a relationship and have a family carry on with the whacking off mate , it'll 100% turn Into the biggest mess you couldn’t even imagine. If not then crack on, an age difference is nothing if you get on and have a laugh together.
  12. How often do you train a certain muscle groups ? I like most people hit the Same muscle group twice a week and this is now accepted as been more beneficial for growth, there’s a good stickie by PS carb about it, but if you look at DY he trained 4 days a week on low volume and he didn’t look to shabby, what’s your thoughts and experiences?
  13. Pullovers

    I was looking at these as a potential replacement for pull-ups as I’m finding I’m getting elbow pain for days after pull ups, might give them a go.
  14. dont be worrying about the pump man, it’s all about feeling the Burn, just got to get the tempo right.
  15. So thats where I’m going wrong , What are you doing tonight ?