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  1. Urgent Ephedrine help needed please!

    to have sides like thats, your pills must be up to 25mg. perhaps 50mg, in the past there were some Turkish. The most nowadays are of 25mgs. . is it sure that it was ephedrine? you might have that problems from the coffee.
  2. Beginner's HGH dose?

    the best answer ever! GH will just give you extra results. if i was you, i would split my dose per 8 hours or more is possible, so its steady in your blood.
  3. they must be joking.... at least you get a discount... lol Must be at least 18 years of age to enter Open to US and International Participants Tier Operators may also enter Full time employees and family members of Redcon1 are not eligible MUST buy assigned stack from online questionnaire You may use a coupon code You must purchase the 4 week Readiness Trials Stack suggested. If the eight (8) week supply stacks are purchased at the same time; save 25% off with code: TRANSFORM
  4. Best Nootropics for daily use

    phenibut is good for sleeping.... is it helping you with memory etc? how many mgs are you getting?
  5. testosterone enanthate norma

    I have the same lot! Exp is ok. I got the from a local pharmacy. the oil must run slowly even to a 18g needle. But i have them over a year now... their cost here are about 2.01 euro, or at least that should be written to the box. Some pharmacies with old stock sell the about 30cents less...
  6. helloo

    Hello people, my name is Dimitris, I'm from Greece and after reading for a long time your forum i decided to "jump in". My English, s**ks a bit so i will post rarely. Feeling nice to find you!