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  1. Road to 5 plates

    Well, lockdown hampered a lot didn't it? Got some (major) DIY done though, built a summer house (gym but don't tell the wife haha) and took a few months off training. Went back for a leg session yesterday, in the morning. Great first session and really feeling it now. Didn't really plan anything as just wanted to get back into it but feels like I never stopped going. Squats 60*10, 80*8, 90*6, 100*3, 60*30 (been watching Tom platz...) Walking lunges superset with leg extension Hamstring curls - lying Hamstring curls - standing Calf raises
  2. Road to 5 plates

    Well, shoulders and legs didn't work out at all well lol. Back to how I was training before! If it isn't broke... I'm not even going to bother to write it out it was that bad a session.
  3. Road to 5 plates

    Nah decided to make my own program. Personally, while I think programs are good, essentially all they do is provide structure and focus. I've looked at a few different programs over the years and incorporate different aspects into my own program. In reality all I'm changing is what I workout as my rep ranges will stay the same as will my periodization
  4. Road to 5 plates

    Haven't posted in a while as been working out a new routine which I started on Saturday. Decided I need to be more focused on movements rather than mixing BB and PL together. So new routine is based on two major movements and will contain accessories around it. This stop my pressing from suffering without hampering my DL progress and I don't lose so much energy on bodybuilding routines. Friday: Incline Bench & Deadlift Monday: Shoulder press & Squats Wednesday: Back or shoulders or Carry & Arms
  5. Road to 5 plates

    Haven't updated chest session from weds. Today was deadlift day. Decided to change my routine around a bit. It's still bodybuilder-ish, which is ok to an extent but need to focus more on event training. Will update that once I've written it out. Anyway, today: Dynamic Glute warm ups Deadlift: 60*8, 120*6, 140*3, 160*2, 180*1, 190*1 Pendlay row: 60 for 3 sets of 8 Lower back extension: 140 for 3 sets of 10 Glute bridges, dead bug, Supermans
  6. Road to 5 plates

    They're definitely not for going heavy on imo
  7. Road to 5 plates

    Closest I got is 190kg X 2, so have improved but still 30kg off. Aim is last week of the year to get 200kg
  8. Road to 5 plates

    Tbh my knees are fine lol it's my quads that are killing me. I do both, but the hack squat at my gym seems to be easier on the knees than others I've used. But i'd always used a barbell over hacks
  9. Road to 5 plates

    How do you think my knees feel
  10. Road to 5 plates

    Well, after 4 weeks off started up last week just to get back in to the movements with my home gym set up. Went to gym last night, surprised how quiet it was, it was bliss. So did what everyone didn't do and did legs. Wasn't planning to do anything heavy but ended up going quiet hard at the workout! Warmed up with 10mins fast walk (I was cold, I hate cardio). Abduction machine Adductor machine Squats, bar x12, 60kgx12, 90kg X 6, 110 X 3, 120 X2. Hack squats 3 sets of 50x8, 1 minute rest Leg extensions, 20x10, 30x 10, 35x10, 40 x8 drop set to 25x 8 Seated hamstring curl 50 x12, 70x10,70x10 Lying hamstring curl 32x10, 39x10, 46 X10 Fair to say I feel sore
  11. Advice on deadlift

    If you can do 140 for 11 you can easily pull 180 mate What do your sets look like? I.e 140x11 followed by 150x8? Could be simply gassing out. If you want to get stronger, make sure your rest is 3-5mins long (ATP/Creatine phosphate recovery) Reps ranges above 6 can easily gas you out. Maybe lower your rep range? Doing accessories will help out to. And, might sound counterintuitive but not deadlifting for a week or two can help too. Take your pick! I did all the above and broke my pb with an extra rep on top. There hasn't been confirmation saying deadlifting 2x a week is better than 1x a week or vice versa, previous person said it on a different thread with some study which said it *might be* better. Deadlift as often/little as you want but remember the CNS can take a while to recover (more than a week if it was a brutal pull).
  12. Get some Squat shoes. Sabo do some good ones, at strength shop. Better than Nike romaloes IMO. Get a good overhead squat Get good shoulder and hip mobility Practice each part of the movement in isolation. I.e. for snatch, practice hang grip deadlifts, hang snatch and overhead squat before putting it all together. Be prepared to warm up, a lot Find lasha talakhadze on YouTube
  13. How do you record your progress?

    People look at you if you do phone or pen and paper so do what you want mate! The fact you're recording it puts you above them already Personally phone works for me best because I'm not as likely to leave it at home as a notepad
  14. Road to 5 plates

    Back to deadlifts today. Glad I did hearing the lockdown is coming back. Today's session was pretty decent. Exercises below: Abduction Adduction Glute kickback Hyperextensions Deadlifts 60*8, 100*6, 140*3, 170*2, 190*1 Cable row Lat row Dbbell bent over row 35s Triceps I like to warm up from my ankles upwards, so I do ankle mobility work before starting on the adductor and abduction machines before finishing my warm up with kickbacks and Hyperextensions, warming my whole lower body up and getting switched on. On the Deadlifts, 60 feels like an empty bar these days I lift it faster than I stand up! 100 & 140 moved handily too. I find my grip goes at 140 so I need to get that sorted. 170 felt ok and 190 was a bit of a grind but much easier than last time I tried it. The exercises afterwards are mainly aimed at strengthening my entire back, although I will sometimes do the bent over rows or pendlay rows before deadlifts. Followed by 3 tricep exercises and called it a day. On course for 200kg by end of year so gonna keep on it!