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  1. Benzos aren´t medicine for insomnia. Sleepiness and deep sleep are just a side effects. If you can´t get asleep ,there are many things, that you can try before you try benzos or hypnotics, like: - magnesium - melatonin - weed - CBD oil - beer - certain antihistamines - valerian - ashwagandha - binaural beats (delta waves) - meditation - GHB
  2. Vegan roast beef joint :D

    Diabetes type 1 is autoimmune disorder and diabetes type 2 is caused by insulin resistance, which is caused by obesity, genetics and other factors and not by eating meat. Meat doesn´t cause obesity too. It´s mostly protein and some fat depending on type of meat. Everybody who did meat-only diet lost a lot of bodyfat instead of getting obese.
  3. Anti depressants

    you will be miserable as f**k when you´ll stop using tramadol.
  4. Reversing tramadol effects?

    depends on dose. long time ago i did 1000mg and i was high as f**k
  5. Drug of choice

    depends on which drugs. microdosing psilocybin or lsd helps a lot
  6. Sleeping / Anxiety Meds gone?

    can´t send you a message. you have to bronze member to send/receive messages we can´t share sources here, but page that sells Triumph and Dimension has Xanax and Valium available. or just try another seller or DW.
  7. Buying s**t drugs is it personal

    based on the fact that lifting weights and is obviously more important to you than your wife and child.
  8. Buying s**t drugs is it personal

    you aren´t hardcore. just selfish as f**k and self-obsessed.
  9. doesn´t matter. it´s all about keeping estrogen low, nutrition and sodium intake.
  10. Sleeping / Anxiety Meds gone?

    just smoke some weed instead of fu**ing benzos
  11. Decca then Tren cycle?

    i wouldn´t run less 3 months of deca because it has long half-life, so it takes some time to fully kick in. you can frontload it, but it takes several weeks anyway. if you want to run tren E afterwards just taper down deca and you can start with tren straight away and 2 months minimum. amount depends of how much you can handle physically and mentally. for example i can do 500mg/w of deca easily, but 500mg/w of tren turns me into psychopath and i am out of breath all the time.
  12. Brexit in 72 Hours

    How much it will influence customs ? I live outside of UK, but i order gear from there, so i don´t know if i should find some other source or not. Thanks
  13. Drug of choice

    i tried everything but opiates worked best for me when i had really bad day, so i used to take tramadol (high dose) twice a month, then once a week, then 2 times a week and then i had to stop, because even mild withdrawal is really annoying. these days when i feel shitty i just go hiking and i feel much better when i come back home.
  14. Sphinx superdrol

    20mg + 20mg omeprazol as preworkout. i have to take it with omeprazol otherwise i have urge to throw up whole workout and can´t eat anything for the rest of the evening.
  15. 2019 goals, folks?

    can you recommend a safe destination with cheap coke ?