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    Iron Lou got a reaction from lancs_lad in Road to 5 plates   
    Today did chest, felt a bit meh but ground out a good session. 
    Incline bench worked up to 90kg for 2*2 
    Flat dumbbell press worked up to 43s then 45s for a set of 5
    Cable flyes
    Tricep pressdown
    Dumbbell tricep extension
    Finish. Nothing major, just not going to neglect pressing whole trying to increase Deadlift. Aim for end of year is to deadlift 195kg, squat 140kg for 5 and dumbbell press the 50s
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    Iron Lou got a reaction from boutye911 in Road to 5 plates   
    Yeah but how many people do that lol they just take what they want out of it
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    Iron Lou reacted to The Warrior in Road to 5 plates   
    Probably beneficial for strength? It either is or isn't. Concluding a study with conjecture ffs. Probably bollocks
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    Iron Lou reacted to boutye911 in Road to 5 plates   
    If you actually read the whole study you would see that they came to the conclusion that training a muscle once per week was as effective for strength as training  it 5 times per week. 
    If you don’t believe me then go and read the study and under the Discussion section is where you will find it.
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    Iron Lou reacted to JLawson90 in Road to 5 plates   
    atleast you got something done, better than nothing! .. did you see my 6 plate attempt? failed just after the knee as well haha
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    Iron Lou got a reaction from JLawson90 in Road to 5 plates   
    That's probably best piece of advice I've heard. Yeah will do thanks!
    Someone at my gym said that you tend to PB on comp day, with the adrenaline etc. It's so tempting though to keep working out hard but gotta peak at the right time. 
    I'm aiming for 10 on the axle. 
    Deadlift am aiming for 15.
    The moving events I'm just gonna go as fast as I can haha. Might run my 50plates up and down the garden a few times lol
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    Iron Lou reacted to JLawson90 in Road to 5 plates   
    it's all relative to the individual, but at a lighter weight were you are looking to get into double figures I would definitely be trying to one motion as many as possible before moving onto continental cleans as you tire .. but what's important is to judge each rep before you start.. as for example if you've done 4 reps and are tiring, you go for the 5th but dont have the energy to complete the power clean and it drops, that's wasted time and wasted energy .. you need to be smart enough to say right, I think it's time to switch to continental/belt cleans, before you fail a rep
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    Iron Lou got a reaction from monkeybiker in Road to 5 plates   
    Documenting road to a 5 plate Deadlift here. Current stats 190lbs/86.1kg, 5ft 10/178 cm tall, natty. Current 1RM is 187.5kg. (Squat 1RM is 150kg)
    Will note down my progress, more specifically my Deadlift sessions, bit of diet and other sessions when they have direct bearing on my DL. 
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    Iron Lou reacted to lancs_lad in Road to 5 plates   
    That's a very low deadlift for a novice comp.  Most are 200kg for reps.  Do it I say as it'll give you the bug and you dont have to wait to feel comfortable in a normal novice comp. 
    Out of curiosity what are the other weights?
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    Iron Lou got a reaction from lancs_lad in Road to 5 plates   
    Tbh I don't know if it's even novice! I was surprised to see 150kg for reps but that's in the "A" Class. The "C" class is 240kg. I'm keen to do it but apparently they're full now. He's got another in December, so imma wait and see what the lifts will be, while trying to improve my DL.
    Weights for Men's A:
    Axle clean and press 60kg AMRAP
    Deadlift 150kg AMRAP
    Yoke 160kg time over distance
    Loading 45,60,80kg time over distance
    Conan wheel 120kg distance
    Yeah I'd love to do it, I'm a competitive person, even if I don't win I live off competing
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    Iron Lou reacted to Endomorph84 in Road to 5 plates   
    You can do good mornings with a barbell, nothing else actually comes close.
    My workout was logged on a spreadsheet, ill find it for you and pass it over. It was very basic mind but it worked.
    I didn't switch accessory exercises in and out like conjugate suggests as I trained in a commercial Gym and had limited equipment.
    You'll have to change the exercise selections on the upper sessions as OHP was the primary push. I used DB bench press/ chest exercise as  assistance.
    Don't worry how much you weigh mate, its all relevant lb for lb.
    Eat for your goals, apply basic principles, train hard and you will get stronger, you cant not.
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    Iron Lou got a reaction from Endomorph84 in Road to 5 plates   
    The workouts in the log were before the gyms re-opening, hence finding it difficult to do hypertensions, lower back machine extension, planks and cable rows I used to do. Ironically I injured myself the week before the gyms opened.
    You're right, and it comes back to what I said to swole troll I just need to more selfish in my training. I've actually changed training partners to my wife now and my sessions are so much better now
    It's the only lift I'm halfway competitive on and, for me, when I have a good Deadlift, a lot of my other lifts go up. Plus I train at a bodybuilding gym not a PL/strongman gym, so next to no-one here deadlifts lol. I'm 14stone but feel small, so the deadlift makes up for it I guess! 
    Can you link to a log or something of yours? I love strongman but would need a lot of work to even consider entering the u95!
    And thanks for the advice re the conjugate method, I'll take a look at it and let you know
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    Iron Lou reacted to Endomorph84 in Road to 5 plates   
    Why so much focus on the deadlift mate? Genuine question.
    Just had a look through your logs. Your training is a bit wishy washy IMO for someone targeting one lift in general.
    I feel it’s important that you understand that you can improve your deadlift without deadlifting, exercise selection is crucial.
    For instance, there’s no direct lower back work which is imperative for a strong deadlift and or squat. 
    Go on elite FTS website and read through their articles and workouts. The amount of free information on their site is obscene. 
    Take a look at the Westside Book Of Methods and research conjugate training. Apply it to your training and you won’t have to squat or deadlift for 3 months. By the time you come around to doing either again you’ll be overwhelmed by your own efforts.
    I competed in strongman for a few years. Yes I got very strong through my own way of training but I do regret not applying a conjugate approach as I know I would have gotten even stronger. That’s not a fault as I wasn’t aware of conjugate training.
    Saying that, I applied a conjugate approach to a block of training after a 2 year lay off from strongman and got all new PBs.
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    Iron Lou got a reaction from swole troll in Road to 5 plates   
    You're right it definitely needs to be considered. In the past I've never been able to program it correctly, mostly because my gym buddy has never been able to keep up, ( he eats, not a lot let's say...! Even though he's 18st) maybe I should be a bit more selfish...
    Sounds like Sigmarsson!
    My hip is almost recovered, so once I'm all moved into my new place, I'll float an idea that's been in my head for a while about DL 2x week. I just know I'm gonna miss squatting (crying face)
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    Iron Lou got a reaction from Tonysco in Road to 5 plates   
    So, pain was so bad, that I could barely walk without some pain, even sitting was bad. Decided to go to sports massage, and after talking with him, it's probably because I changed my deadlift stance a bit more narrow. The stabilisers in my glutes were so tight that we could barely move my leg on the internal hip rotation. Painful work and going back today for some more. 
    Advised to keep with Deadlift but light. So did 80kgx15 yesterday, on that Stance and was absolutely fine, but hips are still tight so getting them worked on. 
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    Iron Lou got a reaction from monkeybiker in Road to 5 plates   
    Documenting road to a 5 plate Deadlift here. Current stats 190lbs/86.1kg, 5ft 10/178 cm tall, natty. Current 1RM is 187.5kg. (Squat 1RM is 150kg)
    Will note down my progress, more specifically my Deadlift sessions, bit of diet and other sessions when they have direct bearing on my DL. 
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    Iron Lou got a reaction from monkeybiker in Road to 5 plates   
    Documenting road to a 5 plate Deadlift here. Current stats 190lbs/86.1kg, 5ft 10/178 cm tall, natty. Current 1RM is 187.5kg. (Squat 1RM is 150kg)
    Will note down my progress, more specifically my Deadlift sessions, bit of diet and other sessions when they have direct bearing on my DL. 
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    Iron Lou reacted to Matt6210 in Training Eating and Life with Hypoglycemia   
    steroids only help EVERYTHING!
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    Iron Lou reacted to Ultrasonic in Training Eating and Life with Hypoglycemia   
    I mean for the immediate management of a hypo 'attack' that getting glucose into the blood ASAP in the priority and as such GI is probably the best metric for considering what to eat then. 
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    Iron Lou got a reaction from anna1 in Training Eating and Life with Hypoglycemia   
    Hypos are not fun. Last night my blood sugar dropped to 2.8mmol/g. That's not meant to happen unless you're diabetic and shoot too much insulin accidentally. Which I'm not. Shaking, sweating, confusion, lack of coordination and a massive increase in appetite. Oh and loss of consciousness as well as death in the most extreme circumstances. It makes nutrition and training, interesting to say the least. 
    I'm going to (roughly) document my training and nutrition here. Plus the hypos and how I deal with them. 
    M1: 1 Cup oats, 1 scoop protein, fibres and enzymes, bcaa, multivitamins, arginine
    M2: 1 cup rice, 150g chicken, 100g greens
    M3: 400g spuds, 150g chicken, 100g greens
    M4: intraworkout carbs, post workout shake with carbs
    M5: cheese omelette with protein shake or additional carbs depending on feel and blood sugar
    This diet, while it's doing what I want size wise, isn't the most conducive to keeping hypos at bay so I'm still tinkering with it. The best diet I had was actually where I only had the rice meal at meal 3, the rest was greens and protein with fats in the morning and evening. Felt very alert on that. Going to tinker with this til October and go back to the lower carb diet then depending on how I get on.
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    Iron Lou reacted to dtlv in L-arginine and food intake   
    The problem is, appetite regulation is a complex process relying on multiple pathways, and things like arginine are involved in both positive and negative appetite signalling. The amino acid Tyrosine is another amino like that, with theoretical reasons saying it should both suppress, and increase appetite. Studies don't help either because some studies show one effect, whilst others show the opposite.
    The devil is of course though in the detail, and what you are doing in addition to the supplement in question. There is also a well established genetic variation between individuals and which appetite regulating hormones a person is more sensitive to and more responsive to. This further complicates an already difficult to navigate area.
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    Iron Lou got a reaction from Jordan08 in L-arginine and food intake   
    Same here, I've read conflicting studies on lots of things though. Trying it on myself seems to make me hungrier but it could well be a placebo effect
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    Iron Lou got a reaction from dtlv in L-arginine and food intake   
    I was idly looking at Ronnie Coleman videos on YouTube, as you do and ended up on a website with what is purported to be one of his diet plans. Nothing out of the ordinary, lots of protein and carbs. 
    What struck me was the amount of L-ARGININE he is meant to have taken, based on this diet that is. He apparently (along with other stuff....) Had 3-5g 30 mins before eating.
    I looked in to l-arginine and it is a Nitric Oxide precursor. In turn, it's been suggested that Nitric Oxide is a signalling/effector molecule and modulates the release of Ghrelin. So other than providing vascularity(through vasodilation) and muscle pumps it can also apparently be an appetite stimulant.
    This abstract below seems to make the connection with L-arginine, Nitric Oxide and Ghrelin. 
    I thought I'd post this as I know that lots of people on a lean bulk struggle to get their requirements in and wondered if anyone has any additional suggestions?
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    Iron Lou got a reaction from RexEverthing in Lou's quest for strength   
    Yeah I went a bit over the top, It's not meant to be that high but % wise it's about right weirdly. I'm keeping my greens high to help metabolise it all and keeping an eye on my wee to make sure I don't get excess nitrogen coming out. Although I believe taking l-arginine will help combat that
    For posture, I keep my warm ups dynamic for a start. But regarding actual exercises I'll do single leg Squat with no weight, scapula pull-ups, banded lat rows, groiner with overhead reach,  hip thrusts, glute raises, dead bug, bird dogs, ankle and hip mobility work, banded squat with no weight, I'll even do vacuum posing and a few others which I have no idea what they're called!
    I have anterior pelvic tilt which has improved dramatically since targeting my glutes and now I can squat to depth without buttwink. Also by working on my ankle mobility, my range of motion in leg exercises massively improved too.
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    Iron Lou reacted to Fadi in Re-Feed & Re-Lose   
    Thought I'd share an article I wrote and presented on other forums back in 2009. I hope it would be of some benefit to the more serious bodybuilders on UK-M.
    Leptin- The Fat Regulating Hormone
    When you diet for a bodybuilding competition, your main aim apart from having the proportioned beef is to make sure that that beef is well primed. Chiselled, cut, shredded, ripped, call it what you will, the beef has to be 95% lean or leaner. Now that's an anatomy book ultra-sharp razor look. So you're happy dieting along when weight and fat loss come to a screeching halt.

    What caused it? Some bodybuilders continue to loose, but instead of looking sharper, they begin to look flatter. Why? Two questions that need to be answered before we proceed. What caused the stoppage in weight and fat loss? It was the fat regulating hormone leptin. It sounds like some sort of tea you drink, but this is no tea. This is what testosterone is to a bodybuilder wanting to gain muscle mass, the only difference is that this powerhouse of a hormone deals with fat loss. Without testosterone you can't build substantial muscles, and similarly, without leptin you cannot shed the fat off to show those built muscles to their maximum ability.
    Now to the second question. Bodybuilders who continue to lose weight yet look flatter instead of sharper are mainly loosing muscles instead of fat, and what’s left of their muscles has been deflated by a lack of muscle glycogen. The ratio has shifted to where the body is now cannibalising itself for its own survival. This should be a wakeup call to any dieting bodybuilder, that the balance of the macros as well as the total caloric intake is not right. However since this article is about re-feeds, I'll get back to talking about our powerful friend leptin.
    Leptin is mainly made by our fat cells, their number as well as their size has an effect on the rate of its release, (this will become clearer soon). A small amount of leptin comes from our muscles, (nothing to write home about though). So why is leptin made and released into our blood stream? Leptin presence in our blood stream helps us with regulating our appetite, gives us that hunger feelings, as well as regulating our food intake and how fast we burn it for fuel. So the lower leptin levels fall, the higher our appetite and cravings become for all the goodies we were having when we weren't dieting. Take heart in the knowledge that this is not some weakness on your part that you're craving the goodies; it's not all in your head no. This is the real deal built in physiological defense mechanism our body uses to stay alive. After all, its survival and therefore your survival; and not coming in ripped for a bodybuilding contest is its ultimate and only goal. So now we've established that less blood circulating leptin = to more cravings and as we shall soon see, a slower metabolism. A higher level of leptin therefore, signifies a faster metabolism where fat loss can occur. Take home message so far: don’t let your leptin levels go too low, or at least recognise their effect if or when they do.
    So as you persevere with your low, and with some bodybuilders, ultra-low caloric intake, your leptin begins to act on your master gland the hypothalamus, which in turn tells your brain to control your appetite up or down. In the case of our near starving bodybuilder, the message sent throughout the body would be to trigger a voracious appetite as well as slow the body's metabolism down to a crawl, where little or no fat loss will take place. It sort of defeats the purpose of what our bodybuilder has set out to achieve, doesn't it! It's only when leptin levels return to within a normal and acceptable range that the strong cravings for food as well as the painful hunger pangs go away.
    Well then, how would our well-meaning bodybuilder raise his or her leptin levels so as to kick start the fat burning process again? Some will go all out on a binging craze where they will demolish any food in sight. As I will explain shortly, this would not be in the best interest of our bodybuilding friend. You see leptin is a fussy and a highly selective fat regulating hormone. It likes and has an affinity to high blood glucose levels. What this means is that our bodybuilder would be served better if he or she consume the majority of their calories from good sources of carbohydrates. Protein, fats, and fructose do not play a major part in boosting leptin levels. Also, fats are best kept to a low level during this high insulin periods so as to prevent any of them from been driven away into adipose tissue. Protein is best reduced to 1g per lb. of bodyweight and fructose kept low since they have no major impact upon leptin levels.
    Refeeding intensity and duration depends on few factors, namely: how hard you've been dieting and at what percentage fat level you're at. The leaner you are and the harder you've been dieting, the longer and more intense the refeeding would have to be. Calories should be higher than your caloric maintenance level and the duration should span from 12 hours and up. Don't forget, your main aim is to raise your leptin levels. If your body fat level is at 10% or lower, refeeding should be done about twice a week. If on the other hand your fat levels are between 10-15%, refeeding ought to be done once a week to once every 10 days or so. This is not an exact art and everyone responds differently. In a nutshell, this is not different from a gym workout where if you incorporate high intensity, then by necessity the volume has to drop. On the other hand, if the intensity is low to medium, then one can afford to raise the volume. You may choose to refeed for a whole week, where the more moderate approach in eating would apply.
    OK, so you may gain the smallest amount of fat due to the refeed. However, looking at the benefits ahead of you should far outweigh any fat gained during that small period. So what exactly awaits you that make this whole body tricking so worth it? For starters, your dead metabolism will be revving back up like a muscled supercharged V8 machine. Your hormone profile will be back in balance once more.
    For the gentlemen in you, that means the almighty testosterone would be back on track to serve your muscles well, with fully reloaded muscles full of skin bursting glycogen, and on another front, to lend a mighty blow to the muscle demolishing king of all, the Cortisol hormone.
    For the ladies in you, a raise in Leptin spells a return to your reproduction hormones where your regular monthly cycle is back on track. The stoppage of this monthly cycle should never become an issue to our sisters in the sport, and regular refeeds should be employed so as to prevent such an occurrence from ever taking place. Any disregard to this issue will result in decreased bone density and further accentuate any risk of osteoporosis.
    Here’re two sample meals; one made up of high carbohydrate low fat low protein (HC-LFLP), whilst the other is made up of LC-HFHP. I’ve put up the link in order for you to check the whole study with its final results.
    BW 60kg.
    Cal 600
    Carb 70% 105g
    Fat 15% 10g
    Pro 15% 22.5g
    Rice with roast pork:
    Cooked rice 300g
    Roast pork 30g
    ½ egg
    Sweet sauce, 2 tsp.
    1-2 small cucumber
    1-2 spring onion
    Look how different this 600 calorie meal is compared with the first one (above).
    BW 60kg.
    Cal 600
    Carb 20% 30g
    Fat 50% 33.3g
    Pro 30% 45g
    Rice with fried fish:
    Cooked rice 90g
    Fried fish, 180g
    Sweet chilli sauce 2 tsp.
    Now check this out for some deeper analysis/ for the difference in the levels of blood glucose, insulin, and changes in leptin concentrations in response to HC-LFLP and/or LC-HFHP meals as presented above. http://www.tm.mahidol.ac.th/seameo/2006_37_4/25-3770N.pdf
    Okay, I know this is not the time but, since many bodybuilders are always talking about bulking up to add some serious beef, I advise you to take heed that leptin becomes more and more desensitised in delivering its message to the brain (basically what you have is a leptin resistance similar to an insulin resistance), where even though the hormone is available, it’s no longer recognised by the cell receptors it calls “home”. Result? Fat, plus other health issues! Solution? When bulking, eat real food! Bulking is not, or should not be your magic ticket to KFC and MacDonald!

    Oh nearly forgot…, just as you give yourself ample time to trim down, please give yourself ample time to increase your weight. A majestic Boeing 747-400 takes its  time to line up with the runway…. for that perfect landing!
    Finally, refeeds should not be interpreted as a wild card in the gym, where the temptation to raise the volume and intensity would be detrimental. Failing to control one's self by going all out would really be defeating the whole purpose of this powerful tool we have at our disposal as bodybuilders. Always look forward to the week ahead after your refeed, because that's where visual improvements would be realised and felt and where euphoria won't be far behind.
    I wish you a safe landing Champions...
    Neuron. 1999 Aug; 23(4):775-86.
    Leptin Differentially Regulates NPY and POMC Neurons Projecting to the Lateral
    Hypothalamic Area Neuron, Volume 23, Issue 4, 1 August 1999, Pages 775-786.
    Amongst others.