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  1. Wrong injection spot, you would inject outer, side part of quads not middle.
  2. DHT also cause oily skin.
  3. This what i got from TR pharmacy about year ago.
  4. Your E2 not that high, actually low for Your T:E2 ratio. (3054 ng/dl vs 46pg/ml when converted) If your free T cant aromatase enough it will convert other pathways (dht, prolactin)
  5. Dead dick, itchy nips, depression etc. I was running 500test while proscar(only proscar), no hair loss. Give a shot mate not everyone gets side effects from it, i think im unlucky one.
  6. Bump after injections

    Why pharma grade gears cause more pip than UGL's? Ive used pharma sust and primo in past and pip were awful.
  7. Take AI same time with shot, they peaks at same time.
  8. Yes. Last four to five years ive shedding/thinning. I was using 1mg (1/5 of proscar) but side effect wasnt worth so i swiched to minoxil. It seems working.
  9. Isnt proviron cause hairloss? Ive shed on it.
  10. Proscar will stop hair loss, nothing else needed. Nizoral and minoxil other options. Dont bother use all product same time. Either proscar only or nizoral+minoxil.
  11. Unabsorbed gear, nothing to worry about. Try not pin same area more than once weekly.
  12. Low dose fina

    Take RU or Minox instead. Sides effect from fin not worth, i lost %70 of sensitivity of my willy in two week and nips hurts all the time. Bad mood and brain fog on top of that.