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  1. Prevent crime before it even happens

    Yes you glossop boy
  2. Prevent crime before it even happens

    Your sister wife should be home soon from shoplifting on ashton market , she will probably cook you up some vittals then stroke off your deformed member with big cow hearder hands .
  3. Prevent crime before it even happens

    Glossop or mossley, carrot cruncher
  4. Prevent crime before it even happens

    Where in Manchester yokel ?
  5. Prevent crime before it even happens

    Are you a country bumpkin that pretends to live in a big city ? Dont you live somewhere like glossop? Where sheep worrying is a big concern and a lot of you have 6 fingers? Just wanna clear this up .
  6. Philip Schofield

    Could he be another savile? Pictures on tweeter with the kid he was riding, Matthew mcgreevy, when he was very young.
  7. bulk powders fined

    Ffs they must have sorted it out now surely
  8. Petar Celik

    Remember seeing a video of him training back in the day, he cheated up every thing, I might be wrong it was time ago .
  9. Decline vs incline?

    Decline on a Smith machine is the way forward after you fck up your shoulders on flat bench, decline activates more chest muscles than flat or Incline according to some studies, For me personally i use it because i can shift a load more weight and it doesn't hurt my shoulders.
  10. bulk powders fined

    I wont be using them again then I'll stick with myprotein, till they get caught.
  11. Cure for hangover workout

    This... your in it for the long haul, it wont matter if you miss a workout that you'll probably just be going through the motions anyway , Do it tmw .
  12. As above is anyone using a reliable decent source?
  13. I pushed someone

    Front page , Manchester evening news , a body was pulled out of the canal at 3am this morning, this is not a joke , Give yourself up Jack Sorry make that 3 people pulled out in the early hours The pusher strikes again
  14. Ain’t no Party like a Brexit Party!!!!

    But .. but ... but you must be racist coz you voted for Brexit and you dont like bounty bars , and you probably like football and that
  15. Ain’t no Party like a Brexit Party!!!!

    Jeez fella your a bit confused today ain't you lol