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  1. DNP Log

    Hey guys. Sorry to the folks genuinely following with interest but theres far too many trolls on this site to make it worth bothering with. In short, DNP is amazing at fat loss, just study hard to avoid stupid comments about liver failure and other forum spread lies. Also, never run a log. You just get trolled.
  2. DNP Log

    If only you had stopped there.
  3. DNP Log

    A poster who doesn't read the first post
  4. DNP Log

    UKM motto, lift drugs not weights
  5. What has happened to UK-M members lately?

    It's definitely changed (negatively) since maybe 6 years ago. It used to feel like a community, that seems to have gone. I think other forums bring more to the table, this one feels like the mens fitness magazine of bodybuilding forums now. Seems to be too many people just wanting to argue. I'm here to see if anyone else has protocols to share, but it's more about arguing and posting pubmed links.
  6. DNP Log

    Don't talk to this guy like shite guys, he has a meme on his profile and a generic motivational username.
  7. DNP Log

    Maybe a weekish
  8. South London - where to train?

    Sawwfff Lundun innit Did I pronounce that right?
  9. DNP Log

    Day 17: As above, considerable weight loss, quite dramatic effects. As usual, tired and rough feeling, workouts good though. Maintenance calories. Looking forward to being off DNP, it kinda sucks lol. Nothing much to report. Still dropping. I try not to disclose info about myself, this has caused me problems before, however when I'm done I'll provide some stats so you guys can understand the difference.
  10. DNP Log

    Good luck mate, let us know.
  11. DNP Log

    Feeling hot, its tiring. It's not really effecting my workouts, but they require more mental energy. In all honesty, considerable weight loss. I've done T3, Clen, Thermogenics, supposed weight loss stuff like Tren, Winstrol etc. This blows all of them out of the water. I havnt weighed in yet, and I don't do caliper tests because they're inaccurate, but I'll say the loss is quite dramatic. I'm still eating maintenance, still doing same routine. I maintain a reasonably lowish bodyfat year round, however it can get to 15%. I've easily dropped a few %. In terms of competition prep, this probably knock 6 weeks off prep!!!
  12. DNP: New batch Taylor made

    Ahhh I see.
  13. DNP: New batch Taylor made

    Why is there powder all over the place? Did you open a cap?
  14. DNP Log

    Wouldn't you agree on the balance of probability that its 99.9999% most likely the dye characteristics of DNP. I've never had a single issue with my liver, start taking dnp, yellow eyes, yellow urine, yellow jizz. I appreciate you looking out, but based on research, other symptoms and timing, previous health, I find it to be close to impossible to be liver damage. Research seems to prove without a shadow of a doubt this to be false. Appreciate the comment either way.