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  1. I dunno, should the test not always be higher than the deca. I always run the test higher than deca. Although in saying that I used southern ghost npp and test phenyl 100mg each compound. I was fine on that.
  2. Triumph Labs Turinabol?!

    Abs nothing wrong with triumph tbol mate ive used I could easily say ur talking shite but I wouldn't go down that road of rudeness.
  3. Zentech

    I used the zentech test prop before. It was dead on. Done as it should. Dont recall any pip either.
  4. Triumph Labs Turinabol?!

    Any bold batches of triumph are fantastic it's all I ran for long enough tried everything lol
  5. Kalpa versus Hygene Pharma Anavar...

    I'd defo go with kalpa I've used many of their products. Always bang on.
  6. I get that on it as well mate sometimes and when I slow down and try and walk I must look like I've s**t myself haha
  7. Yeah get it printed out and post it here and they guys here will explain it all for u
  8. Would you work for The Police?

    Agree mate, our judicial system is abs joke over here. Literally a slap on the wrist. The states do t f**k about. When u get time u get time and lots of it lol
  9. Would you work for The Police?

    Daniel holtzclaw did just Google him and google his sentencing video on you tube too omfg he cries like a bitch tho tbf he got over 200 years haha
  10. medichecks gives u the option to check specific values and you'll know for sure. what are u running atm inc ancillaries EDIT just seen you be been off for 7 years
  11. natural thing to Say is cialis or viagra . could be lots of reasons why your libido is low tho bad circ high chol hi e2 you'll need bloods bro. you can use medichecks I think it is and they'll do a panel test
  12. So Who's Building A Home Gym?

    here's hoping mate. was on Argos but everything I wanted was sold out haha
  13. So Who's Building A Home Gym?

    its disgusting the prices people are selling battered and crude weights for. unbelievable.
  14. After Lockdown Cycles

    I've gotten a bench,long barbell for pressing about 100kg in various plates and dumbbells soni can do all my major muscle groups and add etra reps if needed so considering running 100 test prop and 100 npp eod. actually been getting a decent enough workout out of what i have.
  15. Injectable winnie

    I've a load of balkan winnie inject also a few vials of untima Pharma not used any of the ultima gear tho so can't comment but the balkan is gtg