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  1. Medichecks result

    Fair enough mate. If you had lh and fsh with the testosterone results it would be more believable! You’re doing the right thing getting checked, as I said above, it’s very rare to naturally have abnormally high test levels. And it’s usually caused by something
  2. Sex a no go after test

    Wow! How brown is it up there? Pull your tongue out of his arse you fool I haven’t even attacked him. And what you’re doing is disgusting, not me
  3. Medichecks result

    I’m calling BS on this! Its extremely rare to have high testosterone that much above range Would maybe believe if had LH and FSH results included
  4. Here’s an idea.... Maybe try not blasting grams of gear when you’ve got a polycythaemia diagnosis Should have stuck to low doses bruv
  5. Do you get a full recovery after a pct?

    You autistic bro?
  6. HCG for a healthy person that never abused steroids.

  7. Sex a no go after test

    My thoughts are as my posts above. Charging people for advice regarding said subject I think is morally f**ked up, especially if not qualified to do so. Imo, you could open yourself up to a whole load of s**t once you start taking money off people for medical advice The lad in this thread has asked for any possible tweaks/improvements says to me all may not be as good as it seems! And the fact he’s verging on hypothyroidism seems to have gone unnoticed too. Paul would say what he did though wouldn’t he, he’s been making money off the back of this place for over a decade, with that being from online coaching or whatever else. So would be hypocritical to go against that grain! He’s always been a sensible bloke, but as can be seen from some of his latest posts, he’s gone off the ball a bit it seems haha. Look at the arguments from the best lab thread!...... The guy has been through a lot last few years so I suppose a bit of slack should be given here! Let them crack on anyway mate, if people are that foolish enough to part with their money for said advice then what can you do haha The idea of the steroid part of the forum is to discuss cycles, share ideas, recovery etc.... always has been. No one has ever charged money for that kind of advice as far as I’m aware. Imagine if some of the more experienced lads on here started openly charging for steroid cycle advice.... Worlds gone mad
  8. Sex a no go after test

    And it’s so obvious that you’ve asked these guys to pop on bro. Like I said previously. If people are willing to pay for it then let them! With it being a forum for discussion and helping people etc, and with you being so helpful, you’d think you could just list all the brilliant supps into a plan wouldn’t you. Kind of like what @swole troll does with his pct threads.... That way, when someone messages you, you could just link the thread
  9. Sex a no go after test

    Yes I’m sure it’s been life changing for him... Increasing his e2 by 50% and free T by 0.1 nmol He’s also on verge of hypothyroidism with his TSH levels But I bet that had nothing to do with how he was feeling. Right brah
  10. My head hurt reading that OP
  11. Didn’t see this, good advice here Also anyone suffering, would be wise to avoid dht’s and only use a low dose of test
  12. Those are typical BPH symptoms pal I would recommend you get your PSA levels checked and also a DRE (sorry to say!) How old are you?
  13. You know what else works well for prostate health bro? Not smashing DHT based drugs! Anyone approaching 40 or above that. This is the time of life when prostate issues can appear, so the sensible approach would be avoid taking anything that can cause or exacerbate prostate issues. Like masteron, prov, var, winny etc
  14. Best labs currently

    You haven’t done anything
  15. Finasteride

    Lowered his IQ points