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  1. Road to 5 plates

    The comp has been changed to 3 events, which I'm kind of pleased with, as 2 of them I'm good at! So it's just the axle clean & press, Deadlift and loading race now. Gives me a much better chance of not embarrassing myself haha. Had a session on axle floor to overhead yesterday. Decided to go with continental clean for technique on the day as I seem to have learned some bad habits on one motioning. I think a realistic target for the day is 4-6 reps, which will be a PB for me too. Followed up with shoulder press, incline bench, incline dumbbell and chest flyes. Next session will be deadlifts but nothing mental as got the comp in a week
  2. Road to 5 plates

    You don't squat. I do. A muscle, singular. What about all the others? It has to be applicable in the real world. If you can train 5x a week then go for it, but drug free? Really? Probably. My point is, there are studies to prove whatever you want. Just do what works for you and don't come into threads saying people wrong for doing a specific routine. Also you will notice in my post, I would move to 3x a week on a periodization protocol if/when I do increase frequency. But I love squats.
  3. Road to 5 plates

    I always cleaned up anyway so it didn't make any difference to me. Not doing squats you're missing out on a huge amount of benefits for your posterior chain, legs and overall conditioning. Especially as a natty lifter due to the increase in free test levels. The Deadlift is very taxing on the CNS, even more so for natties. Freshness is very important in strength sports. You also have to take into account intensity. You can't go balls to the wall 3x a week and expect to progress. That's why periodization is used in professional sports. If I increased the frequency, it'd be 3x in 14 days i.e first session low intensity, next medium and then 3rd high intensity and repeat. But what I do is getting me gaining so imma stick to it.
  4. Road to 5 plates

    I think you'll be training at home for a while based on Boris' announcement!! I think not doing legs or glutes you're missing out on a lot of extra benefits but can only work with what you have but goblet squats and pistol Squats are really good for supplementing deadlifts, for instance. I'm of the train of thought that lifting heavy 1 every 10 days is optimal for me. So if I do an extra session in a week, it'll be a low weight high rep or other variable, or even a different style i.e raised, deficit, paused. I don't think enhanced or natty really comes into it, it's more what works for your body. Gear will give you better recovery amongst other benefits as we all know but you still have to lift and eat properly.
  5. Road to 5 plates

    I generally DL 1x a week but will do twice occasionally
  6. Road to 5 plates

    Yeah that is a good point! Damn, got 6 plates moving though!
  7. Road to 5 plates

    Awful session today. So many idiots around getting in the way of deadlifts. Some guy was curling in the power rack, so had to kick him out. Not a good start. Was really looking forward to my session. Plan to was to do reverse banded deadlifts, high pulls and lat pulldown, with some Cuban presses at the end. Got as far as the Deadlifts before calling it a day. So the bands assisted the first half of the rep which was perfect. Started with 100*10. Then 140*6 then two sets of 180*2 which, yes it was assisted is something I'm pleased with. Good for practising my lockout but still getting the benefits of off the floor. I'd say they took 20-30kg off each side but were loose at the top so it was minimal assistance but still assistance nonetheless. Decided to try 200kg for the fun of it, seeing as I had the bands. Got it moving as you'd expect with bands... failed just above the knee. That's always been my sticking point!! Went downhill after then due to people just getting in my way and faffing around. Hardly anyone here Squats or deadlifts but it's typically on the day I want to DL that everyone is gonna play up. Did some cardio out of anger and went home and ate lol.
  8. Road to 5 plates

    Obviously this is a deadlift log but had a really upper body session today so I'll pop it here but not major detail Shoulder and back dynamic warm ups (including Cuban press) Incline bench, top set 100kg*1. Prior to that 90kg*4 Axle cleans 40kg*6. Each set got progressively better, adapting very quickly to the move. Deliberately did it while slightly fatigued so that when I do it first, I'll be stronger and technique will be spot on. I'm very pleased with it as it is and now not so concerned about the axle clean and press BUT I'm realistic and will definitely continue practise. Chest press, top set 150kg*6 Incline dumbbell (50-70°) 20kg EH*10 for 3 sets Cable upright row 3 sets of 8 Last session with stims today. Give my adrenal gland (and nose) a break and then will get full benefits on comp day. 2 weeks of recovery. Today was the last heavy session. Will just focus on nailing techniques and conditioning. Did the stepper for 10mins today, climbed 90 floors apparently. Avg heart rate was 160bpm. Felt fine other than water dripping off me haha.
  9. Road to 5 plates

    That's probably best piece of advice I've heard. Yeah will do thanks! Someone at my gym said that you tend to PB on comp day, with the adrenaline etc. It's so tempting though to keep working out hard but gotta peak at the right time. I'm aiming for 10 on the axle. Deadlift am aiming for 15. The moving events I'm just gonna go as fast as I can haha. Might run my 50plates up and down the garden a few times lol
  10. Road to 5 plates

    I've heard this haha. The axle press is the only one I have concerns with, since I'm happy with my DL and the moving events. So I'm glad it's the first one!! I'd be happy to make 1 at 90kg haha my 1rm is a shaky 85kg but tbf to me I am like 90kg lol
  11. Road to 5 plates

    Yeah it's about being smart as much as it is strong. I do this on deadlift AMRAP, when not using straps anyway, I'll switch to a mixed grip halfway through a set if needed. I'm with you on one motioning as much as possible. I'm looking for 10 reps, which is one every 6 seconds, so not mental fast but rather a controlled speed.
  12. Road to 5 plates

    Well it's 60kg, which I can get a solid 10 reps on just pressing but obviously the clean makes a massive difference. Good point you make, tbh I can practice both in my sessions, on the day it'll give me the option to go with what feels best. Yeah practice is what is needed, makes it second nature then and the body will just remember what needs to be done. My power clean is much stronger but that's probably from Oly training I did in lockdown when I only had a barbell. It might be a bit late now but I'll add some Cuban presses in as an accessory. At least then once I lose the one motion I can comfortably move to the continental clean.
  13. Road to 5 plates

    Last night was a leg session. Quite simple really. Worked up to a strong 140kg single. Feel like I've got more in the tank but don't want to peak my strength too early. Followed up with 200kg leg press for 3*7 and then walking lunges for 2 sets of 40 metres. Finished off with the stepper. Surprised at my cardio, maintained heart rate of 170bpm for 5 mins, only stopped cause my legs hurt lol. Going to increase usage of the stepper in coming weeks, since 3 events are moving events. Will do last heavy session on Monday coming, thereafter there's not much I can do strength wise, so I'll just work on my technique and cardio. Might not be the strongest come Oct 3rd but I can give myself a good chance of placing well if my cardio is there, since I imagine quite a few people will gas out quite quickly, I don't want to be one of them!
  14. Road to 5 plates

    So much for a variation today. Today's session was based on two of the events that are coming up in the Strongman comp. Deadlifts, naturally, and axle clean and press. Used my stim and ammonia today and practised with my figure 8 straps. Warm ups Adductors, abductors, dynamic glute stretching, banded rows, shoulder girdle, rotator cuffs Deadlift - annoyingly had to do it elevated on a rack as other rack was full. This rack we used took the slack out of the bar, as the plates weren't supported. 60*6 speed 100*4 speed 140*3 160*1 180*1 120*14 - AMRAP 60 seconds. Very pleased with this, kept a good pace. Cable rows 70*10 for 3 sets Axle cleans Bar * 10 Bar * 10 35 * 6 45 * 6 For the Deadlifts, this is my last heavy session. Was surprised by how quick the 180kg went up! Next session will be low weight, then another AMRAP session then done. Nothing more can do after that really. Got my pre lift routine nailed and happy with my stim and ammonia and wraps. With the axle clean, am practicing one motion and getting timings down for the second pull. Debating whether to pull to the belt and clean from there or one motion. During the day I was shifting concrete blocks and cement bags so practised the loading race with those haha. Can move pretty quick with 50kg of cement in my arms lol. Really good session today, had two people from the same show to train with, one in the women's B and the other guy is in the men's A, same as me. Yes we've kind of shown our strengths and weaknesses but at the end of the day we're mates and pushing each other on. In relation to the thread, I think I'll have a 200kg deadlift by December based on today's session
  15. Road to 5 plates

    Did a leg session today. Really enjoyed it, got a massive pump but got a cramp after eating dinner lol, evidently not enough sodium/water but topped up and doesn't feel like it will in my sleep, at least I hope not. Warm up Dynamic glute stretching, pistol Squats, Spanish Squats, abduction machine Back Squat 60*12, 80*3, 90*3, 100*3, 110*3, 120*2 Leg press 120*20, 160*10, 200*10 drop set to 120* failure followed by sissy Squats Leg extensions 20*20, 30*20, 40*10 Walking lunges 20metres, 20metres Again, after Squats, a very bodybuilder-ish session but felt good and this sort of training keeps me strong and improves my stamina. I tend to keep leg press stance at a similar stance to my DL stance so that I can improve my leg drive and get the feeling of 'pushing the earth away'. Will be an upper body session on Wednesday, chest and shoulders, so won't really update until Friday which will be deadlifts again, except a variation this time. Stay tuned