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  1. Baby boy name!!

    Samson, achilles, if you’re an odd one that wants to name him after ur interest or you could go with a normal Alex, Michael, or David Carlton reminds me of that beta fresh prince character
  2. Cigarettes, online dating and photoshop
  3. £10k free for all 25 year olds!

    It would just drive up property prices with more demand so be all for nothing in the end
  4. Support the US government

    It’s not to say there wasn’t any used but it seems illogical for the government to attack like this when they were winning and trump having declared he was pulling out. I just have lost any faith in US interference being genuine. Obviously they have an interest in overturning Assad with him not playing ball with the gas pipeline and favouring Russia but it seems more sinister than just that. If they care so much about human atrocities and rights why Syria and why not meddle in other countries in similar situations? They didn’t even have concrete proof of bring it to the un for vote. Also there’s the mess they’ve left behind in lybia and Iraq on the premise of WMD. Not just the US mind but France and the UK gov too have blood on their hands.
  5. Support the US government

    Russia and Syrian gov
  6. partners with low sex drives

    Don’t worry, she’ll be getting taken care of by Jamal if that keeps up