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    Washing up liquid deemed non essential

    Your 3 month old needs new clothes. Rough wrap it in a towel. You can however buy vodka to drown out how much of a s**t parent you feel
  3. Who the fvck fvcks a chicken??

    It’s pretty standard practice in many Arab communities unfortunately. Watched it with my own eyes but being governed at the time by the Geneva convention and the laws or armed conflict I couldn’t let loose some 7.62mm and free the poor goat or dogs
  4. Anyone else been in this position?

    My wife and partner of 14 years for someone 6 weeks after we split up. 3 years later they live together in a new big house. Some people just move on quick bro. Chin up. It will take time and I mean a lot of time and you need to get out about and feel confident and content in yourself before dating. Been there walked in those shoes. Chin up and it’s a long road and many sleepless nights stay away from tren and clomid for now

    Kid shits all over your bed sheets and quilt. They need binned. You can’t go buy new bed sheets and quilt as it’s non essential to have sleeping stuff. Couldn’t make it up
  6. How do you date girls in the UK?

    I shouldn’t even call them animals but Arabs. I’ve seen what they do to animals. Watching them chase, catch a coat, pull their pjs (well that’s what they look like) down and ride the goat it’s horrible likewise how in humane they treat dogs let along young girls. Vile creatures themselves and animals are much better
  7. Manchester in Tier 3 lockdown - Gyms stay open

    That’s a fair point. Unfortunately a necessary evil during war times. I’m sure you will agree one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter. I’ve no doubt if I was born a few mile away I would of took up the fight for the republicans and not the Brits. Thankfully those days are pretty much behind us and after travelling the world it’s a country I love and not one I plan to leave now I have a home on the north coast
  8. Regards after every post

    Cud u nt shrtn Donald to D?
  9. How do you date girls in the UK?

    It’s only women covered up who are married already up your forgetting they choose them when a young child and they can see their face. They won’t know about tits as when they choose their wife or the girls mum sells to the new grooms father the girl hasn’t developed yet
  10. How do you date girls in the UK?

    I’ve spent considerable time in Afghanistan and peshwar the tribal regions of Afghanistan operating as a solider for the government and contractors.
  11. Regards after every post

    Some people may be more formal and polite and not talking like a 12 year old with text talk?
  12. Gyms to re-open in Merseyside

    For sure. The government are a mess and have no clue how to behave throughout this. The confusion and contradictory measures are ludicrous
  13. Manchester in Tier 3 lockdown - Gyms stay open

    That’s the Irish mate
  14. Manchester in Tier 3 lockdown - Gyms stay open

    Brits in Northern Ireland have been doing it for years glad to see some on the mainland too
  15. Cyclists insurance?

    It’s even worse now the legalisation has changed and electric bikes are no longer considered MPV and therefore the road traffic act does not apply to them now