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    CarrotTop got a reaction from TERBO in Intex pharma caber   
    Exactly. Caber is massively overused. The starting dose for people with prolactinomas is 0.5mg ONCE weekly, and they have levels ranging from 2000-40,000 ffs 
    People really shouldn’t be fu**ing around with brain altering medication just because someone on a forum said so. 
    Anything under 1000 really doesn’t warrant caber use 
    Majority of the time, people over using AI’s is the reason for elevated prolactin, as they’re kind of opposing hormones 
    Nice to see someone with some common sense! 
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    CarrotTop got a reaction from whiteakita in puffy face !   
    Haha that’s not me mate, I don’t give a f**k What you choose to do! 
    But lowering your dose was a bit of a generic answer to your problem. 
    Now we know what your issue is,(s**t diet) you can choose to address it how you wish
    You say you’re on tablets to lower estrogen, but haven’t said what they are or how much you’re taking... be careful with that too, as you can overdo it.... tell me what they are and I’ll be able to help more 
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    CarrotTop got a reaction from whiteakita in puffy face !   
    That’s not a real aromatise inhibitor mate, it’s a knock off. You’d need aromasin or arimidex. You’d get these off your steroid source 
    I personally wouldn’t need any on 400mg test, I would eat clean and see how you get on, unless you’re getting gyno symptoms of course 
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    CarrotTop reacted to 39005 in Cheapest place to buy a Rolex?   
    i've seen quite a few fakes over the years but that 1 is........

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    CarrotTop got a reaction from Mr-modster in Rohm test e   
    Used rohm loads in the past. Stopped using them as I suspected they were ‘selective’ shall we say with their dosing from batch to batch 
    I know they’ve been around probably the longest, but I wouldn’t use them now personally 
    Could always get a blood test, jab your weekly dose, then wait 48 hours to get a peak reading 
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    CarrotTop reacted to Cronus in Cutting on more than cruise   
    I thought you said it was due to some kind of blood disorder apparently from you blasting carelessly with high gear? Who hasn't had time out from the gym
    Ive been hospitalized twice in the last 3 years, had a driver go head on collision with me at 60mph, had shoulder surgery and regular impingement issues with my left shoulder.......not to get in a pissing contest, but I haven't given up and always get back on the training asap.
    I've seen you tout in the past how stronger and amazing results your getting on Tren etc.......and remember whenever anyone on here asked for pics, your response was "I'm not one for pouncing around taking pics of myself" I'm betting even back in the past you didn't look impressive, I mean your attitude back then was popping orals like they were smarties...
    So, why are people going to start listening to you, saying bare minimum gear works just as well, when you've achieved very little with both ends of the spectrum.
    If you prefer to avoid the above debates, then maybe rethink your approach and don't just come into a thread to shoot someone down and make yourself sound all high and mighty
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    CarrotTop reacted to swole troll in Cutting on more than cruise   
    cant be assed to read the entire thread (laid up with injury and impatient) 

    BUT there is absolutely a reason to cut on more gear than just a cruise even outside of competition prep

    that said i dont think you need a s**t load of it 

    250mg will do the job for most until pretty lean then you should consider upping it to ensure you hold onto even more of your LBM as you get even leaner as well as give a cosmetic effect.

    you will look FAR more impressive cutting on 400mg test and 300mg tren per week than you will on 250mg test, anyone arguing this has just never cut lean enough to see the cosmetic effect of certain drugs when lean 

    and people stating what does it matter how you look well then why take gear in the first place? less than 1% of this forum's active posters seem interested in performance so wtf are the other 99% interested in if not cosmetic results 
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    CarrotTop reacted to Abc987 in Cutting on more than cruise   
    Completely agree with this. 
    yes if you just want to on to muscle then test is good enough but if you want that little extra add in more. My last cut was 300 test 400 mast with a slight bump for last 3 weeks to 500/800, 8 weeks in total cut started 2 weeks before whilst cruising . It was my favourite cycle to date with no sides and imo great results which I would never of achieved just on test. 
    my strength went up, I lost over a stone and got asked twice if I was bulking whilst being 16lbs lighter 
    I wouldn’t have looked like the above just on test. 
    As maynzi said mate run what you want, you do need less gear on a cut as you won’t be adding much muscle mass, probably none but 1 or 2 compounds at a sensible dose will give you much better results ime 
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    CarrotTop reacted to Mayzini in Cutting on more than cruise   
    having read the thread the old argument stems up you don't need compounds  gear on a cut, test is enough to retain. then why doesnt everyone and I mean everyone who competes drop everything but test when cutting.   its because its the look your after not the cut or the muscle growth, you want the optimum look.
    I wont comment on the high and low dose argument as that's been done over and over.  
    OP if you found that VAr was good you,  then great, give your suggestion a try, best cut I ever did was on 600MG of NPP and 400test everyone said you can cut on NPP I loved the look at the end.  Everybody reacts differently to different compounds. that's the art finding the ones your body reacts to well and eradicate those it doesn't.
    never ran Primo due to its expense and the amounts of fakes. 
    go for it and good luck mate.
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    CarrotTop reacted to Cronus in Cutting on more than cruise   
    Explaining to me what a recomp is......lol seriously? 
    No, its the fact that you have used 700mg tren and your physique pales in comparison. I'm sorry you haven't achieved an impressive physique from all your ludicrously high cycles, probably why you are having trouble understanding what can be achieved with smaller doses, 
    Anavar, doesn't make you pumped 24/7, especially as I was only on 200g cabrs a day. 
    I know how and what my physique looked like at the end of my cut, it may only of have been a 0.5lb of muscle, but for sure certain body parts got thicker/bigger. Even my work shirts become tighter and wasn't 25%+ BF like yourself, I was already lean overall. I was going to compete that year and I can tell you my diet, rest and training where absolutely on point - thats what can be achieved if you don't rely just solely on absurd AAS cycles.
    Come back when you have learnt to diet and train then maybe I'll listen mate.
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    CarrotTop reacted to Cronus in Cutting on more than cruise   
    Lol, why do countless people cut on tren, clen, mast etc....
    And as in bold, I actually did it mate. I wish I took before pictures and not just after. 
    I do appreciate input, but not from someone who speaks like what they say is gospel, especially from someone who use to run 700mg Tren A week. You don't seem to have become more wise from your extreme AAS use, just more resentful.
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    CarrotTop reacted to godsgifttoearth in Sterile vials ?   
    you would need to go to like sigma aldrich or someone like that, for an actual certified sealed and sterile vile.
    if you've ever used UGL gear, they are not that sterile. they will be washed and autoclaved at best.
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    CarrotTop reacted to TERBO in Intex pharma caber   
    99% of the time it's E2 related and correct AI dosage will rectify.
    Caber is strong stuff but you've proved that with taking 1mg to 600mg tren and have seriously crashed prolactin.
    Maybe now others will finally take note that caber isn't needed just because your jabbing tren/deca lol.
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    CarrotTop reacted to TERBO in Intex pharma caber   
    That is quite a high dose mate, don't understand why you would use caber if no prolactin issues.
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    CarrotTop reacted to Towel in China's ban on raws Jan 2020   
    Yes they lie to sell a product, makes sense why would they lie about going out of business?? Do you actually read the crap you type?
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    CarrotTop got a reaction from Lovelyjubly in Nolva v clomid for PCT   
    They both do the same job, albeit clomid does it slightly better 
    Clomid can also cause some horrible side effects at the doses used for PCT
    So nolva can be a good alternative to run alone if one suffers from clomid 
    personally, I think we use too much clomid in pct anyway. A 25mg daily dose(or even eod) is plenty 
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    CarrotTop reacted to swole troll in China's ban on raws Jan 2020   
    I think he was referring to ugl vs pharmaceutical manufactured end product as most 'raws' come from China even down to antibiotics
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    CarrotTop reacted to GMO in Andropen 275   
    theres a blast from the past,  all BDeu products are poor from what ive read , a sad imitation of the BD of old, that was one of the best labs of all time ime 
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    CarrotTop reacted to swole troll in China's ban on raws Jan 2020   
    This will be temporary
    Think about what this would mean if not
    Damn near every sport will be affected 
    China is supplying raws to the UK, Canada, US, New Zealand, Australia ect 
    The cost on loss from sports taking a nose dive would be crippling
    It would be far bigger than your 2 year in gym, 70kg gym shark w**ker being unable to get his year round tren supply to look like he trains 
    And as such this'll be a blip on the radar long term, there is too much money at stake in upcoming and current athletes as I mentioned above 
    No country wants to eradicate drugs from sports, only to appear like they do 
    No more records would ever be broken and professional sports in general would become more dull and people eventually lose interest and spend less money watching it on PPV, in person, on TV ect.. no one wants to see you drive your fiat punto round the circuit de la sarthe for 24hrs, same applies to physical sports 
    All these countries stand to lose indirectly and China will be taking a monumental loss 
    Too much money involved, there may be a brief drought like there occasionally is with every drug but things will level back out with time 
    Just weather the storm or try to resuscitate that HPTA you were so confident you'd never need again
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    CarrotTop reacted to cell-tech in Is Nexus tbol actually winstrol?   
    Thank you for your great contribution 
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    CarrotTop reacted to ILLBehaviour in Is Nexus tbol actually winstrol?   
    sounds like a case of hair today gone tomorrow....
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    CarrotTop got a reaction from sabsigseven in HCG Frequency On-Cycle - 1000iu 1/wk OK?   
    Once a week is fine and what I’ve done for years.
    You kind of get 2 hits from a single hcg shot anyway. More so with a larger dose 
    As for your question of over stimulating the pituitary, that’s not how it works!
    You jab test, hcg or whatever. And you pretty much instantly shut off your pituitary gland. 
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    CarrotTop got a reaction from GMO in Blood test 5 weeks post last shot (starting pct   
    I suspected no hcg use, that’s the reason your lh is so high, your testes are responding, but not like they normally would. I wouldn’t bother using any hcg now personally, it will just shut your pituitary off.  
    I would be fairly certain in saying you have no exogenous testosterone in your blood with Lh and fsh levels that high, in fact id bet my house on it! 
    As for your last post, absolutely. Give it 4 weeks then retest. Why take serms if it’s completely unnecessary 
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    CarrotTop reacted to TERBO in Financing cars   
    We all bow to you and @drwae 
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    CarrotTop reacted to EpicSquats in Financing cars   
    I though they needed long grass to hide in?