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  1. Day 7

    I haven’t been to the free state since they were spending punts
  2. Day 7

    I laugh at the serious replies as if this actually happened
  3. Your cycle was terrible but you know that so let’s not dwell on it. what are you running now? Are you doing cardio? Can your get provion
  4. Is SAVV...Leedalifter?

    He isn’t that level of stupid. He is close.
  5. We all have to Self isolate at our house.

    See my son is 2. Dry cough Sunday night into Monday. Monday coughing. Slight temp Monday night 37.6. Tuesday morning 38.4 not eating saying hot hot. Just cuddling and crying. Drinking juice and eating lollies. Tuesday 1pm 39.1 degrees. Phone Gp refuse to talk. Say ring 111. They say we aren’t testing (here in Northern Ireland) so keep at home and self isolate. Currently temp 38.6 crying too hot. Can’t sleep he is only two. His brother is 5 in the house he is fine. kids are resilient and I hope he recovers obviously. Im divorced but talk to his mum my ex wife daily. Face timed them today. Can’t see them but I hope tomorrow morning temp is down. Hospital admission will be last resort as tbat means a 2 year old on his own kicked in a room with no parents. f**k that
  6. Day 4

    No limit enforceable it’s at the owners desecration what to limit who buys what
  7. An interesting one on the Virus.

    The strong will survive. The weak will die and the world will be a better place
  8. Food and film

    What did you have it with? POF is hard work
  9. Food and film

    Are you tree hugging veggie
  10. Food and film

    Nah it’s amazon prime. 17 year old boy maybe like den of thieves on Netflix and the wife could watch it too
  11. Food and film

    Tel them man on fire is a good family film with a happy ending which both are technically true
  12. Food and film

    So what’s your food and film tonight. im debating between Thai and Chinese. films is going to be man on fire, mollys game and the report. Should see the night in
  13. How will I live without training

    Ha my CV is mainly just mountains, hills, countryside walks with the dog for 2-6 hours at a time as an opportunity to escape
  14. Please can you guys help me make a plan

    Terrible. Absolutely terrible. train StrongLifts 5x5 come back in 12 weeks