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  1. Confusing diagnosis from physio

    Doesn't look like there's any significant kyphosis there. Looks like you could tuck your chin a little more but that's not going to do much for your biceps tendon. Do exercises which stress the LHBT (long head of the biceps tendon) cause pain? E.g a seated dumbell curl with the bench back at around 70 degrees which puts your elbow behind the line of your ribcage and stretches the bicep tendon more. A good start for tackling shoulder related tendonitis is to start dead hanging off a bar with hands at shoulder width. Build up to a couple of minutes per day and really relax into it. LHBT issues are very commonly associated with other impingement issues and the dead hangs will start to address this. Other than that eccentrics are great for tendonitis as it causes stronger tendon fibres and better fibre alignment- the hallmark of tendonitis is a disruption of fibres and an accumulation of thicker weaker fibres. You would want to find an exercise which puts pressure on the LHBT but then only do the negative/ eccentric phase of the exercise by lifting the weight with your good arm then slowly lowering with your bad arm.
  2. Would you guys ever get a hair transplant?

    If you have the skin of a ginger it's valuable protection from the sun haha
  3. Would you guys ever get a hair transplant?

    What derma roller do you use? I got a 1.5mm dermastamp and i have to say it's a bit like a horror show lol. Ive had decent results with minoxidil just once daily or even every other day. Grown my hairline back about 2cm. Luckily my crown and top are very thick anyway, just had some mild frontal and temporal recession. Temps have recovered less well. Would consider a transplant there lol
  4. NHS muppetry - need advice

    I would stand your ground on this. They're wasting their own resources and causing you stress. You tested low enough according to bssm guidance that you deserved a trial of trt. You went on trt under the care of one of the most experienced mens sexual medicine doctors in the UK who is on a UK advisory panel and the symptoms went away. You've not mentioned any negative side effects which would warrant seeing an endo. It just seems gratuitous. Did you change docs because of moving house or something? Sounds like your previous doc was a keeper! Might be worth getting dr savage to write to this new GP and see if they back down? He's more experienced in matters of TDS than any endo at a local hospital who in my experience are always diabetes specialists.
  5. Retraining in your 30s

    My mate retrained as a sparky in his early 30s after his teens and 20s full of weed and being on the dole as a single father. Now he's self employed doing all types of jobs and hasn't looked back. For a while, like a year or so though he was working for a local contractor and on near minimum wage despite being fully qualified from the college. He rewired my workshop as one of his assessment jobs. He's got all the testing certs now too. Very doable because there's probably a college nearby to cover the classroom learning... not as much of an upheaval as finding a uni for a degree course. Do it mate! Having done a fair bit of plumbing myself i reckon an electricians job is probably easier physically than plumbing but probably more technical and definitely more risk. We used to run a sound system doing rave music nights in local clubs and he was horrendously unfit when it came to carrying bass bins up the stairs but manages his sparky job fine so I'd agree it's not that physically demanding. I know my mate has had a couple of mains shocks in work- mainly due to weird / dodgy existing wiring arrangements that he was fault finding. He also fell out of someones loft space due to a dodgy loft ladder but i guess that's a risk with any trade lol.
  6. Meniscal cyst/ torn meniscus or??

    Just wondering if anyone experienced similar. Seeing the doc (again) about it as I've now noticed a lump. The lump is on the inside of my knee over / adjacent to the joint line and is a bit tender. It's very smooth,, well defined oval 1.5x2.5cm and not rock solid and slightly movable. When the knee is straight the lump isn't there at all and gradually appears and gets harder the more you flex the knee. No generalised swelling. Symptoms wise they come and go. Sometimes i can't sit cross legged - hurts too much in the medial joint line area. Sometimes after cycling i can't fully bend or fully straighten it for a short time, like 5-10 minutes. Trying to force it to straighten or flex when it's aggravated like this leads to pain in the medial side and back of the knee along with a feeling of instability / giving way. Sometimes if i squat down all the way i can't flex the knee all the way and sometimes there'll be a clunk from it. No pain at night or general aching. I think the lumps been there atleast a year and not changed in size., but obviously has been undetected for a while because it only appears with knee flexion. If anyone had similar I'd be glad to hear from you. Basically I'm just avoiding doing stuff which aggravates it. Stretching my hamstrings seems to prevent the symptoms related to cycling and i can surf fine too, definitely waxes and wanes.
  7. Supporters of BLM....just listen....

    Most white people are killed by white people, most Asian people are killed by asian people too. It doesn't change the fact that the latest analysis of (lacking) data on police brutality shows that blacks are more likely to suffer unnecessary use of non lethal force than any other ethnicity.
  8. White lives matter

  9. Agreed. He rants about how bad soy is for men and yet promotes his "brain force" supplement which contains soy. If you want a laugh watch Hbomberguys response video to Soyboys (Harry isn't even vegan), Paul had nothing to retaliate with except a weird rant video where he wore a wig, glasses and a dress and which was quickly deleted by Paul lol.
  10. Not quite true re SHBG. SHBG serves an important role in the body and it's level is considered by many to be a health marker. Low SHBG is strongly correlated with metabolic issues including insulin resistance whilst elevated levels may be a sign of liver disease or a thyroid problem. It also prolongs testosterone in the body - guys with low shbg often don't feel very good and if on trt usually need microdosing protocols. The best level of shbg is one which isn't low (under 20-25nmol/l) but equally not elevated whilst allowing adequate free testosterone. Mid range is good for shbg, low range or high range not so good.
  11. Boron supplements (10mg daily) show promise in raising free T levels.
  12. White lives matter

    So your advice is simply stop breeding? The cycle of poverty is extremely complex, I suggest you have a read about it rather than laying all the blame for communities being poor on each individual. But if we're to entertain this idea; 50% of pregnancies are unplanned- this is a common enough statistic across the world because humans often lack judgement and are designed to breed. 12% of black Americans have no health insurance and as such contraception is expensive and abortions even more expensive. Condoms are 75% effective in the hands of the average person so you really need two forms of contraception to be safe from pregnancy. There's your sustained disadvantaged community. Telling people in disadvantaged communities not to breed is not a solution. They could be taught that as part of a wider education, but it is not the magic bullet. Do you think George Floyd as a 20 year old talented basketball player on a state level thought "I really want to do an armed robbery before I'm 35". I bring up slavery because that is what displaced Africans to America and other countries. Ofcourse tribal leaders sold africans to white slave traders (Pre GCSE History)- it's a simple equation of having someone in charge who doesn't have a moral compass and having a buyer, it's bound to happen. Without slave buyers there wouldn't have been slavery and we were the slave buyers. If we applied your reasoning to war, the deaths would all be the fault of the gun makers rather than the people who bought them and then pulled the triggers. "History is irrelevant if you want to move forward". I can't begin to describe how dangerous this idea is. For example; Hitler got the German people to accept Nazism by demonizing minorities amongst other tactics, aided by wider economic problems. The price for freedom is eternal vigilance and you can't be vigilant if you think that because something happened 75 or 150 years ago (the blink of an eye in the history of humanity) that it doesn't have any bearing on improving everyone's lives in the future. Noone is being enslaved now or in living memory but you'd be naive to think that the attitudes resulting from the slave trade didn't result in the formations of the KKK and other white supremacist groups which commited horrible murders purely due to racial hatred well within living memory.
  13. White lives matter

    As unclezillion said the reason this is not comparable is that the Reading terrorists weren't Police officers who had sworn to serve and protect. This is from the same bag of memes as all the ones using lee rigby, which his family have asked to be taken down as detracting from BLM isn't what he stood for.
  14. White lives matter

    True. Like dealing with racism, dealing with sexism starts at ground zero at community and education level rather than applying quotas at the end of the line.
  15. White lives matter

    Here's where we get to the bigger issue surrounding BLM. Black communities are disadvantaged and poor compared to white communities and that breeds criminals. They are a product of their environment and the environment needs to change. Same goes in Australia with their black indigenous people, infact it's worse there in terms of extreme poverty but perhaps not crime. Some might say it's not our problem however you have to remember, who brought black slaves to America (or who invaded Australia).... That inhumane period in history initiated the disadvantage that we still see today. Some might say, floyd was "just another criminal black American, you reap what you sow". (though we've established already that he wasn't as bad and mean as people, almost exclusively right wingers for some reason, like to make out) ... What about his daughter? Her story hasn't been written yet but if it wasn't for all the crowd funding she too would live a poor and disadvantaged life because of the social economic issues in her wider community. Even as recently as the 1940s - 1960s black people were being mutilated and murdered at the hands of white cops for no other reason than racial hatred- look up the murder of james chaney and the blinding of isaac woodard (who was a veteran who fought for his country). You won't find cases like these with white christian american victims and i suspect that the views which lead to these heinous crimes within living memory haven't been stamped out. The analysis i read on police brutality by race in the US concluded there wasn't enough good quality data to draw a definitive conclusion but that use of lethal force between black and white people was equal, however black were more likely to experience use of unnecessary non lethal force.