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    MI.RO got a reaction from mihawk_swkraths in Diazepam - any downsides as a bodybuilder?   
    Benzos aren´t medicine for insomnia. Sleepiness and deep sleep are just a side effects.
    If you can´t get asleep ,there are many things, that you can try before you try benzos or  hypnotics, like:
    - magnesium
    - melatonin
    - weed
    - CBD oil
    - beer
    - certain antihistamines
    - valerian
    - ashwagandha
    - binaural beats (delta waves)
    - meditation
    - GHB 
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    MI.RO reacted to nWo in Grip thickness   
    I like small hands, makes my cock look huge.
    Inb4 paedo
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    MI.RO reacted to JohhnyC in Anti depressants   
    While I agree depression exists for some but people  have become so pampered now it's pathetic. 
    Years ago you walked everywhere, no central heating, washed your clothes by hand, not much entertainment, kids worked at weekends, and you didnt have Instagram or Facebook to update why your a soppy snowflake every 5 mins and checking to see how many  likes you had.
    People need to grow a set and stop feeling sorry for yourself. 
    Just deal with it and stop trying to slap a label on everything. 
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    MI.RO reacted to Cypionate in Bunch of chavs rob Delivery Man.   
    Delivery guys screams were those of a guy with very limited real life experience
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    MI.RO reacted to Matt6210 in Bunch of chavs rob Delivery Man.   
    I personally think the delivery driver has to take some of the responsibility for being such a fu**ing pussy and getting jacked by kids tbh
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    MI.RO reacted to TERBO in Bunch of chavs rob Delivery Man.   
    Beta males rob omega male... and the circle of life goes on
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    MI.RO reacted to BLUE(UK) in Member of UKM is a deviant   
    Not a chance I’d let myself into a flat without seeing the person and apply a blindfold ready for them to ‘enter’(choose the type of entry). 
    Just too weird for me or maybe I’m just not trusting enough. 
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    MI.RO reacted to Haunted_Sausage in Reversing tramadol effects?   
    You already are old aren’t you? Your internal organs have already took such s bettering from your party hard life style... 
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    MI.RO got a reaction from Frandeman in Reversing tramadol effects?   
    depends on dose. long time ago i did 1000mg and i was high as f**k
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    MI.RO got a reaction from Frandeman in Reversing tramadol effects?   
    depends on dose. long time ago i did 1000mg and i was high as f**k
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    MI.RO reacted to Cypionate in What’s the first signs of mental illness ?   
    Injecting something into your body that a stranger made in their house and sent you via royal mail
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    MI.RO reacted to drwae in High test doses   
    Never heard of a proper big bloke using 100 test and 600 tren or whatever the trend is, basically its just metrosexual instagram fitness models 
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    MI.RO got a reaction from Jaling in Sleeping / Anxiety Meds gone?   
    just smoke some weed instead of fu**ing benzos
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    MI.RO reacted to big vin in Triumph Labs Fakes are in   
    A three year old child could make a better fake than that . I can never understand why someone would go to the trouble of making fake gear then do such an obvious mistake like use lower case letters instead of  capital letters it's just so obvious it's unreal,  its like someone going to all the trouble and expense to make fake bank notes and put a picture of mickey mouse on the front instead of the queens head as if nobody would notice .
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    MI.RO got a reaction from AncientOldBloke in Buying s**t drugs is it personal   
    based on the fact that lifting weights and is obviously more important to you than your wife and child.  
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    MI.RO got a reaction from AncientOldBloke in Buying s**t drugs is it personal   
    based on the fact that lifting weights and is obviously more important to you than your wife and child.  
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    MI.RO reacted to AestheticManlet in DEBATE. Diet VS Steroids   
    If you use tren can pretty much disregard a nutritional diet 
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    MI.RO reacted to Devil in DEBATE. Diet VS Steroids   
    So one eats 300 calories more (the chocolate etc doesn't even matter for either, let alone a "bad diet) and takes PEDS? That's like the most negligible fvking difference diet wise.
    PED would crap all over the natural (how much depending on dosage, compounds etc)
    But If you don't know the answer, I can tell you're natty and trying to convince yourself you don't need to jab steroids to attain the goals you think are possible. 
    Wrong buddy - you're going to spend a year asking these questions daily, getting the same responses, and you'll eventually give in and use PEDS once you realise you wont obtain even half way to your goal as a natural (even with a perfect diet).
    tldr-  just shut up and use peds sensibly, you're wasting your own time and ours
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    MI.RO got a reaction from AncientOldBloke in Buying s**t drugs is it personal   
    you aren´t hardcore. just selfish as f**k and self-obsessed. 
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    MI.RO got a reaction from Sam R in Favourite bulking cycle to stay dry(ish) ?   
    doesn´t matter. it´s all about keeping estrogen low, nutrition and sodium intake.
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    MI.RO got a reaction from Sam R in Favourite bulking cycle to stay dry(ish) ?   
    doesn´t matter. it´s all about keeping estrogen low, nutrition and sodium intake.
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    MI.RO reacted to TITO in Larry Wheels 775 x 5 squat - PR (351 kgs).   
    I need a pair of those glasses 
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    MI.RO got a reaction from RexEverthing in Drug of choice   
    i tried everything but opiates worked best for me when i had really bad day, so i used to take tramadol (high dose) twice a month, then once a week, then 2 times a week and then i had to stop, because even mild withdrawal is really annoying. these days when i feel shitty i just go hiking and i feel much better when i come back home.
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    MI.RO reacted to JohhnyC in Drug of choice   
     I do think some people do have clinical depression, it's a serious problem and need help. 
    However most are just a bunch of weak soft f**ks who get depressed because they have been ignored on  Instagram or some other lame excuse. Travel to other countries to see how the majority of the world live and you will get a cold dose of reality.
    Unless you have clinical depression, a mental or psychological illness, homeless, major upheaval in your life or other such good reasons , stfu and stop feeling sorry for yourself. 
    People are far too pampered nowadays. No wonder it's called the snowflake generation. 
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    MI.RO reacted to swole troll in 'bodybuilding gurus' confidence and physique over knowledge   
    as title says there is seemingly many people on youtube creating youtube content on steroid info, getting a ton of hits and subs by people who dont know any better that get sold on the physique and how confident the person is in their message, these 'gurus' then sometimes go on to make member only sites which just baffles me that they even stay afloat with the shitty info these people put out as gospel 

    I've covered TMcycles before and he actually dipped into my thread to make a single comment then leave and then make a subsequent video bashing on what id said and twisting my words, was funny to see him bright red and gritting his teeth though, sadly he has deleted this video 

    but today's 'guru' is Nick trigilli 

    and these 2 videos in particular 

    good lord... the absolute bullshit in these videos that people will no doubt lap up because he is jacked and an IFBB pro 

    to bullet point a few i remember (cba to reference the video again as its literal bollocks) 

    * EQ and primo are some of the strongest steroids going
    these are literally 2 of the weakest, he then goes on to say eq is often faked which is why its s**t and if you use the real deal you can use as little as 300mg and 'blow up' 
    complete bullshit, he is right that in america they have a lot more bunk and underdosed going around than we do here with our lax laws on PEDs but that is complete crap, at 500mg minimum EQ will be a subtle addition to a cycle.

    * anavar is side effect free and safe
    from a vanity point of view yes, under the bonnet no way, anavar has tanked my cholesterol as bad as tren has in the past at just 75mg ED, this drug constantly gets credit for being 'safe' however blood work post use will change your stance on this 

    * aromasin, letrozole, arimidex and nolva are all the same thing 
    no theyre not, aromasin is a suicide inhibitor which permanently rids the aromtase enzyme, arimidex and letrozole just bind to it which is why you can get a rebound when coming off of it and finally nolvadex is a SERM, it literally has no similarity to AI's beyond reduction of  elevated oestrogen side effects which it does by a different mechanism and only limits some as it is blocking receptors not doing anything at all with the aromatase enzyme directly 

    * shuffling different AIs on cycle 
    literally pointless, in fact it would be less effective than simply choosing an AI and running it throughout

    * test and mast enanthate are made by UGL only and therefor "its not real, its not authentic, its not legit" 
    enanthate is an ester.. its just about controlling the release of the compound into the bloodstream

    * cabergoline during tren use as the "the likelihood of it being pure and not having many impurities is very rare so i would definitely run cabergoline"
    this statement is dumb because its the 19nors that raise prolactin not the impurities in them, in fact the purer it is the more likely you would need cabergoline as youd be getting more of the drug that raises prolactin 

    * pull ALL drugs before a show as EVERYTHING aromatizes 
    wrong, tren, mast, anavar, superdrol, primo, winstrol dont aromatize and even anadrol although can cause oestrogenic sides through an unconfirmed MOA, in fact less PEDs aromatize than do

    * nolvadex he adds in if the person is hold a lot of water and fat
    seriously this is the last one i can be bothered to correct.. nolva does nothing for either of those issues

    its so brutally simple:

    eat in a 10% surplus on a bulk or a 10% deficit on a cut

    energy balance is what dictates body fat, cardio is simply a tool to increase calorie demands 

    train with progressive overload / increase total tonnage as frequently as possible thorough sets, reps and weight
    weight is the easiest one to increase in terms of progressive overload 

    compound lifts put the most size on you

    test with ALL cycles bar your first which can be an oral only

    deca is the best bulking drug period, use other drugs to avoid sides but deca will put the most meat on you.

    tren is the best drug you can use for your physique and strength, use other drugs to avoid sides but tren will have you looking the best

    no one can tell you how you will react to any PED or AI, they can give guidelines but overall its a case of trial and error 

    and lastly it takes years to build muscle, gear or not it takes a LONG time, bloat and water is not muscle, youd be surprised how little muscle tissue you actually put on during a steroid cycle (bar your first) guys like nick triggili have great genetics, it has f**k all to do with his asinine way of juggling compounds or silly little fluff pump exercises