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  1. This is what i do,works great.
  2. Whats every day to day intake of meds and PEDS? currently for myself 600 test e a week.
  3. I wouldnt even bother labmaxing it mate. there is loads of labs out there that are proven to be correctly dosed,cheap and offer as good as next day delivery
  4. Work advice

    There will never be the perfect time to take an opportunity, jump at it while its there.
  5. Crep check

    Have a few pairs.great comfort in them!
  6. Who lives overseas?

    Fair play to the people who have packed up and moved. its a big decision to make especially if you have a good job to leave it all behind. good to hear its working out!
  7. Id stick to t3 or clen,least you know what your in for and cheaper too
  8. Test e 500,that gave me some bad pip! high concentrate so my own fault really
  9. Using sphinx at the minute,working well
  10. Bitcoin

    Theres loads of apps available all do the same thing
  11. Bitcoin

    Set up a bitcoin wallet. google localbitcoins to find a machine that sells them in your area. put the cash in and then scan your bitcoin wallet to the machine and your done.
  12. to those of you living in Thailand

    Doesnt get better than that,retiring early,new missus and living in a paradise!fair play man
  13. to those of you living in Thailand

    Do you mind me asking what you do for work or how you ended up there? looks a paradise
  14. Recommended Var Lab

    Pharmacom is pretty handy to get on the net, its pricey though too! Tm var seems to be hard to get now hasnt been available for a few weeks
  15. Anytime this thread gets a reply,i still burst out laughing at this!