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  1. Triumph labs DNP

    Been waiting for these. Will have to get some to try.
  2. Gear in Turkey

    I've got 5 boxes ready for next year abdi Abraham anapolon good prices aswell.
  3. Less fats on cycle?

    Certainly is mate
  4. Less fats on cycle?

    My preference is the boneless bucket but for 4
  5. Rotator cuff injury

    im in for surgery tomorrow morning on my shoulder from racing a fortnight ago. not quite the same as your but still involves rotator cuff. ive snapped the bone off my humeral head where the rotator cuff is attached. I'm thinking hgh and maybe bpc 157 for afterwards to help with the recovery.
  6. Heart pain

    At 5 inches tall 30mg might be a bit much
  7. I've ran all sorts of gear and none negatively impacted riding. I used to do 30 mile plus rides for fitness and spinning but mainly racing was sprint stuff. Decent level downhill racing until a fortnight a go another big crash I'll have to stay away for good now. But felt really good whilst on test at 250mg winny 50mg ed. And t3 with clen. Felt better and stronger each ride. This year's alps trip I was running test tren t3 and clen and recovery and general feeling was 100x better than last year. Last year by the 3rd day I felt like I'd been run over and then beat up and struggling to carry on. But this year by the end of a week I was still like day 1.
  8. Gear in Turkey

    Was a post a few days ago in steroid photos. Pretty much all the pharmacies have bits or will order it in. My dad got back Monday with 10 boxes of Bayer proviron, 10 boxes of tiromel and 5 boxes of oxis for me all at crazy cheap prices. There's other stuff available some alot cheaper and some not some not so cheap. http://www.ilacabak.com/ Use this website to find what's available and the price.
  9. You'll be fine mate won't hurt once in a while. I noticed if had a few weeks without a big calorie day I benefited from one.
  10. Shagging apps

    Or trannys
  11. Shagging apps

    @Frandeman something for everyone on there ay mate if your struggling on there you'll have to give up and start paying
  12. Shagging apps

    You know proper site
  13. on my last cut whenever I had a day of eating whatever usually once a week I went as high as 8000 calories a time sometimes the Saturday and sunday and by Wednesday was still looking better and scales lower than the Friday before. I think you've got to do it for numerous days without going back to usual diet before it has a massive negative effect.
  14. Exercise 4 less

    Ones just opened near us. There's loads of equipment and machines but it's always rammed.
  15. Triumph SERMS

    good stuff then