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  1. Sphinx Cyp is it Prop?

    Actually mate to be honest when I posted that message I put the phone down and throught nah... If it was prop at that concentration it would hurt like f**k and this is smooth as silk... Its just C or E do not give me supranat levels the day after at 80mg whereas 40mg of Prop may just manage it. Perhaps.
  2. Sphinx Cyp is it Prop?

    Well I don't know my prolactin but that's gonna have to get measured soon if this s**t continues to be so weird. But my e2 was 160 at 40 something nmol as I was not expecting to be cruising ffs... Even at 22nmol is creeping up on its own, which makes me think more that its prop and I'm getting a bigger belt in the following hours after the jab... Which is typical of me on prop.. Don't think we can assume that it's prop at 100 or Cyp at 200 whatever it is it's not much like a long mid ester test to me.
  3. Sphinx Cyp is it Prop?

    Beg to differ. It may be prop at 200mg /ml due tia mix up with the raws, but also next day a prob can give a fair old whack.. Certainly 80mg of Cyp couldn't give 40nmol next day peaks?
  4. Sphinx Cyp is it Prop?

    80mg e5ds gave me peaks 40nmol plus now down low as 30mg e3ds and next day is 22nmol, but day after is a shocker of mind fog and anxiety my usual low test BS.... I can get to 20mg eod but its getting daft ffs
  5. Been using some Sphinx Cyp I bought to try a while back got my bloods over three weeks of me adjusting my doses I am getting short term sides like oestrogen water on low mid doses and a fast fall off. Bloods revealed test levels in the 40s from TRT doses, at first I thought wow... Potent stuff... Lowered the dose and then got low test feelings just as next dose arrived... Three tests from day after jab reveal me nailing the peak, haven't had any last day tests yet, but I feel like s**t on the last day and the doses have gotten really close together at this rate I'll be on 25mg SubQ e2ds... Back to something else me thinks... Wondered if anyone else had tried it. Not trashing the lab, it could be just me.... Be nice to know if it was others had similar or test results shown it as such then at least I could adjust to that.
  6. Medichecks result

    Finger pr**k result. By any chance? Useless without oestrodial and possibly iffy without prolactin.. Get a full panel from your GP once every three months.
  7. Test feeling estrogen ?

    Then your most likely not going to. If your libido is good or improved and your erectioms are strong... Or stronger... You are doing a lot better than many do on blast.
  8. Test feeling estrogen ?

    How's your libido? The real life markers for a solid high test balance. If your taking five and a half times the total test you would have naturally, unless you have amazing genetics or are 6 percent body fat, which is probably neither here not there for most... You probably aromatised enough testosterone into oestrogen in the first week you could be on the edge of gyno. I do feel like a god on high test... But only. If I keep my oestrogen low... And the only way I've ever managed to do that is be being super lean in combo with very low close dose ai. When your libido is superhuman, your gains will be too. IMHO so few people undertarand how badly they can f**k themselves up with high test cycles.. Some carry on with super high oestrogen levels, I've seen the bloods on here, with e2 nearing 300 I know what that feels like and it's not godly it's utter shite. However most men also massively over respond to AI.. Without ovaries, and female organs in general... You don't need f**k all ai to tame more than mild elevation.. Always your libido and wood is the marker... It is for me.. Or was when I blasted. Get some bloods your quite possibly out of balance if you don't either feel mega horned up.... Or stronger...
  9. The short answer is I'm not sure. Ive been working on low close test dose and a very low ai dose. The problem is simple really. Most men are sensitive to anti aromatase drugs because well, we are men. The US dosing guidelines are mentally high for both test and ai. Because they also use HCg. I've seen 40 plus nmol from 50mg every four days peak... Too high to sustain without problems... Most men are also sensitive to oestrogen as it goes past the half way mark moodiness and depression and enxiety and ed follows for a lot of us. The trick is to find a low dose that doesn't require AI for TRT and a microdose for cruise... I find on TRT my e2 wanders up.. 140 in f**ked. I'm going to be working on these new suggestions of wim etc... A sup rather than a drug. Liver health is also really important to flush oestrogen... Low bf helps but not as much as you'd think. Probably not what toy wanted to hear. Lol
  10. That is interesting cos.. I had a galstone from blasting test. My oestrogen was alway creeping up and basically when I see in my liver numbers is that it's slightly damaged my liver which means most likely im not clearing the oestrogen effectively
  11. In reply to all of this.. Mega helpful thread. My e2 can get to 200 plus for weeks with no gyno ever. I get Ed and water retention and anxiety with high or low e2.. Really f**ks with my nut... Clomid works really well, but it f**ks with my eyes immediately.. Never tried Micro dosing aromasin but I have anastrazole. I'll look into Claciium D and WIM you might have to help me with some of these anacronyms haha Best thread on UKM in ages.
  12. Aromasin really gets my e2 low. I've only tried very low doses of azole / arimadex I haven't tried very margins Aromasin.. So it's worth a try.
  13. Yep made alcohol solution... Can tank my oestrogen on 1/8th mg a week!
  14. Mine dose too mate.
  15. It's OK. I really do understand you perfectly. No further explanations required. However I disagree. Hormone imbalance will make any negative thought linger, larger than life. It can take a utterly grounded person with no underlying psychopathology sieze on every negative thought and develop it. One of my closest friends is an ex pro. He was a driven and competive indivual who's told me the tales of how the wind blowing his hair causes panic attacks cause by plunging testosterone levels and elevated e2. Personally my life has been virtually ruined hunting for illusive balance on the sythetics my body now demands. If hormone imbalance can cause anxiety you don't need any underlying pathology for it to give you a fu**ing hard time. Everyone has negative life experiences that don't require psychotherapy. You dog died. You were bullied at school, your Mrs left you etc etc. High oestrogen will take lifes uncertainties and turn them into your worse nightmare. Been there done it have the blood tests and the diaries to count it as a given. The OP really has nothing to worry about aside from spending as much on bloods as he does on gear to try and find a way of creating a high and mid test level androgen balance.