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  1. I’m going to say fake, the expiry date alone is suspicious, never seen a 5 plus year expiry date on GH tbh And no production date
  2. I think it should read higher personally. I’d get over 100 nmol on 400mg test as a trough reading I’d expect much higher on 1400mg, especially day after a 400mg shot, and you’ve technically front loaded You’ll soon find out I guess
  3. Best labs currently

    Not sure about that mate!
  4. Best labs currently

    Think you all need to get out more tbf Get a grip ffs Paul has been on the board for years. As has Mars, stuey too I think I certainly know who I think is the most arrogant out of the three And it ain’t Paul
  5. You can do what the f**k you want m8
  6. Test feeling estrogen ?

    Ah the old superman test feeling not happening eh op lol Its just testosterone bro, not cocaine
  7. I got pip just reading this thread
  8. Also remember this, private TRT clinics will tell you that you need all the extra meds etc Its their business after all, and they make more money from you
  9. I agree with him mostly, you should have looked deeper into it before just going on trt The only part I disagree with is the fertility part, I’ve conceived whilst still on aas, but it can take more than just hcg End of the day it’s your life, you do what you feel is best for you pal, but if there was a way I didn’t have to rely on synthetic hormones for the rest of my life, I would do what I could before taking the plunge HCG won’t guarantee you stay fertile either. So that’s something to consider if you want kids in future
  10. confused and frustrated

    What’s made you come to that conclusion pal? I think nolva works very well personally An interesting read for you here mate https://www.fertstert.org/article/S0015-0282(16)43160-2/pdf
  11. Yep, can tell by the clear colour they’re using MCT oil in the mast, most likely in the prop too, even a small amount of guaiacol will darken a clear oil MCT is not the best choice for carrier oil on the whole though, it takes ages to disperse, hence some people complaining of long pip after a few shots of the stuff, it builds up in the muscle GSO is still the best all rounder, it’s only when you want to start pushing concentration amounts that you’d need the likes of MCT Castor oil is old school, like treacle, and it’s used in nebido due to its absorption time, it actually increases the length you need to between shots
  12. Guaiacol Can tell from the colour of the prop compared to the mast
  13. Why were you messing around in the first place? Your prolactin was nothing to worry about Your SHBG was high ish, fair enough, but your total and free test was absolutely fine anyway If anything, you should have investigated why SHBG was elevated before adding in any medication. I’d recommend you check your thyroid function, as that can increase SHBG Just sounds like a case of chasing numbers to me, but be interested to hear why you were taking these tests in the first place @GloryDayzzz
  14. Limp dick phaggots
  15. need advice on something

    I lost iq points reading this thread
  16. Trt and fertility

    So you’re just going off numbers then if you feel fine why bother changing it? If you’re jabbing 160mg a week, im guessing your test is above normal range? E2 being slightly above is to be expected and unless causing bad sides I see no reason to worry
  17. Trt and fertility

    You can certainly give it a go. I’d look at other options first though if there are any What are your symptoms exactly? And e2 levels on that? Also what is your trt dose?
  18. Trt and fertility

    Also, remember this.... 2 things need to happen for sperm production, ITT which is intratesticular testosterone, this comes from your natural LH, or in your case currently, HCG, HCG mimics LH Then you need stimulation for the Sertoli cells, these produce sperm, this comes from FSH/HMG One without the other isn’t an ideal place to be in HCG will give you ITT, but with no FSH, sperm production will be difficult If you only ran HMG without HCG, again with no ITT from LH/HCG, sperm production would be compromised
  19. Trt and fertility

    You need FSH in a good range for it to work tbh mate. 150iu hmg put me at 3 ish FSH 24 hours after a shot Read some fertility studies. Hcg is used in doses up to 10,000 iu for many months so don’t worry about desensitisation of the leydig cells too much If you’re going down that route, then give yourself the best chance possible, skimping on the main thing in fertility(FSH, in this case, HMG is not wise) Other wise you may as well come off gear and do it naturally. Will just likely take longer, but it will certainly be cheaper lol i used 150iu hmg 3-5x weekly along with 1000iu hcg also 3x weekly
  20. Blood results

    He won’t mate, I’ve questioned his methods before. Thinks he’s some hormone guru because one persons natty test bounced back after 8 months on stupid over priced supps that do nothing. I think he has an agenda, maybe he sells the supps, who knows, but a helpful member would just post the info online wouldn’t they, not take it to PM And the fact is, 99% of people would recover cold turkey in 8 months anyway, so it’s nothing special is it, let’s be real
  21. Blood results

    Always get a non biased second opinion! Some of these trt clinics are VERY suspicious atm imo You pay them for a blood test, test comes back low.... Don’t worry, we also offer overpriced TRT too I would be going back to them tbh with your NHS results, I would want an explanation, not just on the testosterone results, but your hct too Something isn’t right here