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  1. How badly do you want a McDonalds?

    Chicken strips are called selects and only come in 3 or 5 mate
  2. How badly do you want a McDonalds?

    Just get double burgers and chuck the buns
  3. White Shaming

    Why can you friends not come to the UK? if you think this is attractive then fair enough, we are all different. I for sure do not find her attractive and I don’t think as many straight red blooded males as you call them would define her as very attractive. regarding your fitness advise thanks I’m just back from running 10km.
  4. White Shaming

    So have plenty of unarmed white men. Why did you feel the need to include race and not say plenty of unarmed men have been killed because they were not polite
  5. White Shaming

    It’s just a thought to see the general consensus. Wait out. I’ll get one created now with your girls
  6. White Shaming

    A ‘man’ who you kidding boy
  7. White Shaming

    Northern Ireland is not part of Great Britain. The only people cover religion and race with the same blanket are the confused and narrow minded.
  8. White Shaming

    Seems you have not been reading any of my posts In this thread other than ones I’ve replied to you as you will find I am defending Muslims. Many refer to them a race which is wrong and many are narrowed minded towards their faith however having lived across the Middle East I am not. I don’t refer to myself as a white man nor do I worry about colours of others skins or their religious beliefs I treat everyone as a human and how they are to me. ok will now that you are bringing my sexuality into it. The pictures of the girls you’ve posed you claim any red blooded heterosexual Male would find very attractive. I’ll start a poll with their pictures on here to see how the majority of straight, white as you like to define men on here find them attractive.
  9. White Shaming

    Why have you deleted the pictures of the rotten ‘girls’
  10. White Shaming

    Yes but let’s not let the truth get in the way of a white man feeling hard done by
  11. White Shaming

    You say Muslims then say white people. Muslim is a religion not a race. Those who follow Islam could be white also. You don’t understand the definition clearly
  12. White Shaming

    I’m yet to see anyone back up these claims with facts. Police forces are equal opportunities employers and yes they say they are under represented from females, ethnic minorities and LGBT community however the pass mark is the pass mark. Those who say they didn’t let me in because I was white and Straight simply were not good enough. Now I’m happy to be proved wrong but until then I just enjoy listening to the rubbish failures and rejects but down to not getting the job. Speaking from someone who has served in the police
  13. White Shaming

    So listen to him he is taking rubbish. People like to say o I didn’t get in because I wasn’t Asian, or gay or whatever. They didn’t get in because they didn’t Make the grade. The pass mark is the pass mark
  14. White Shaming

    Ok crack head if you think getting compliments if that’s what you call it off them then enjoy. That first thing is road kill. Is the second one a teenage boy going through transition?