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  1. Sigma Labs

    @lewdylewd So whats the verdict?? Bunk??
  2. Sigma Labs

    So this Sigma Lab not worth the money?? Ive been using British Dragon and Dunning so im used to overdosed gear but I cant afford to use them this time. Is Sigma bunk??
  3. Yeah ive been heasring good things and those bits look good but youll never know until you drop a pill and shoot. Ive ordered as they are one of the few labs that do Masteron E. Lets see how they fair.
  4. New Cycle Keifei

    Yup very impressed actually. Pinning smooth, zero PIP and dosed spot on. Triple filtered whete needed and as close to pharma grade as you will get without breaking your bank.
  5. KEIFEI pharma Please help!

    Hello mate, I've used their Sustanon 250, Test 350, Decca 300 and grey top growth. They are in my opinion the closest thing to a Pharma grade product as you will ever get. Smooth to pin, zero PIP and easy on the wallet. I hope this helped. Good luck and post your resaults.
  6. Sphinx Pharma

    One more little note, SIS are no longer accepting bank transfers and Bitcoin is their preferred option, if you dare.
  7. Elixir labs feedback

    Haha very good! Tren looks cloudy, underdosed test! I'll never touch them again.
  8. Hey ive heard about this DHB not got hold of it yet but what does it do exsactly that compaires to winny??
  9. Hahaha jeezz man maybe stay clean and just eat sleep and take suppluments. You can use Sustanon which is slow release over 10 days or Test Enanthate. Primo is maybe 2 jabs a week. Anavar 40-60 mg a day and winny again another good drug which is hard on the liver so only 6-8 weeks. Its advisable to use Test as a base incase of shut down plus its the foundation for muscle grown. Primo 600mg pw Test 250 pw Anavar or Winny tabs 50per day to round off.
  10. Yeah your looking at a bottle a week to really hit the sweet spot but first time 600 a week. Youll feel awsome, fuller more powerful and to be honest after it settles in roughly 6 days youll see what all the fuss was about. Your looking at a good 8 week blast but with the right diet and some Anavar toward the end to spike your lifts youll walk away with clean gaines. Ive just run some Dunning Labs and Good2go also Kiefei are up there. Quality drug.
  11. Is this to me, I cant remember if I used price or not! Sorry ifI did not thinking straight lol
  12. Ive just bought Dunning Labs Primo. Ive trained early morning for years on test E cycles with Primo at 1mg every 2nd day. The Dunning Labs is a fantastic lab, i rate it up there with Sphynx & Excel. Im feeling like a million dollars, well Done Dunning, the Muts Nuts once again!
  13. Elixir labs feedback

    Ive had 3 bad experiences with this lab Elixir. Tren A cloudy and bits in it sent back to source and he blocked me after promising a refund. Then 2 vials of Sus sent as replacements for Excell. I did a whole 10ml bottle in 2 weeks and nothing, not a dickie. Got my Excell sent through after complaining and whoosh, body started looking better in a few days of pinning. Elixir labs are shocking! Shame, fancey packaging probably cost more than rheir crap raw's and filtration gear all to gether.
  14. I had a Tren E sent through. Cloudy, brown gunky with white stringy s**t at the bottom. Binned, winny tabs tested and zero winny. Binned.
  15. OllieM1

    Hi, Ive been trainning since 14 years old and it was my life untill I answered an advert to rent a house near where I worked. The owner took my £850 depposite and 3 mobths later broke into the house whilst I was asleep and smashed me about with a brick hammer because he was jellous. I have a broken back ive had to completely change my life but im just about to get back into the gym 6 years later! I thought id better come here for some good info not only insperational but educational and drug info. I juice or did for the last 2 years of normal life. Any way theres me, thank you.