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  1. Tour du mount blanc

    Yea fair enough. I might end up doing it with a company over 10 days. I’m still researching but it appears I can get flights. Bring my own breakfast and lunch for the trail and just book into refuge for the evening meal and bed then shower in the morning plus charge my phone and get it all in for around £400-600 depend if I do it within 7 days or 10 days
  2. Have you tired to peel Mars. Ps it’s you’re if it’s for you are
  3. Tour du mount blanc

    My research is in the infancy really though seen plenty or solo and couple travellers on YouTube book and do it Independently. The route is a generic route either do clockwise or counter. I’ll start in Chamonix. Just plan how much you will walk each day and sort accommodation for that night. I’ll carry my breakfast and lunch both dehydrated meals so can boil up and cook them anywhere. I’ve a water filter so can get water anywhere on the go. If I’m stuck I’ll eat evening meals dehydrated or stuck up along the trial but from what I’ve seen there Are plenty of chance to stop along the trial to pick up supplies and can buy meals in mountain huts ect. I hope to get it done in 6 nights 7 days and cost around £500 all in
  4. Tour du mount blanc

    When were you hoping to do it? That company seems quite expensive. I would be booking it myself and guiding myself like I see that one is also self guided. For breakfast and lunch I will be carrying on my pack and use my jetboil in the morning and lunch to boil water for a brew and dehydrated meal. I’ll happily pay for evening meal the small fee at mountain huts. I’m still in the early stages but plan to do it all in about 1/3 of that companies price
  5. Tour du mount blanc

    Regarding the 3G that wouldn’t be a problem as I would pre book camp sites or huts for accommodation each night. Have the route pre planned into my watch and therefore GPS can’t see me go wrong while along the trail. It’s 105mile through 3 countries and just seems so much cheaper than a summit of mount blanc as I’ll be self guided. Have all the kit so don’t need to buy ice boots, crampons ect and pay a guided tour. feom YouTube videos and speaking to people wild camping is near impossible. It’s illegal and enforced and patrolled by rangers over there are however I have heard of some people manage the 6/7 nights along the trail in each country wild camping and getting away with it. I don’t mind paying the 9-15 euro from what I researched for 7 nights if needed. It’s nice to have a shower facility, toilet and electric sockets for such a minimal price
  6. Tour du mount blanc

    Has anyone hiked the tour du mount blanc? 105 miles through the alps encompassing France, Italy and Switzerland? Did you go without a guide, how long? Pre book camping sites? alternatively has anyone been anywhere for a week or more with great hiking and mountains? Somewhere like Slovenia, Slovakia, Italy or even Georgia
  7. Any chubby chasers?

    I’ve did this once in bed. thought I was cupping her breast in a cuddle was just back/side fat
  8. I’ve lost more ‘weight’ in a week or DNP and more kcals
  9. one rip 200

    And no gains either by all accounts
  10. My first sarms cycle

    Horses for courses. I couldn’t think of anything worse than playing computer games at 17
  11. winstrol

    Ran 100mg for 12 weeks and ran about 30 mile weekly around 90kg 6ft at the time no issues with any joint pain. Strongest I’ve ever been
  12. Anyone backpacked

    I wouldn’t be sure if they are married as I didn’t check for rings tho seen them in the Middle East
  13. Anyone backpacked

    What about all the couples from 20-60 who travel and backpack, hike, camp ect. I see more of them that your latter category
  14. Wife has a long face during sex

    If you’re not happy then leave and find someone who will make you happy
  15. Fat Dissolving Injections

    Wonder does this PT sell the HGH too!? You don’t need that PT just a new attitude towards losing weight of restricting kcals, increasing movement