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  1. Change my username

    I agree haha its on the to do list
  2. Change my username

    Thanks mate, ill do that now
  3. Change my username

    As Title says. Id like to change my username. How do i go about it please?
  4. Test E - Npp - Dbol

    Yeah gonna do that mate. fu**ing hate this fu**ing covid s**t
  5. Test E - Npp - Dbol

    Yeah ive been training in thr gym as of today now they are closed so im training in thr house just using what i can with my bench and free weights. Gyms are mesnt to be opening again In two weeks
  6. Already pkanning next cycle

    I ran test e 500mg and deca 300mg for my very first cycle ever lol so fu**ing dumb and stupid!! However i was lucky i ever suffered any negative effects at all. I ran it for damn near 6 months aswell!! Zero guidance just a roid head mate who supplied me. I would never recommend anyome do that. Holy f**k tho i grew so fu**ing big went from a medium tshirt to xl loved the newbie gains, it really agreed with me. Its all i ever run now ill either run npp for shorter ester or just deca for the slow steady gains.
  7. SG injectable Superdrol

    Ive two vials of spectrum superdrol 50mg per ml. Ive had it since last year i think. Keep forgetting to use it. Was maybe gonna use it at 25mg so half a ml eod as i didnt know it could be injected eod.
  8. Test E - Npp - Dbol

    I like that analagy!! Think i should add it now or wait til gyms open again in two weeks. Ive weights here to use to keep tickin over ive a bench, barnamd loadsa weight well about 100kg to do me.
  9. Test E - Npp - Dbol

    Thats what i logged into ask lol ive 15 vials of mast prop ive been hoarding all year. Think i should add it now or wait til the gyms reopen herebin belfast again in 2 weeks time?
  10. Test E - Npp - Dbol

    Thats it i feel dead on, no dyno or e2 issues. Just wondering should i add an ai. Tamoxifen sounds sensible think i have some somewhere.
  11. Im gonna watch for this one lol
  12. Currently 3 weeks into my bulking cycle. Running the test e 750mg tho i may drop this to 600mg per week. Running the npp at 450mg per week split into two pins mon thursday. 30mg dbol ed for first 4 weeks. Ive not added or taken an any ai yet. I feel abs fine but im aware of the pitfalls that lurk lol should i add a small dose? Ive triumph armidex left from last year. What would one recommend at this point?
  13. First i heard that one ??????
  14. Never affected me mate i was on a deca test cycle and got the missus pregnant. Prob depends person to person i guess
  15. New Stash with early expiry date

    Agreed ive used gear 2 years outta date and worked great. Was kalpa gear.