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  1. Pharmacom / ROHM

    Pharmacom is good stuff, I used their test a lot But for the exotic compounds, you need some really deep pockets lol if you want consistency in a brand then it’s a good bet, 90% of the “labs” used on here will be gone within a year or 2 at most, because they’re run by knuckleheads that have seen an opportunity to make some easy money, but aren’t intelligent enough to keep it going long term
  2. China's ban on raws Jan 2020

    Classic opportunity for an exit scam Of course the raw men will be saying all is well, then the labs will keep ordering, and lots, to get a big stock of raws Then when they can’t risk it anymore, BOOM the lab is out thousands of dollars Then they try to recoup losses by scamming you lot, the end user, with oils with little to no active compounds, or whatever they have to hand
  3. Sphinx test.

    Yeah I know mate, but it’s usually test decanoate with the other 2, not undecanoate Its just stupid, it’s what they jab you for trt every 12 weeks the Ester is ridiculously long, and not suited to cycling at all
  4. hCG

    People use as little as 500iu all the way up to 1500iu weekly on cycle If they use it after instead of on, then that goes up to 2000-2500iu EOD to E3D
  5. Proviron solo suppression

    It’s fine to take thyroxine, your thyroid was most likely the reason your prolactin was slightly elevated, not elevated enough to warrant bromo or caber IMO, did the endo prescribe that or is it self medicated? Are you based in UK? No, taking t4 won’t screw your thyroid up in the long run, if it’s been prescribed to you, then they will monitor your TSH and T4 levels and adjust the dose accordingly
  6. Bloodwork Results - LH and Estrogen Low, advice needed

    Classic case of your brain trying to compensate for testes not responding well enough yet How long have you been off cycle now?
  7. Astra 2016 plate 150k mileage

    So is it £2,500 or £3,300? Either way. Astras are s**t so save your money lol
  8. old daily driver

    That’s the most tragic thing I’ve ever seen lol. Set up a just giving page immediately
  9. Is this a good pct cycle

    He’s trying to make it work with 10,000iu of hcg I reckon E3-4D with hcg is fine, probably better even, especially with bigger shots it all depends on how long his testes have been dormant too though He hasn’t really given enough info in his post to be able to say if it’s likely to be good or not Ultimately, he would most likely recover just fine though with that if he’s just done a standard cycle, with normal time scales won’t he
  10. Proviron solo suppression

    You say you’re on bromo for prolactin? Or is it caber? What doses? What were your prolactin levels prior to that? I kind of agree with the principles at adding an ai like the guys have already suggested, it’s a good theory and worse thing can happen is it doesn’t work for you. You will obviously have to go by feel, blood work may tell you it’s working a treat, but your symptoms still persist, then you’ve likely misdiagnosed the issue. I still recommend you draw bloods after 2 weeks to check As for proviron, again could be worth a go, some studies have shown it to be none suppressive in individuals with healthy HPTA’s, but you’re best off sticking with one thing at time. And you have to give it a chance to work. At least 2-4 weeks
  11. No mate. Absolutely no need to use caber unless you have a prolactinoma (pituitary tumour) Lowering prolactin too much can Affect well being and libido Ive made a few posts about this recently if you want to search my posts Anyway, let me know how you’re getting on once you start your recovery Good luck
  12. Just to add. No doctor will suggest you take the above, they will just tell you to come off everything and give it time
  13. Ok mate, not sure how much hcg you’ve got but I advise you do the following...... Start these both together, this will avoid an initial crash in your hormones and hopefully allow you to regain some testicular function...... Testosterone 125mg for 4 weeks HCG 2000iu twice weekly for 6 weeks After your last week of hcg only, get a blood test from medichecks that includes.. SHBG Testosterone Free testosterone Oestrogen Prolactin If your testosterone is in range, at a good level, cease using hcg. If not carry on with the same dose for another 2 weeks and retest..... Once hcg is finished 20mg nolvadex and 50mg clomid for 4 weeks (half the doses if you start to suffer emotional side effects) Keep using the nolva for one more week after the clomid You will need repeat bloods after at least 4-5 weeks after you’ve finished using the above, you can even get some blood tested half way through the serms if you want to see if it’s working All the best with it, and remember to be patient, you’ve been on 10 years with no break.
  14. F##k the NHS off!!

    Ah the good old nhs! Nothing stopping you going private mate. There’s loads of companies in U.K. offering this now, some of them are questionable though... In fairness to the endo, he has offered to see you again and discuss further
  15. Weak from e2?

    How much AI on 120mg test? it could be a number of things, maybe nothing to do with test levels or estrogen