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  1. Good series ?

    Bad Blood is quite good.
  2. Are big booties getting out of hand

    I'd heard that....
  3. Is it worth getting a 4k telly?

    I thought youtube was down graded to 1080p?
  4. Sunny bank hol

    Which alcohol free beers do you like?
  5. TB 500 advice

    Keen to know more about this, in terms of how long to run to aid recovery. I've just had my distal bicep tendon reattached
  6. Ruptured Distal Biceps Tendon

    Does anyone know what sort of duration the above should be run for recovery?
  7. Ruptured Distal Biceps Tendon

    I've just had this happen, a week ago, having surgery in 2 days time to reattach it before too late. Thanks for all the useful tips on here.
  8. The only thing with learning a trade, is that you're putting a cap on what you can earn. Why don't you learn about how to set up and run a business too? That way, you can employ people to make you money....
  9. Joe Rogan Podcast- Sleep expert, mind blown

    I listened to this earlier in the week. Blew my mind, some of the facts and stats.
  10. Where did you go for the holiday? Sounds perfect!!