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  1. Going Vegan for Next 6 months.

    Someone once told me anti histamines lower testosterone. I have no idea if it's true and have never looked into it so don't quote me on it.
  2. Energy and recovery were my main concern, I'll just eat more.
  3. My job at the moment is already fairly physical (panel beater) but I'm starting a new job in 2 weeks that is even more physical, same job role but at a different bodyshop which is a lot busier and do more filler work. I obviously need more calories but does it matter where these calories come from in terms of energy and recovery. I did want to find a less physical job to make it easier to stick to my training but the money at this new job is too good to turn down. My diet is pretty balanced at the moment so is it just a case of eating more of what I do now or would more carbs or fats be better?
  4. Thought sweet potato might be more popular. Guessing it's because it isn't as easy as the rest. I love sweet potato mash but always forget about it or can't be arsed to do it.
  5. So are you saying that you are eating absolutely no carbs and you feel great because of it? Isn't it a pain trying so hard to avoid them? What does a typical days food look like for you?
  6. Are you happy with your life?

    Canicross looks wicked. I really want to get another dog, mine is too clumsy to do it with I'd have thought, doesn't like running unless it's chasing something and gets distracted too easily. Was hoping the Mrs was going to get me one for my 30th next month but she's adamant she's not. She got to pick the one we have now so it's only fair if I get to choose one. Really want a red Labrador!
  7. Voted tricky. Would've been good to have got some abs showing but really good effort. Between sphinkter and juice for 2nd. Are Dbol's pics the wrong way around?
  8. How much of a sad fvck are you?

    Amazing game!! I cut the lead off my gun when I was drunk to use as a fancy dress accessory thinking I wouldn't ever want to play it again. Huge mistake.
  9. Current state 8 more weeks to go

    I like the trainers. Really don't like your glasses though, they're horrible. Don't do you any favours at all.
  10. Crep check

    They're also possibly the ugliest trainers I've ever seen in my life
  11. Anybody own this DJM toolbox? Quality?

    Get one. You won't regret it and it's loads cheaper than getting a new box. I'm the same. Put something down, turn around and it's gone.
  12. Anybody own this DJM toolbox? Quality?

    What about a tool trolley? Put the stuff you use the most in it and you also get a handy little mobile work bench all in one. Can fit quite a lot in and under in. Will never look back.
  13. Sex music

    If you've got the skills
  14. Good read that was. Trained back last night and was thinking this morning my lats never feel as worked or ache as much the day after as other muscles do so will apply this next session and see how I get on.