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  1. Introduction

    @AestheticManlet I’ve not set my self a goal in stone or anything yet. At 34 n skinny as fook the only goal I’ve got is to put some muscle on ? and learn how to train properly. I’ve got daughters growing fast and gonna be dealing with boyfriends soon lol. I’ve started in past and never followed through ? but over last cpl weeks have dived in hard. Is it easier to get good gains starting as a skinny f#*ker than it would be if I had a bit of fat on me? Can you recommend any good training programmes or eating ideas? Tia
  2. New, skinny but motivated 😁

    Thanks you guys, just reading stuff in the forums has shown me how stupid I’ve been. I thought I was eating loads but I’ve been a t**t lol. Thanks for welcoming me and the input n time. You lot are gems ?
  3. Introduction

    Hi all. Just read this and I’m in the same position. Where are you based?
  4. Joined site cpl of years ago, but never followed through.... like a fanny. Well the kids are getting older, just got married and now need to sort this skinny frame out!! I’m 34 but still the skinny f**k I was at 15! 6ft, and not even ten stone wet lol. Been doing pull ups and push ups last cpl of weeks but gotta take it seriously now. Any advice or help is welcome. I’m in Torquay, Devon if anyone wants to take a project lad under there wing, break me and rebuild me into a beast lmao.