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  1. Would be good to know your LH and FSH levels. You said prolactin is high at 720miu/l. The only other issue I can see is your E2 is low which can cause low libido, cardiovascular issues and creaky joints. Obviously only was to increase E2 really is to increase testosterone. I would address the high PRL first, then if the T levels don't increase enough to cause the E2 levels to come into range you might consider really low dose clomid. This will bump up your total T, boost fertility and should sort out the low E2 issue.
  2. E2 is really low tho, below most ranges. This can cause all sorts of trouble and can only be increased by living really unhealthily or increasing testosterone.
  3. derek chauvin Is going...

    The issue you're not mentioning is that Chauvin entirely failed to monitor the condition of his prisoner which he had a duty of care to do. He ignored the I can't breathe, he ignored GF becoming unconscious and he ignored GF dying. He was restraining a corpse for over 2 mins ffs. Chauvin (and the other officers for that matter) had multiple opportunities to change the outcome of the arrest and chose to ignore them all. GF was adequately restrained lying on his front with his hands cuffed behind his back. There was no need to kneel on him.
  4. derek chauvin Is going...

    Once Floyd was unconscious the clock was literally ticking for it being a murder charge, especially as the first responder paramedic had to ask him to get off his neck- chauvin was "restraining" a dead body for at least two minutes which is extremely messed up and something that only someone of a depraved mind would do. That is a definition of murder, keeping doing something to someone which is injurious to their health and keeping doing it despite it being blatantly obvious that it's killing them, then continuing to do it even after signs of life have ceased. I don't buy it that he was distracted or incompetent for a whole 9 minutes after 20 yrs on the force (and almost one complaint per year often relating to use of excessive force). I agree it being a racist motive is tenuous. I do wonder if there was a personal thing going on though as both Floyd and Chauvin had worked security at a club not so long ago which seems an odd conincidence.
  5. derek chauvin Is going...

    As I said in a previous post it was one thing kneeling on his neck (which has been deemed to have been an excessive use of force on an already restrained prisoner ) but quite another to fail to monitor the prisoners condition over a long period of Extreme restraint. The I can't breathe should have been enough for him to reconsider the use of the knee, let alone him becoming unresponsive and dying. Way I see it the biggest factor in chauvins guilty verdict is him failing entirely to ensure the welfare of his prisoner. This would apply even if the autopsy found he had had an overdose, which he hadn't.
  6. derek chauvin Is going...

    Absolutely, I'd hope so. There's been a history (even in the UK) of not convicting cops or letting them off lightly even when they're blatantly acting illegally. Check out crimebodge on YouTube, he has been bringing his own prosecutions against police officers in the UK on other people's behalf and winning. The cps should be doing this lol.
  7. derek chauvin Is going...

    Ok , fair, It's the same group of muscles though, pelvic floor. It relaxes when you die so it's hard to imagine Floyd held on in death
  8. derek chauvin Is going...

    They went the whole hog bro, guilty on all charges. Result! This may open the door for more cops who murder for no reason to be jailed.
  9. derek chauvin Is going...

    Haha, do you really think he maintained control of his pelvic floor in death?!, atleast it's not as bad as claiming Floyd was a pregnant woman beating would-be foetus shooter like all those right wing memes!
  10. derek chauvin Is going...

    Not sure if the time matters to be quite honest... Just get a cop to kneel on his neck until a paramedic arrives and says to get off- going unconscious, wetting yourself and going into cardio pulmonary arrest is not an indication one should stop kneeling on a neck after all.
  11. Have you watched the footage from inside cup foods? I assume not because it all looks very calm with him chatting and hugging someone. Where is the evidence that he was robbing people on the regular? As I said, nothing for over 10 years. His character references during this later part of his life have been good. There's a video he made in the year before he died denouncing the growing gun culture. Why would he do that seeing as guns are the most efficient way of robbing people? Unless there's an angle of racial prejudice I don't see the reason for anyone to fabricate and exaggerate stuff about a murder victim. Why has noone in this thread mentioned chauvins history of complaints made against him I wonder? Interesting that he's decided not to testify.
  12. Questioning whether GF would have survived if he was a bit less drugged up or had a healthier heart is kind of a moot point though because chauvin made zero effort to ensure the welfare of his prisoner. Even GF wetting himself and becoming unresponsive wasn't enough for him to get off his neck. If he'd survived another 5 minutes but the ambulance was 5 minutes later he'd still have been dead for 2 minutes before the paramedic had to ask chauvin to get off Floyd's neck. He didn't even listen to one of his own colleagues who said "I think he's passed out". Police officers are trained in first aid, standard protocol is to put someone into recovery position if they become unconscious but still have a pulse. As such the blame for the outcome of this fatal interaction falls squarely on chauvin. You keep going on about what a POS Floyd was but there's not much to back this up within the last decade. No recent convictions, good references from his employer all on record.. Even the owner of cup foods is in full support of justice for Floyd and was familiar with him as a regular customer describing him as a "big teddy bear" and didn't think Floyd knew he was using fake money as in his experience, people don't hang around after using fake notes.
  13. You're at a level where staying up all night and drinking would most likely get you under the GPs sacred threshold so it might be worth asking for another test in a few weeks or something and try to scrape under the bar. Whilst its true that most NHS specialists are not good with TRT it would be in your interest to have a GP who is willing to do monitoring bloods and prescribe test entanthate under the guidance of a specialist like Dr Savage or Dr Stevens. you could also take the BSSM guidelines to your GP which will show you should atleast have a trial of TRT to see if symptoms improve.
  14. Would be interesting to see your luteinising hormone reading. If your 1 ball is not keeping up it will be high and that is an indication for TRT. Also what is your SHBG level? Hard to advise what's best as I have two balls and they still respond OK to low doses of clomid (keeps me low to mid 20s total T) but the Leger clinic is at the cheaper end of the spectrum whilst still being decent. You could also look at members of the PCTAG group which Dr Savage chairs. They are GPs who specialise in TRT and may prove cheaper.
  15. Shoulder Replacement Surgery.

    No worries. It's important that people know what's out there and what's possible. Good job on growing without low reps. I liken it to cyclists vs weight lifters. You can get pretty hench legs from cycling, especially hill climbs even though youre doing thousands of reps per ride. Muscle overload is the key requirement for growth and than can be achieved with various rep ranges. Somewhat surprisingly research also shows that as the muscle grows from high reps, its 1rm also increases despite it not being trained. Flexibility seems to be something which is at least partly genetic. Some of us have to work at it, that would definitely be me. Stretching the upper body is a little bit of a minefield I agree. For a long time people were advocating standing in a door way and putting your elbows against the frame and leaning forward to stretch the pecs for example but we now know this will also stretch the anterior capsule of the shoulder which isn't always a good thing for many people. As such its best to stretch one pec at a time against a door frame or similar and concentrate on sticking your chest out and sliding that scapula in towards the spine to elicit a stretch on the pecks. IMO, all you really need to do stretch wise for upperbody is bar hanging (lots of it), peck stretches, rear shoulder stretches and perhaps some foam roller work on the mid back between the shoulder blades to improve thoracic extension as this is an issue for lots of people and is a major contributing factor to impingement. I'm 99% sure there are surgeons in the UK who could offer the glenoid inlay procedure if not the R&R. The inlay in some ways looks like the safest bet to have one surgery and be done and recovered. It does use a plastic socket but it's recessed into the glenoid, so its surrounded by bone and can't really work loose. The R&R itself looks like something you would want to travel to the US for to see Brad Carofino or Dr Matsens team as it's highly specialist and skilled. all the best