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  1. Good morning guys and girls, So basically I'm on 600mg Test and 300mg deca right now. Last week I added dbol in at 220mg a week. So it's 40mg on my training days and 20mg on my NTD. I've been taking the dose all in one when I get home for pre/WO. Is it wise taking 40mg/20mg dbol all in one dose or should I space it out evenly throughout the day to keep blood levels stable? Your input would be really appreciated guys. and by the way I'm using all triumph labs test, deca, droll, adex. All good stuff
  2. Okay I will try consider that. I don't like moon face look, prefer a dryer look. More seriously the blood pressure has a tendency to get quite high and I believe it's the water doing it
  3. This is the first time I've ran nandrolone. Have done trenbolone in the past but don't think that did
  4. Good morning all, just after a bit of knowledge on how to best control water retention on a cycle? Basically I'm very prone to 'moon face', escpecially with testosterone even as low as 250mg a week it bloats me. Since being on this cycle for about 7 days I am already experiencing water retention, blood pressure is increasing as a result also. My cycle details: 600mg Testosterone and 300mg Deca Been using 0.5mg arimadex EOD and Cabergoline 0.5mg x2 a week I'm increasing my Adex dose to 1mg but I don't want to go to far as it can cause cholesterol issues which is something I've never had but I'm still going to avoid it. Is upping the Adex the only option or can I do anything else to help keep water down to a minimum. Thanks guys, and girls
  5. HGH Frag

    cheers for that mate that is awesome. i’m gonna do that
  6. HGH Frag

    I'm already on GHRP-2 100mcg Mod GRF1-29 100mcg x 3 daily Can't afford GH. Saying that I could afford generic but heard it's so hit and miss that theres no point
  7. HGH Frag

    Decent dosage as well. What a shame.
  8. HGH Frag

    What a let down, how much were you using?
  9. HGH Frag

    Good afternoon everyone, HGH Frag, are the fat-loss effects as good as some people say?
  10. Thanks for the input, Funnily enough the first and previous time I used insulin I got the protocol from you on a thread. Can't remember what it was called though
  11. Imo it's down to the drugs being used, what doses and for what reason Steroids are used for people to help AIDS patients gain back T-Cells and also used for certain types of cancer. We all know that testosterone is used for treating LOW test levels in older individuals. So there must be some benefit to health when using in these circumstances. If a bodybuilder is taking 2g of test a week then of course that will have a detrimental effect because it's well above what healthy testosterone should be. And certain steroids like Trenbolone, halotestin etc are toxic even in low doses but steroids like test, anavar not so much so I think you judge each steroid and dose individually and not label steroids as 'not at all healthy'
  12. Evening everyone, Starting an insulin protocol next week. Gonna be doing 3iu a day and build up to 5iu I have used insulin in the past, used glucose as my carb source but it really bloated my stomach out... This time round i wanna use rice crispy squares which are 27g carbs (14g sugar). If i eat 2 of these after jabbing the insulin will it be safe and should I keep some dextrose on hand just to be safe
  13. Has anyone used Triumphs Anavar? I'm thinking about doing 30mg just for a strength boost without sacrificing BP too much
  14. Small Arms

    I have smaller arms, should I train them with more volume? I do an upper / lower routine, rep range 8-15 and 2 sets per exercise. My arms are not really growing though, Everything else is (progressing in lifts every week) Would anyone recommend higher volume on arms or train more frequently?