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  1. Advice on deadlift

    If you can do 140 for 11 you can easily pull 180 mate What do your sets look like? I.e 140x11 followed by 150x8? Could be simply gassing out. If you want to get stronger, make sure your rest is 3-5mins long (ATP/Creatine phosphate recovery) Reps ranges above 6 can easily gas you out. Maybe lower your rep range? Doing accessories will help out to. And, might sound counterintuitive but not deadlifting for a week or two can help too. Take your pick! I did all the above and broke my pb with an extra rep on top. There hasn't been confirmation saying deadlifting 2x a week is better than 1x a week or vice versa, previous person said it on a different thread with some study which said it *might be* better. Deadlift as often/little as you want but remember the CNS can take a while to recover (more than a week if it was a brutal pull).
  2. 1st comp done - Static Monsters

    Good lifts mate!
  3. Get some Squat shoes. Sabo do some good ones, at strength shop. Better than Nike romaloes IMO. Get a good overhead squat Get good shoulder and hip mobility Practice each part of the movement in isolation. I.e. for snatch, practice hang grip deadlifts, hang snatch and overhead squat before putting it all together. Be prepared to warm up, a lot Find lasha talakhadze on YouTube
  4. How do you record your progress?

    People look at you if you do phone or pen and paper so do what you want mate! The fact you're recording it puts you above them already Personally phone works for me best because I'm not as likely to leave it at home as a notepad
  5. Road to 5 plates

    Back to deadlifts today. Glad I did hearing the lockdown is coming back. Today's session was pretty decent. Exercises below: Abduction Adduction Glute kickback Hyperextensions Deadlifts 60*8, 100*6, 140*3, 170*2, 190*1 Cable row Lat row Dbbell bent over row 35s Triceps I like to warm up from my ankles upwards, so I do ankle mobility work before starting on the adductor and abduction machines before finishing my warm up with kickbacks and Hyperextensions, warming my whole lower body up and getting switched on. On the Deadlifts, 60 feels like an empty bar these days I lift it faster than I stand up! 100 & 140 moved handily too. I find my grip goes at 140 so I need to get that sorted. 170 felt ok and 190 was a bit of a grind but much easier than last time I tried it. The exercises afterwards are mainly aimed at strengthening my entire back, although I will sometimes do the bent over rows or pendlay rows before deadlifts. Followed by 3 tricep exercises and called it a day. On course for 200kg by end of year so gonna keep on it!
  6. Road to 5 plates

    Legs tonight. Pleased with the session, had to change things around a bit as both squat racks were being used for once lol. Dynamic glute/quad/hamstring stretches Adductor machine Leg press worked up to 240kg for 12 Safety bar squat worked up to 90*3 & 100*3. Went below parallel nicely. Walking lunges 30m with 10kg each hand Calf raises donkey calf raises I like the safety bar squat because I find it really assists the Deadlift due to the need to keep the torso upright among one of the benefits. Also, it worked out well to do leg press first, because if I do squats pre-fatigued, when I come to do them fresh, I'll be even stronger on them. I'm going to do this for the next few sessions and watch my deadlift improve
  7. Road to 5 plates

    Today did chest, felt a bit meh but ground out a good session. Incline bench worked up to 90kg for 2*2 Flat dumbbell press worked up to 43s then 45s for a set of 5 Cable flyes Tricep pressdown Dumbbell tricep extension Kickback Finish. Nothing major, just not going to neglect pressing whole trying to increase Deadlift. Aim for end of year is to deadlift 195kg, squat 140kg for 5 and dumbbell press the 50s
  8. Road to 5 plates

    So, not been on for a while as took 2 weeks to work on the house. Went down the gym like, 6 times in that period. Didn't deadlift at all as doing a lot of lifting on the wheelbarrow, along with flooring, ripping out a bathroom and so on... Anyway, did 3 PB's in that time. Incline bench 102.5kg X 2 - increase of a rep lol Flat bench 100kg X 4 for two sets - rep and set PB Squats 120kg X 5 rep PB Naturally very pleased with that. Today, as back at work, went down in the evening and did deadlifts. Workout below. No pwo, ammonia for top set Dynamic glute, adductor stretching, Hyperextensions. Deadlift 60*10, 100*8, 140*3. Added straps for 160*3. 190*2 - straps and ammonia. Very very happy with that. Rep and weight PB in the same set. Form was awful but I got the weight for two reps. Yes, lifting the weight isn't be all and end all but it's a max effort. Weight flew up and took me by surprise lol. Rest of the workout was lat pulldown, cable row then tricep work and home. Blood sugar has just dived to 1.9 - I have hypoglycaemia. So just gorged on fruit and sweets and who knows what else. Genuinely cannot think other than eat eat eat when it happens. Fortunately I caught it early and have a proper meal in front of me to see me through the night
  9. Road to 5 plates

    Yeah that's more like what I mean. For me, I think it makes some difference. If I'm not focused on the muscles I'm using, my form is more likely to suffer. There's a difference between just using the muscle and consciously contracting the muscle though. You'll fatigue quicker consciously contracting the muscle but then you'll work the muscle harder so it depends on your preferred style IMO.
  10. Road to 5 plates

    Exactly. Studies have a use but to swear by it, unless it covers your specific requirements, is silly.
  11. Road to 5 plates

    So today, found out the comp has been (unsurprisingly) postponed. Went with my planned workout anyway. Weirdly can't seem to connect with the weights or get the mind muscle connection going but still able to lift the weight fine. Started with rack pulls just below the knee, working sets of 4*3, 2sets at 140kg, 2 sets at 160kg. Felt could have gone heavier but given I tried 200kg the other day, decided not to. Followed with cable row, 4 sets of 50kgx10. Lat row, 3*10 sets, 60,70,90kg Lat pulldown 56kg * 10 4 sets Then some rear delt flyes and finished. It was a strange one, got the weight moving fine, was actually very strong for me. Didn't get tired even though I didn't exactly go slow. Got a pump in the end on my back but just couldn't 'feel' the weight. My bet is my warm up was rushed hence the lack of connection but this is the 3rd session now.
  12. Road to 5 plates

    Yeah but how many people do that lol they just take what they want out of it
  13. Road to 5 plates

    The comp has been changed to 3 events, which I'm kind of pleased with, as 2 of them I'm good at! So it's just the axle clean & press, Deadlift and loading race now. Gives me a much better chance of not embarrassing myself haha. Had a session on axle floor to overhead yesterday. Decided to go with continental clean for technique on the day as I seem to have learned some bad habits on one motioning. I think a realistic target for the day is 4-6 reps, which will be a PB for me too. Followed up with shoulder press, incline bench, incline dumbbell and chest flyes. Next session will be deadlifts but nothing mental as got the comp in a week
  14. Road to 5 plates

    You don't squat. I do. A muscle, singular. What about all the others? It has to be applicable in the real world. If you can train 5x a week then go for it, but drug free? Really? Probably. My point is, there are studies to prove whatever you want. Just do what works for you and don't come into threads saying people wrong for doing a specific routine. Also you will notice in my post, I would move to 3x a week on a periodization protocol if/when I do increase frequency. But I love squats.
  15. Road to 5 plates

    I always cleaned up anyway so it didn't make any difference to me. Not doing squats you're missing out on a huge amount of benefits for your posterior chain, legs and overall conditioning. Especially as a natty lifter due to the increase in free test levels. The Deadlift is very taxing on the CNS, even more so for natties. Freshness is very important in strength sports. You also have to take into account intensity. You can't go balls to the wall 3x a week and expect to progress. That's why periodization is used in professional sports. If I increased the frequency, it'd be 3x in 14 days i.e first session low intensity, next medium and then 3rd high intensity and repeat. But what I do is getting me gaining so imma stick to it.