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  1. Thanks for the input guys, Endo yeah I can see how people could easily drift off plan I’m only early into 5 3 1 and I really don’t feel like I'm pushing myself I’ve been itching to add more to the bar than Ive planned. I’ve come Away not feeling I pushesd myself but I’ll stick to it and see where it takes me. Swole I’ve looked at a few federations but from I what I can find there all tested What federation did you compete in or did you come off completely to compete ?
  2. Tiger Woods

    I prefer Tony the Tiger to be honest.
  3. I agree mate. Where abouts did you go ? We’ve been thinking of going and exploring things like this in America now our kids are old enough to appreciate it. We were looking at going to Alabama and the gulf cost last year before COVID . theres of lot of history down there.
  4. I’ll watch that it looks decent, Joe Rogan was talking about the ghost towns in America that were left after the Gold rush. Apparently theres loads.
  5. Chicken recall

    obviously It’s not true , the pedo chicken elite have simply said this to stop you eating chicken ! Then all the Pedo chickens are going to put 5G masts up and force everyone to have a fake vaccine ........ FFS guys have you learnt nothing from this forum in the last 12 months.
  6. What would you say is a reasonable 1RM for each lift before you’d consider entering a power lifting comp ? I currently weigh 101 kg. I’m giving my self 12 months using 531 so by the time next years comps come around I shouldn’t embarrass myself. Any advice or training tips would be massively appreciated.
  7. So if the whole thing is made up and it’s all part a bigger picture, then what’s the end game and what’s the point of it all ? I’m not taking the p!ss by the way mate, I’m genuinely interested in your point of view and what you believe to be fact ?
  8. I got banned from the gym for doing that while running on the running machine,
  9. Ideas for gym names

    Bar benders. With a pub called benders bar serving high protein shots !
  10. Help with fuse wiring

    What about the black ? Black wires matter !
  11. Help with fuse wiring

    If It’s only 12v buddy i wouldn’t bother with a fuse as any overload isnt going to harm much, if you want to put one in for own piece of mind put it on the positive wire just as it leaves the battery.
  12. Kefi, it all used to come in vials then they changed to amps for some reason. I stopped using it because there was loads of times the glass fragments would drop into the oil when it snapped, I was thinking of giving it a go again it used to be decent.
  13. Standing up for a piss

    I’ve had a few times after leg day where I’ve had to stand up to poo.
  14. Vet I’ve got a mate who’s a Nigerian Prince, if you transfer him the full amount he’ll invest it into his Nigerian ski resort, should see a decent return by Christmas .
  15. Can’t wait for fri

    Yeah you can work pretty much every muscle group with a bench and squat rack, it’s all I’ve used for years at home, I eventually bought a leg extension to add a bit of variety to leg day.