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  1. Right, that would make sense, and yeah my main goal is size. regarding the the link, is Mikes approach suitable for a beginner? I considered periodised approaches like this to be for the advanced lifter who has a solid foundation of strength - I've been training about 7 months. cheers
  2. Well this was my first week back after the deload, and yeah I did just go back to doing the same. I've managed to add more reps than before on some of my big lifts, apart from bench press which was the main one that seemed to have stalled and still is so far (seem to be stuck on 28 total reps at this weight with bench for about a month, but other lifts have gone up). Perhaps just going back to the same isn't the best idea then. I was unaware that periodisation was used after a deload based on the fact that everyone was saying they often hit PRs on their first week back. Would it be advisable to switch to lowering the overload for now then or to just continue with the same loads I'm using and see how it goes? I suppose With what you've said I'm concerned now I'll run into a brick wall continuing, but then again two of my lifts are better than they were before the deload. Cheers
  3. Thanks for the reply. with that in mind, might it mean this deload week was unnessesary? My idea was to just continue until I hit a plateau. I got to 13 weeks continually getting stronger with my lifts (Each week i'd be able to do an extra rep) but then my total reps remained the same for two weeks. I took this as a sign it might be a good idea to deload, especially considering I'd had 13 weeks at high intensity.
  4. My lifts are the same as before. I heard with a successful deloads most people come back stronger. Is this usually the case? What are people's experiences? Cheers
  5. Diet during deload?

    Okay, I'll give that a try, cheers.
  6. Diet during deload?

    Thanks for the reply, Ultra. That makes sense. Do you think I should keep lifting but with lowered volume, or have a complete week off?
  7. I was wondering what you guys do with your diet during a deload? I hit the 12 week point in my program and have decided to take a break, but I'm not sure whether I should remain in a surplus or drop to maintenance. Some say the extra calories will be of need for full recovery, but then I'd feel I've not got enough training stimulus to warrant it. Then there's the question of whether you should be training at all. Some take a complete break from the weights or just cut it considerably during the deload week. Just curious of how people approach this. Cheers!
  8. Question about calories on rest days

    Thanks for the links and comments. I'll go through tonight
  9. Hi. Many of you may have seen this study if you're interested in the topic: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8563679 So according to this study, muscles only grow for 36 hours; muscle protein synthesis rates peaking for 24 hours, then returning to baseline by 36. Considering we are to maintain a caloric surplus to build muscle, would it make sense based on this to cycle calories on rest days? If this study is correct, muscle building potential ceases after 36 hours, meaning that surely any caloric surplus after that time would just be stored as fat. Can anyone shed some light? Cheers
  10. Thought this might be of interest: http://bayesianbodybuilding.com/best-time-to-work-out/
  11. Dorian Yates - Inside the Shadow

    Great interview. Always thoroughly respected Dorian Yates.
  12. In many full body programs, the frequency is one day on, one day off, finishing with two consecutive days off after the third workout. In this example below, Would it be a sensible decision to eat around maintainance calories on the last off day hilighted in bold? ON/OFF/ON/OFF/ON/OFF/OFF I would imagine by the end of this day, the anoboloc effect of a surplus in relation to the last workout would have dropped off considerably, meaning you wouldn't need as many calories and much of it might end up as fat gain. Would this be correct? Obviously, that extra day at the end is for recovery. So I was unsure as to whether a surplus was needed despite the fact of lower potential for muscle growth. Cheers
  13. Cheers for the replies. In relation to rest days and high activity levels, what about general sports? I mentioned playing tennis, or maybe squash or basket ball; do you have to be careful with that sort of stuff too in regards to recovering for a workout the following day? obviously, that sort of thing is nothing compared to heavy manual labour. I just wonder to what extent recovery is affected at various daily activity levels and whether you'd be doing yourself a disservice by participating in sports in your off days.
  14. 17 and just starting... is there any hope?

    Best of luck dude, congrats on your recovery. you've got some great advice here from the experts, go kill it!
  15. Right I presumed so. it would probably be wise to take a day off today, then, I'm guessing. cheers