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  1. What do you do when a muscle won’t grow?

    Just like any scientific experiment, if you’re results are continually failing to produce your intended goal, reevaluate the variables and substitute changes. As for exercises, weighted dips and heavy cable flies produce a lot more growth than endless sets of presses. That is just my opinion from my personal experience, but I have seen the greatest results from those two exercises. Don’t stop doing presses, but try to focus on various degrees of incline and slow, deliberate form, rather than just sloppily lifting as much weight as you can heave up. Finally, do chest twice a week. Your muscles will have fully recovered after 72 hours, assuming you have eaten properly and had sufficient sleep. If you are only lifting once a week, you are only getting a maximum of 4 chest days a month. If you want the boost in growth, double your efforts and increase your food intake to match.
  2. Recommend a PT in Swindon

    Just go to a gym and try it out. Everybody likes something different. Some like the posh, corporate chain gyms with cucumber infused water by the front desk. I like a poorly lit, possible Environmental Health Inspector violation, dungeon of a gym with free weights from the 70’s and equally as old rock music playing. As for the trainer, hire one if you feel you must, but I’d recommend saving the cash by hitting up YouTube and this very forum for all the info you will ever need to get started. Everything else will just come with practice, perseverance and experience. Good luck to you!
  3. Learn to Fly?

    You sound like an old, bitter fellow. I wish you happiness and fortune in your endeavors and I hope you get laid soon.
  4. Learn to Fly?

    I just don't understand your phallic fixation. Putting in ground work, making professional connections, furthering yourself in a professional environment so you can make money and enjoy your career is "cock sucking"? This is how you get ahead in life and don't end up being some fat bloke working at a restaurant cleaning tables in your 40's. You have to work your way up in any career. If you're a brick layer, you have to work like a b!tch in the extremes of your outside environment and work overtime to impress your employer and get a rise/promotion. Is that cock sucking? What about a police officer? You have to put on a uniform everyday, like a McDonalds worker, you have to work a sh!tty beat for the first 2 years: football games, traffic guidance and an assortment of other cvnt tasks until you get a patrol car of your own or a detective position, all the while sucking your chief's cock so that you stand out against the other wannabes. Any career that is worth anything requires ground work, possibly doing odd jobs you don't enjoy until you get the jobs you like. These are simple work values that people are steadily forgetting. Also, I enjoyed flying skydivers, I built 400 flight hours doing so and I even became a jumper myself.
  5. Learn to Fly?

    I'm guessing you had to suck a lot of cock to get where you are now and you're projecting that experience onto something you know very little about. I didn't suck a single cock. On the contrary, my cock was sucked numerous times by flight attendants and tourist women all over the world. This job is pretty much a panty dropper on it's own. I'm sure you can Google the validity of that statement. My parents didn't subsidize anything. I worked hard and got a career that pays well all on my own. It's technically a trade school. Going to University is "a rich kid's game." It's like, "Let's get this worthless degree to add to an already overly saturated market of other worthless Bachelor and Master degrees..." Learn a trade. Become a welder, electrician, plumber, pilot etc. Start making 60k almost immediately and never run out of business. Everyone wants to be the CEO of some business, but few young people want to put in any work now.
  6. Learn to Fly?

    Alto Boquete, Panama is where I live and a small town in Arkansas is where I'm planning on building the flight school. I'm technically "from" everywhere. Born in South Africa, grew up in Switzerland, London, the US and Costa Rica.
  7. Learn to Fly?

    Unless you are naturally terrible and have to do every lesson twice, there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to. I'm obviously talking about a small airport and private instructor, not a big flight school where you get a University degree.
  8. Learn to Fly?

    What a great opportunity for him and a generous gift from you! The hour building time after receiving the CPL can prove very difficult for people. You graduate with appoximately 250 hours and most employers are looking for a 500 hour minimum. Just remind him that there is currently a worldwide shortage of pilots. Connections will be his best friend. Get out and shake hands with people, work at the airport refueling airplanes, wash and wax airplanes. Scour airports for old blokes with airplanes that they can't legally fly by themselves anymore for medical reasons. They are always looking for safety pilots. Fly skydivers, banner towing, "crop dusting/agricultural", aerial surveying.... there are so many jobs out there to build his hours AND get paid. Feel free to message me if you have any questions!
  9. Learn to Fly?

    Thanks! Who would've thought you could have so much love for a little bundle of sh!t and spitup. HQ is in Panama still, but I'm back and forth between Panama, the States and Canada lately. Both valid concerns. I always tell people the REAL place you should be terrified is on the road. A 16 year old driving a massive vehicle while texting, an intoxicated driver, a 95 year old woman who can barely see over the wheel.....so many things that are completely out of your control, but will kill you in a heartbeat. Costs are about as much as buying a cheap, used car or motorcycle. £4500
  10. Learn to Fly?

    Now that tune is going to be buzzing in my head all day. Much appreciated!!
  11. Learn to Fly?

    I'm strongly considering giving up the Corporate Pilot/Airline gig and starting a small flight school in my hometown. I've always enjoyed teaching and flying, so I think it would be interesting to blend the two skills. Also, I have an infant now and I'm away from home 20-25 days out of the month, which gets old very quickly. In the pursuit of gauging public interest, I was hoping to hear opinions from this feral, godless lot of meatheads about who has ever had an interest in learning to fly and why you haven't. The most common answers seem to be: 1. Lack of time. 2. Flight training is very costly for something most only utilize for hobby purposes. 3. Fear of heights/falling. Thanks in advance for the help.
  12. This is the exact story of how my natural test production shut down forever and why I have to take supplemental testosterone for the rest of my life. Trenbolone and Dbol for my first cycle. No ancillaries or PCT. Buy a few vials of Test and take at least 100mg/week. You'll feel much better and have more energy. Invest in some sort of PCT to bring your balls back to life. Be careful with your body, mate. You only get one.
  13. 2 Stroking 😶

    I thought we all learned this in Secondary/High School. Your problem has nothing to do with your recent cycle. 1. Don't hold your breath. 2. Push your pelvic floor muscles like your trying to piss in her. 3. Don't piss in her Problem solved. Poor girl
  14. building muscle in your 30s

    I've been able to build muscle much easier in my 30's than in my 20's. Staying lean is what has proven more challenging. I have had to manage fat with proper nutrition now more than ever. No more daily ice cream... In my opinion, from 30-35 is probably the strongest most men will ever be.
  15. Gym wear

    I'm the same. I have 2 tops that are 15 years old. You can't beat the feeling of an old top that has been worn down to a fabric so thin that you could easily rip it with your hands. It gets to a point were it is extremely breathable and light. My wife loves wearing them because they feel like you're wearing a thin layer of air. I wish a company would develop a pre-distressed fabric that feels like that.