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  1. Bodypower Expo 2017, May12th-14th.

    I'm going on my own...first time there. Also buyed the Generation Iron ticket. Any gym nearby that you recommend??
  2. I know we have the body power expo in may but want to know if anyone knows of bodybuilding or similar seminars happening in the U.K? i know Terry Hollands holds a strongman seminar in Staines in march....
  3. Spanish newbie

    Any seminars / fitness expo in London area soon? I live nearby (40min) Panthers Gym and Fit Tech Gym Isleworth...anyone trains here? Thanks!!!
  4. Spanish newbie

    True...just curious to find another Spanish in the forum!
  5. Spanish newbie

    Hi Daniel, Still in London? I'm from Spain and just arrived
  6. Hi all! Just arrived London and will be here for long. I'm in Surrey area and looking for any bodybuilding seminars or colleagues in the area. Also planning to go as a fan to Arnold 2017 USA...anyone's knows of gyms / clubs organising trips to this event? Thanks!!