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  1. Who can do a muscle up?

    I’m 107kg whatever that is in lbs and I can do them. It’s technique. You need to learn how to kip first and break down the movement. chest to bars are good. Tricep dips for the pressing movement and negative pull ups all help build the movement. Need the explosive pull and good pull to get the flick of the wrist to get over the bar then press
  2. I’ve doubled and increased. No training so let the drugs do the donkey work
  3. Holidays 2021

    Just have to self isolate on return
  4. GYM!

    It’s a good time to run Dnp and take up walking
  5. Im In hospitals quite regularly and they are empty. Some wards are like a ghost town it’s unprecedented. There are plenty of cancellations and people not getting treatment they desperately need as the party line is the nhs is over ran and hospitals at capacity when in theory plenty of wards are empty. Issue is so many nhs staff hve said f**k it and went off on the sick
  6. Absolute rubbish. Care to post anything that backs the up? Would you class cancer treatment as essential or non?
  7. Hair Transplant members here

    I had it done, 3 in my gym, one in my work and my hairdresser. Can show you my mates pictures and reviews if needed.
  8. Hair Transplant members here

    It’s less than £1700 in Turkey including flights
  9. Hair Transplant members here

    Just under £2000 Including flights from Northern Ireland
  10. National Lockdown

    Let’s be honest the vaccine doesn’t stop the spread of the virus. Apparently stops you dying from it so don’t worry if one chooses not to get it. It’s their life and their choice. Hopefully those in your family don’t want to have children
  11. National Lockdown

    Could you at least out of respect for the original author post the website in which you copy and paste from.
  12. National Lockdown

    This is not what the government deem acceptable this is what the company provided
  13. National Lockdown

    You moron. You literally are posting suicide rates in 2019 prior to COVID-19 therefore totally contradicts all you are spouting regarding covid 19 sending suicide rates sky high which factually and statistically is bollox.
  14. @wylde99 how did you get jackoffblades password?