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  1. Testosterone levels

    Just to add have an appointment with doctor tomorrow to see if they will take bloods, also has any guys on here received Trt for a level like that, some American doctors consider anything lower than 350 border line low seems to be abit less here from what I see
  2. Testosterone levels

    Maybe I'd be better just doing my own trt that's what I'm thinking docs won't do anything until you are below 300 I'm just sitting on the edge like a little bitch
  3. Just had a finger pr**k test done I know they are not the best but was just looking a rough idea before I do my first cycle and it came back 337, is that not pretty poor for someone who has never shut their balls down? Struggled with an opoid addiction a few years back I hear opoids can cause hypogonadism, they say that level is normal but it's no were near the middle range and I'm not happy with it tbh
  4. maybe the answer to this is totally obvious for most folk and or is a stupid question but im trying to gather as much info as i can, if you are injecting test e and hcg on the same day is it possible to draw them both into the same syringe and have it done in one go, or will this cause problems, and if not can the same syringe be used twice on this occasion or would you need to use 2, genuinely know nothing about this stuff reading what i can online but haven't seen this discussed possibly for good reason but thats why im asking thanks
  5. I hope I react like you I'm always a glass half empty person always expect the worst in every situation but that's probably my mental state, won't be until after Christmas putting some BTC away every week and want to run one of those medicheck bloodtests first to see where I'm starting, how did being shut down effect your mental health? That's something I worry about I'm fine and have been for years but still on the pills wondering will it make me depressed
  6. Never ran a cycle before I'm nervous even with the test alone also quite prone to the odd spot here and there even at 34 so need to see if I'm gona break out like the bubonic plague before I go further, I have no sex drive anyway been on ssri pills for depression and OCD for years once a week would be plenty, plus I'm married it kinda goes down hill from there anyway there no better cock blockers than kids running round
  7. If I ran 300mg test e first time cycle along side hcg and novadex to finish would you guys recommend having an AI or would you not worry at a low dose like that?
  8. I want to be as manly as you lot

    To be honest Halfords stuff is way over priced I've been a mechanic for 15 years and I've started buying tools off ebay, started off as most buy buying snap on paying a fortune for stuff that's great quality but you are paying for the brand, draper expert is decent and cheap but there is cheaper again and the quality is just as good
  9. Questions about shut down

    Anyone lol
  10. Questions about shut down

    Maybe wrong section to write in but I'm asking about post cycle in general
  11. Questions about shut down

    Hi guys thinking of maybe running my first test cycle after Christmas, just wanting to know how manageable is a shut down, I know it depends on how bad it is length of cycle etc but just a general average, have a busy life 3 kids work night shift etc, say you have the standard 2 or 3 months before you get back to normal in that time how bad do you feel, will I be able to function normally to an extent, also been on ssris from I was about 18yr old, I'm 34 now, my mind atm is fine and stable, will it screw my head up is it best avoided when on meds like these? Also I have the snip so no concern about sperm production but don't fancy screwing up my natural test long term, I'm 5ft10 14st 10% body fat bmi is about 28-29

    I'm 34 been gyming it on and off since I was 21 was never 1 for the gear but been looking into it lately, glad to see your side of things as people would give you the impression if you don't pct your balls will be rendered useless, seen a doc on saying pct is a myth the best way to restart things is cold turkey he says it's just alot less pleasant
  13. Are bcas worth taking ?

    Best buying dessicated beef liver tablets and brewers yeast, take them with every meal together they give you all 22 amino acids and are natural the dessicated liver has many other health benefits, not to mention its far cheaper this way, got this information from James settlers manifesto of mass, a great read but hard to get now
  14. Anavar only pct required?

    Just an update, I contacted my seller and asked to buy a pct he said he wouldn't feel right selling it to me as he knows I won't need it and it will upset my hormonal balance, he also told me as well as being in the game for 30 years he studied endocrinology for 6 years and says anavar at 30mg daily for 4 weeks will not shut you down, the guy could easily have sold me it and made money so I think he truly believes I don't need it, he's well reviewed on eroids too he's not a street vender