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  1. Cereals?

    I'm a big fan of cereal aswell, every time I go into Tesco to have a look I check if they have any new cereal, I know its sounds weird but I just love it. You just said some cereals I didn't even know existed. Toffee crisp cereal? Lion bar cereal? I don't know what to pick because there's so much variety.
  2. Cereals?

    What cereal? General question
  3. Cereals?

    May I ask, what cereal did you have?
  4. Cereals?

    I'm definitely going to ask my dad to buy some now. I'm probably going to have it as a late night snack, but probably not going to have it everyday. Kraves came out with a new cereal a couple months back, Krave Choco roulette. It has white chocolate and chocolate caramel as well as the other flavours.
  5. Yes I'm in the U.K and I earn £15 a week on college days but when its half term I get no money. I get played fortnightly by the college.
  6. Cereals?

    No offence, but why?
  7. Cereals?

    I know I've just posted but I'm thinking of buying some cereals because I love it. Anyway they're cereals curiously cinnamon, golden grahams, krave, crunchy peanut butter clusters, coco pops, coco rocks, cookie crisp and golden nuggets. I really want to try these cereals out. Is it ok to have something like cereal everyday?
  8. Today it says I'm going to have 50g of fats left and my fat macros are 72g of fat. I have no oil I do have cheese but my dads using that for his sandwiches, but he'll have a bit left, but not enough. What should I do? My dad said no to buying whole milk and peanut butter and nuts.
  9. The fear of getting fat and overtraining

    When i'm doing tht workout when I wake up I ain't gonna no warm up sets because I don't see how you can do warm up sets with bodyweight exercise, anyway i'll stretch and that's basically it for my warm up.
  10. The fear of getting fat and overtraining

    Also thanks for the reply mate
  11. The fear of getting fat and overtraining

    I'm not paying him, but helps out a lot when he hasn't got clients which is very nice to do.
  12. The fear of getting fat and overtraining

    That 2 mile run, not doing it again, I had pain in my ribs aswell my stomach and near my clavicle.
  13. The fear of getting fat and overtraining

    I'm sorry i'm being stupid.