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  1. You also linked yet another Fact Checker haha! I give up, all we are ever going to do is keep posting links and claim the other is wrong. Like I say time will tell, I said back in March this was never going away and much worse will continue to come unless the people on this Planet themselfs say enough. Good luck to you all, your be happy to hear I'm going to take a break from posting, i only ever post with good intentions and never to cause trouble but that's what seems to happen to so ill leave you lot too it. Good luck with your Heroes Government and good luck with your Jabs.
  2. Is the Test testing for Coronaviruses or Covid-19? Its quite simple lol.
  3. We can all post links, not that they mean much these dies as everything is being deleted amd Censored. https://off-guardian.org/2020/06/27/covid19-pcr-tests-are-scientifically-meaningless/ https://missoulian.com/opinion/letters/cdc-admits-pcr-test-is-useless/article_199b22e3-cfd6-5b5d-8574-44272d613bca.html https://www.globalresearch.ca/covid19-pcr-tests-scientifically-meaningless/5717253 https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-tests-may-be-picking-up-traces-of-dead-virus-12064151 https://time.com/5880255/covid-19-tests-types/
  4. FFS lol!! Time will tell won't it, but I mean if you genuinely believe the official narrative.. We're 8 months in. How much longer do you want? We don't have 5 years. This is so in our face that now ignorance is now a choice. This isnt like looking at 9/11 and wondering what happened. This is all day everyday. If you can't see it,.or at least question it after 8 months, you are lost and will never be found
  5. They're useless because they're not testing for Covid19! So why did they say Covid19 Deaths in the beginning (notice how its not changed to Coronovirus) and why where they putting Covid19 on all the Death certificates. More importantly, why are we still debating meaningless topics, sh1t is going to continue to get much worse for all of us and you don't see it.
  6. The Tests are useless bro, and you can get infected with the Virus 5 seconds later so what is the point in any of it? Also Testing for Coronaviruses, not Covid19, its a scam lol. I forget what you Sheeple still believe these days, are you still believing you are being looked after by the people you perceive in Power and that all this will be over if we all behave and do as we're told? Simple Yes or No's.
  7. @Kazza61 @[email protected] You lot if the BBC told you too.
  8. Contact Tracing details can now be shared

    I mean... Not much surprises me at the moment. I still hold hope, hurry up guys and see things for how they are, Human Conciousness is waiting and sort of depending on it.
  9. Contact Tracing details can now be shared

    Normies at these stage have either been Lobotomized, are under a Spell or just in Denial and will stay that way, majority on here are the latter.
  10. Haha you lot are boring now, just nit picking at small things in what i post lol. Sorry OK it wasn't a secret, probably not, they like to put things in plain sight not only to mock you but so you have free will to comply, like you all have free will not to wear a Mask yet you do to Virtue Signal like a Heroe because the TV told you too. Be on the ball today you lot for mistakes, ill be posting more content.
  11. https://www.kirkusreviews.com/news-and-features/articles/boris-johnson-dad-reissues-virus-thriller/ Another coincidence for the Coincidence Theorists, Boris Johnson's Dad writing a Book in 1982 about the Goverment releasing a Virus and then a Vaccine to Deppopulate.
  12. What do you mean? That's the point isn't it, if Mainstream Media are telling you, yet again they put it in your face and you don't question it and continue to comply, grow a pair and stand up to this Tyranny FFS Kazza, do you have Grandchildren? How can you just stay compliant while this World is being created for these poor Children.
  13. Here's the reason for you to be illegally 'locked down' Copied: 'Councils will do it, upping their tier of lockdown because they are paid by government for every single person that lives in that town, city borough etc, tier 2 is £1.00 per person, tier 3 is £2.00 per person, lots of money right, now we know why the councils ( some not all, as not all are bought ) will say yes to upping the scale !'
  14. Chinese tonight

    We had a Thai last night was lovely. Chicken Pad Thai Red Thai Duck Curry. Jasmine Rice. Duck Spring Roles.
  15. You attack my character constantly almost as if you succeed in doing so anything and everything I say Is meaningless. I believe what I believe from my Prospective on the World, that's all.