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  1. Smitch, so you were joking about TM being underdosed?
  2. Shame the TM Anadrol is s**t
  3. I am all set on training and nutrition, been reading lots and doing my research. I am on Sustanon already and making good progress. But I just want to add something to the cycle, so choosing between Winny and Anadrol.
  4. Th Thank you for the replies fellows! I just really dont know what to use, oxy or winny. Do you think they can be mixed together? Like 50 mg winny with 50 mg oxy? Or better to stick to one at 100mg etc.?
  5. So I might just as well use Winstrol instead of Oxy for my bulking Cycle?
  6. Hope the TM Oxys are good
  7. How does it compare to Anadrol in terms of lean mass gain?
  8. Anecdotally, Winstrol is seen as cutting AAS. But given it's Anabolic properties, is it really that ineffective for adding muscle mass/LBM?
  9. You are right!! Will just get on with them
  10. Oh I see it is my 1st time, yes. Kinda hyped about it tbh. Planning to take 50mg once a day with food. Is this good plan?
  11. Thanks Richardrahl! I really hope the TM Oxys are good and will deliver) Starting tomorrow then myself! Anything you noticed since starting the Oxys?
  12. Richardrahl, I want to try Anadrol and just have TM Anadrol on my hands atm. So I am just wondering how it rates. I have not tried the Anadrol yet but done my research on it
  13. Has anyone tried TM Anadrol? How do/did you rate it?