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  1. Corona virus news channels busted

    Did you watch it? He seed genuine toe, just my opinion. I think he's a bit messed up from all the Drugs but he took the Drugs to cope with the pain of the abuse, mentally and pshyically. This is a must watch of what is ultimately the end goal starting with this Covid-19
  2. Corona virus news channels busted

    There's just 2, let me know if you want any more, or you can even look it all up Online, research "Meat Rack Boy" and Jon Wedger Interviews, as well as hundreds of abuse victims coming forward, identifying the same people but if not high ranking world leaders. I understand why you don't think it happens, you need to remember you have Empathy, however much, you have it, these Elites, from Power and Money, do not have it, and Raping little kids is their life force. I know it's a messed up thing to talk about, but it happens and it's the upper echons of society doing the most vile, evil things, how about we take the hundreds of abuse victims word for it instead of being Pedo Sympathiser's, as I've said this whole system is corrupt, and needs a global non compliance, we could and make any system we wanted as a species, surely the one we are currently using is twisted, backwards and not working.
  3. Corona virus news channels busted

    Yer but the sheer amount of Content in there exposing these Pedophile Psychopaths and how his Twilight zone world is run, all of these people do this just out of boredom, the ones who don't profit of course, and even those who do, there's no smoke without fire All those that have come forward about their abuse are lying? Abuse carried out by powerful world leaders past and presence. Money and Power corrupts, jus look how homeless people are looked down on by even low class society's. Those at the top believe they own this world and are taking it and us the direction they want, and we are just allowing it to happen.
  4. Corona virus news channels busted

    Why do people say this lol? YouTube don't supply Billions of people with information on what's happening in the World, the Mainstream Media does, and Lies, and has the funds to Lie and make those Lies sound and look true.
  5. Prince Charles out and recovered?!

    You're ready! I like it.
  6. Prince Charles out and recovered?!

    Question everything. That is all... (Tin foil hat attack Incoming)
  7. Bojo announces the lockdown

    Sorry mate only just seen you replied. Yer it's been a year from hell man, and the most gutting thing for the misses and I is the fact we had a lot of holidays and travelling planned to forget about what we went through and now all of this happened. Guys can anyone answer this? Will this Lockdown get even more strict? As apart from it being less busy not much has changed
  8. Bojo announces the lockdown

    Haha thanks mate, appreciate the other, ive been the same forany years but must admit I haven't grieved properly with it all, it was 3 deaths of people close to me all within a Year, but I'm not angry, sorry if it comes across that way. Im not saying all this then trying to prove to get a moral victory against any of you, its this system that angers me, these people oversee a system that treats the elderly appallingly but these same people are willing to crash the economy to save them? Just doesn't add up that's all. This system, goverment, Polictics, Royals.. All of it, it's all based on lies and greed and its just an idea that us as a race came up, we could have different system that works and helps humanity instead of disregarding those at the bottom, all I ever dream of is a global mass non compliance to this corrupt system, imagine we all just turn our back and say "enough" we are not playing along anymore. This system just seems so Toxic, like the point in life to gather as much money and material possesions as possible and climb to the top disregarding everyone else. I feel we as Human beings never have the opportunity to express our self's properly, who we are as Human, most are too busy on the hamster wheel working and worrying about Billls. I just dream of a better world and get carried away sometimes, stay safe guys
  9. Bojo announces the lockdown

    Thanks for last message mate, appreciate it, it's been awful as my Girlfriends Dad died (COPD) 3 months prior to my Dad at the age of 67 and her and her Dad were super close, so when my Family started dropping, she was still grieving and then had to support me! We had a holiday booked to get away inay but have obviously had to cancel which sucks but we understand, we just needed some time away to think about life ect.. No I know sometimes a spade is a slade, not everything has a hidden agenda, life is just crazy at the moment haha, stay safe guys, sorry if i annoyed any of you, I love you all on this Forum.
  10. Bojo announces the lockdown

    What I mean is I don't want to be right, it's not like I research some of this stuff then et all excited and can't wait to cram it in people's faces, so sorry if I come across like that. I was in he care system and adopted, but lucky got adopted by close Family so I was safe, all of the Elite Pedo rings ive read about most are children that came from the system so no parents, no family, no one to love them, and abuse is Rampant within the child care system so myself lucky. It was my great Aunty who adopted me when I was 3, so I called her Mum, she died of breast Cancer in July, it was when she was squeezingy hand crying with Pain asking me to overdose her on morphene, it was the hardest time my life and i still have haunting images over what I saw.. Point is in regards to my Mum is a belief there is a cure for Cancer and always has been, there's cure for many things, The Queen doesn't like she's slowing own and they all live to 100plus and never really get ill, so I just so angry at the world that certain people get certain treaent and I had to watch Mum die in agony. My Dad had Bilolor all his life and lost his battle with depression but that's irrelevant. Just making these points to show why I have a passion for the truth, not going for a sympathy vote and no trying to upset anyone.
  11. Bojo announces the lockdown

    That's what frustrating thoughan, why do you think these Elitest Pedo's care about old people? Look how they are treated and discarded by the system once they can't work, struggling to survive, whether to spend the little Money they have on heating or food, and now suddenly those at the top care that much that all this is happening? Why are the Police and Army not Biohazard Suits if its so bad. I'm not trying to arguean honestly, talking about this is depressing as sh1t haha.
  12. Bojo announces the lockdown

    Before anyone comes in with personal attacks, can you understand that when I say all of this I'm not trying to argue with you or prove you wrong, I'm just sharing some things you may not be aware of. I don't want to be right about any of this, it's dark and it's scary so I hope I'm wrong the world is just run by idiots who can't do the job properly.
  13. My conspiracy theory

    Sorry I genuinely didn't see your reply. Mate I know nothing about any of that in terms of how it works, just the processes these people use to get us there. Thanks for posting it though, I turely hope it's right andy theory is bullshit, trust me it's not something I want to be right about.
  14. Bojo announces the lockdown

    Why do we need to debate any further? You understand that Pedophilia goes on at the top, and believe me it does, and those committing it are people we elect to run our lives, but let's just let them carry on Raping the Children and Taxing the masses into Poverty. No more Conspiracy talk now, it falls on deaf ears here, ill go back to talking sh1t and bumping old threads.