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  1. Coronavius Furlough leave?

    Why’s that bro?
  2. I know eyes will be rolling.. Accutane

    Takes months to work properly for some. Tends to get worse before it gets better too.
  3. The New ROHM

    So anavar 40 then not 50
  4. Got any mates with similar issues? Economy gonna be on its arse soon Could do with a few more mugs like yourself to keep it afloat
  5. These kind or?.........
  6. Real or fake HCG

    What water did you use exactly? Just use the water that comes with it bro
  7. Real or fake HCG

  8. Giving up aas

    f**k me, is your enter key broken?
  9. Blood work Timing... Bunk gear

    1-2 days after will give you a peak reading for test enanthate If testing for gear legitimacy; then this is the right amount of time after pinning for testing
  10. Anavor for a first cycle ?

    Aren’t you the mush that recently had a hair transplant? If so you need to put as much research into this as you did with that, plus some Anavar is a dht derivative, and anyone bothered enough about losing hair would be wise to avoid any dht derivative steroids
  11. Good news mate. Stay on the lower dose, retest in another 4 weeks, if comes back any higher then I would drop dose again, to maybe 2/3 times a week
  12. Body type: estrotique, feminine what would you be good at: based on the above, cleaning, cooking and general household chores Regards