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  1. new pharm grade

    You mean 36iu and not 3.6 com on fella at least do some research in what your selling
  2. new pharm grade

    You gotta be shitting me ! I was hoping that it's was going to be Pharma grade and then some
  3. new pharm grade

    I'm going with picking finger
  4. new pharm grade

    Learn how to spell for f**k sake
  5. new pharm grade

    Why would have all that GH when you clearly know f**k all about running cycles or compounds....I'm saying that you've landed some gear and are now trying to punt it out
  6. new pharm grade

    Why is your finger nail soooooooo long Bro !
  7. UKMuscle Virgin

    Welcome ....loads of great advice and good bunch of guys and girls
  8. Fighting depression and anxiety

    Good luck ....time to push the past away and start pushing some iron, hope we can help give you that extra boost when things are getting you down
  9. Looking for tips to get lean and diet

    Wow!! You have got manners ...loooooool
  10. Testolic prop real are fake

    There have been fakes of these knocking about for a few years ....the logo on the fakes is just a simple Grey print as to where the ones you have and the ones that I have found to be good...have a silver foil logo on both the box and amps Hope that helps
  11. New here

    Laughing my ducking ass off .....lower the Test
  12. Ducking turn it in! Do you even lift Bro!
  13. Tren flatness

    1400mg of Tren per week? WTF no wonder your flat like a pancake I've run low test and high tren many times but that takes the biscuit Drop the tren to a more reasonable amount .....like half or up the test and add in some oxy to get the fullness back...I'd say lower the tren before your nipples start leaking
  14. I remember when i had so many nots in my ass that I would use a green just so that I didn't have stand there for ages on the barrel....now my Mrs does the injections Lats with a blue Rear delts, inner and outer tri with 1inch orange and then glutes with a blue if I'm laying down ....but that doesn't happen much as she probably stick it in my asshole just to teach me a lesson ...........and the needle
  15. Sub q is more for GH and insulin, when injecting compounds you want go deep into the muscle ...1 inch or above