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  1. Thats what i am more or less, 95kg, 16.5% bf at 6'1". I don't get asked if i roid but people assume i play rugby or something
  2. 100kg+ at 6'0 I'd say. I'm 95kg/ 15 stone at 6'1" / 187cm with 16.5% body fat (natty) and only a slight imbalance towards upper body muscle distribution and people ask me if I play rugby, or accuse me of being an undercover police officer at raves but nothing else. My in body score shows I'm better built than average but no gym rat by roid standards. 15 stone seems to be about the outside limit for a functional shortboard surfer.
  3. Think i've caught coronainsomnia

    I've had the same mate, though better now after hammering the cardio and mindfulness daily, 20-30 mins of both. My dads 72, has (controlled) HBP and is in remission from sarcoidosis with mild pulmonary lesions which is my main concern really. It would be horrible if I infected him. Luckily I basically live a life of self isolation anyway with the exception being my work in education and gym. Luckily I'm in a quiet department of fairly switched on students and I've ordered a bench to use at home with my dumbells lol. Also surfing and cycling and playing guitar counts as self isolation
  4. Who are you voting for in the election tomorrow?

    And the Tories supported Nelson Mandela being locked up for decades, supported apartheid in south Africa and they described him as being a "dirty little terrorist". Peace can only be brought about by bringing together both sides and working it out. There is no evidence that Corbyn or mcdonnel condoned what the IRA/ Hezbollah/ Hamas have done but they as well as many other politicians have met with representatives of those terrorist groups to broker peace. Corbyn recently won the Mcbride award from the International Peace Bureau. I would value this far higher than 100 stories from the likes of the sun, daily mail and the telegraph. The whole "terrorist sympathiser" narrative has been a smear campaign based on conjecture against a man with an impeccable voting record and a life dedicated to peace.
  5. Who are you voting for in the election tomorrow?

    No chance of paying it back but equally there's no need to double it every 9 years either (when so called "incompetent" labour managed to keep it remarkably stable despite the banking crisis) whilst all the way cutting services to the bone. Disabled people on deaths door have been hassled to go to work, kids are in increasing poverty, ill people having to sleep on coats whilst waiting in hospitals and we don't even have a lower national debt to show for it. I'm not saying it will be rosy under labour but it will improve for the working man who earns under 40k a year. Once again I would like to see what data you have to support the idea that a welfare state and national heath service isn't sustainable. The below study is one of many which find year after year that the NHS is among the most cost effective systems in the developed world, saving more lives per pound spent than almost any other system. Conversely a private system like America is among the least effecient. https://www.bmj.com/content/343/bmj.d5143
  6. Who are you voting for in the election tomorrow?

    This is one way of conveniently keeping voting turnout lower. Some people are moving house every 6 months and barely touching down. That plus long hours and a severely tory biased press and you have a recipe for low turnouts and turkeys voting for Christmas.
  7. Who are you voting for in the election tomorrow?

    What makes me laugh is people claiming a Corbyn govt would be communist or even Marxist. The defining feature of Marxism is that all wealth and product is entirely controlled by the state. Corbyns programme is nothing of the sort: it is a mild social democratic programme which wouldn't have raised any eyebrows 30 years ago in Europe. Sweden is a good example of a country which has used similar policies and I don't see any major issues there- infact they have a better quality of life than most countries on the continent. The truth is peoples political vision has moved so far to the right over the last 10-15 years that communism and Marxism are completely off the scale now and used as fear words without any justification.
  8. Who are you voting for in the election tomorrow?

    I hope you realise the national debt has more than doubled (and still increasing) since the tories got in 10 years ago? Their policies quite obviously don't work to 1. run the countrys services well for the working man or 2. allow the working man a reasonable standard of living (check child poverty rates increasing under the tories). What their policies do allow is for the rich to get richer and siphon a lot of money out of the UK economy. You have labour to thank for the following: The NHS Child benefit Built the welfare state Equalised right of wives to own property Introduced free secondary education as a right Helped create the UN Granted independence to india Brought public services into public ownership Nationalised the (bankrupt) private railways Achieved full employment at the time (1950s and early 60s)
  9. Who are you voting for in the election tomorrow?

    Funny that boris has been directly quoted being racist, islamophobic, homophobic and sexist as well as class bigotry (working class men described as drunk & feckless, children of single mothers as angry and ill tempered) and yet no fuss is made of it. I refer you to the recent LBU study on press bias https://www.lboro.ac.uk/news-events/general-election/report-1/#section-5
  10. Who are you voting for in the election tomorrow?

    Noone can say for sure but the data quite obviously supports labour being better at managing the national debt over the last 20 years. Bear in mind we've had criminal levels of austerity for almost a decade now- what do we have to show for it?! 10 years of austerity and the national debt doubled and public services crumbling. It's quite plainly not working and I suspect a lot of the wealth has gone to the magic money tree in the cayman islands.
  11. Who are you voting for in the election tomorrow?

    I'm voting Labour. I want to go to Uni before long- the debts are massive compared to how they were when your typical tory voter (baby boomer) was young. I also think our renewable energy output as a nation is utterly pathetic, something like 5%. Even if climate change isn't as bad as 99% of climate scientists are saying or isn't happening at all I'd rather a cleaner world and be on the cautious side. NHS and social care is crumbling under the Tories. To anyone voting Tory I would honestly ask them; are you really pleased with the way things are now after 10 years of the tories? National debt more than doubled, crippled public services... The tory manifesto is essentially "Let's fix 10 years of the tories with another 5 years of the tories".
  12. From experience the cops will generally not try to do you for every offence committed at the same time. For example last year I negligently ran a red light and someone rear ended me. I was reported for running the red light and due care and attention simultaneously. The only thing they pursued was due care and attention for which I got an awareness course and no points luckily. Course cost was £190 or something. The other driver was fine at the road side and her car drove away and was repaired but later developed wrist and neck pain (maybe she should've used the brakes rather than drive into a car in front of her at full speed, I dunno). Basically if you so much as touch anyone else's car or property with your car you have to inform the owner and leave your details or you're leaving the scene of an accident. 8 years ago I had to wait 30 mins for someone to come out of B&Q because I scraped their car whilst turning into a parking space. I literally felt nothing and there was only a scuff on the corner of the bumper of my merc. The only reason I knew I'd hit the car was because I noticed her air freshener swinging and was like hmm... oh dear. That was £700 worth of damage. My car needed scotching, blast of lacquer and a polish. Hilariously her partner started getting agro with me after I'd left my details :/ Good luck with it, it won't be as bad as you think I reckon.
  13. Which duvet

    Get yourself a wool duvet from the wool room. Not cheap, but you won't have any sweaty nights under it or at least far less than any other filling as wool is better at regulating your temperature and wicking moisture away. Cant recommend them enough. Personally I have a summer weight and spring weight and combine them on colder nights
  14. Euro millions, what would you spend it on?

    I would buy beachside houses in all the best surf destinations in the world and spend my time between them, letting the ones I'm not using. If I wasn't surfing, I'd be playing guitar and jamming.
  15. Trt options

    To one degree or another yes... The guidelines must have weighed up the risks though and found that the chances of permanent suppression are minimal or very unlikely. This is why people who are borderline and not primary should try some clomid first i think, though the nhs won't use it. You take your chances with any treatment to some degree. For example many people start antidepressants with far less consideration of risks than starting trt despite there being evidence that sexual dysfunction is common when on antidepressants and some of these people will continue to experience issues despite discontinuation and some of those will be permanently affected. Personally i think the risks of permanent suppression after a trt trial are pretty remote.