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  1. Southern Ghost EO

    Soap with EO in makes my eyes red. I've experienced reactions to D4net which was rocket fuel by all accou ts wish he was still making gear, and some other high percentage EO gear but not to Alpha Pharma which was fine.
  2. Kobe Brynt.....

    Helicopters are an extremely dangerous way of getting around
  3. I've been sensitive to EO in the past in high concentration gear. SG have got some good looking products I'd like to try has anyone had any problems whose sensitive to EO like me? Alpha of old had it and I was fine on that. Other labs over a certain percentage gave me flu like Symtpoms. Any recommendations on the solidity of the single ester stuff like Cyp my personal fav would be appreciated in earnest. They obviously are artisans in earnest so no point in not giving it a shot....phnaaar
  4. Im flogging BigDick labs, Ive made the logo look like the old British Dragon one, I highly recommend it cos its.... Well what I'm flogging... And.... I'm starting my own forum, I've got a website... And... Verification codes, they are all the same digits but no one has noticed yet so..... Its gtg... On a more serious note... Maybe this raw thing needs to happen to slim the market down... And keep only the serious players in the game.. I will be testing all my gear... And that's even if Janoshik is not a con.. Which some say it is....?? Jeez its a minefield... My poor penis....its not like my wellbeing matters rolls eyes
  5. Where is best for needles?

    If you can afford Steroids the only thing you should be using the exchange for is sharps imho. I buy a bin and two boxes of needles for about a tenner and it lasts a while like I spend anotjet tenner on 1ml pumps and my trt is done....
  6. Can you link me to where you got it tested? I'd like to do the same.
  7. I think a lot of labs underdose heaviliy. Users in 500mg a week plus won't notice. Unless they get bloods or drop onto trt and watch your partial HPTA restart and libido crash through the floor to find out. Also I note so many high dose labs that no one complains about pip from. More than 250mg per ml of test E.. Will hurt in a BA BB prep. Pip stands for probably is proper You need to use Ethyl Oleate in 300 gear. And if you don't get that percentage right it'll hurt even worse
  8. Introducing Myself and My Stack

    At least the OP is not asking for dosing suggestions in ml. That's progress
  9. amount to cruise ?

    Threads like this really worry me. Is there someone who is really injecting testosterone, if indeed it is even testosterone that doesn't understand doses and concentrations, whst a cruise or blast or trt dose looks like either in dose or blood levels... If I didn't know that I'd be the bloke in the pub with a pint talking s**t. No offense, but if you don't know you are doing at all the risks are just way way to high.
  10. Different oils different solvents different carriers.... Same raw, results in the same use able drug that appears totally different.
  11. Our community, and by that I mean users of underground hormone based drugs, needs more than ever the return of this service, especially with the upcoming changes. I'm asking if we could lobby for the return of this service to keep us safe. However we'd also need to make it work. And what I propose is a blanket ban on publishing results, and the inclusion of labels and brands in and of the published results and on any of the forums in an solid attempt to stop the labs abusing the service. A quick Web search will give you the emails addresses of the key players at Wedinos. As a whole our community is entitled to the same sentiment of care as people who abuse other chemicals in the wider consideration most of us are socially functional individuals engaged in sport or life enhancement. Why are we excluded? I'd also really love to see the end of lab boosting on forums, but I can't see that ever happening. However if you could see how the abuse of Wedinos by labs and forums shut down access to this important service for people like us, surely it would be worth forums not publhsing or reattributing any results anonymously posted so the service remained open to us.
  12. Resolute labs Oils, Shield orals

    As I remember resolute were the lab tested by UGL newsletter that had no active difference in the users testosterone levels after dosing in comparison with Dunning the put them off the charts.
  13. Best quality UGL?

    Good to know. I want lower concentrations however do thr dispatch from the UK.. Does it definately arrive lol
  14. Yeah.... Practically it does... I just walk in give them my story that I can't I pay for monthly level checks cos the NHS in my area at least only allows for one every three months even on TRT cos your levels won't change in that time quote un quote...morons.... Anyway.. I say I'm doing my best to take thr strain of can they help by taking the blood.... They always do.
  15. Best quality UGL?

    I dunno if I trust some of the concentrations of Pharmacom vials 500mg of E in a mg would write of your leg. Stcik some EO in it and the initial pip just replaced by flu a few days in. Just sayin.... It must be like glue