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    jjtreml got a reaction from toecutter in Fragrance   
    That's the thing, most people wear the wrong fragrances at the wrong time/occasion ( guilty of) which i why I stated 'daytime and evening' favourites.
    Some folk on here couldn't understand that and got their knickers in a twist 
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    jjtreml reacted to MrBrightside in New Triumph Range...   
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    jjtreml reacted to Cronus in Not a bad price for powertec set up...   
    I duno I paid 350 quid for my entire Leverage system with Preacher, leg extension and hamstring attachment 
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    jjtreml reacted to Ironman TS in Warning   
    Forums like UKM are here to protect you from exactly this type of situation mate.
    Tough way to learn a lesson but hopefully learned now.
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    jjtreml reacted to Shergar in Warning   
    Lol, should of told us what lab you was buying first and we could of saved you the price of the labmax kit and also the bunk proviron.
    You win some you lose some
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    jjtreml reacted to TekkersChainsawMassacre in Home gym pissing contest   
    How many of you converted your games room into a gym when lockdown was on the cards? Let’s see what everyone is working with. And who has just thought f**k it and lost all their gains? 
    I struck lucky and found all this before everything sold out and prices shot to a grand a kilo lol. 

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    jjtreml reacted to SwoleTip in Error message   
    You need the gold membership. Its a one time payment but its totally worth it, gives you access to great content. I found Anna's nudes on there. 
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    jjtreml reacted to MattTheDon in New Triumph Range...   
    Used this lab before and it was great shame I have no way if getting it anymore ???
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    jjtreml reacted to Fattynomore in New Triumph Range...   
    So any update on  this happening?
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    jjtreml reacted to wylde99 in Brainwashed normie sheep thread   
    Some of the names you will see being Arrested, probably soon too and some will face Execution for Horrific crimes against Children. 
    I really don't want to turn this into a fierce, personal attack against me yet again but I told you this was all going to come out so when you learn people like The Clintons, Obama and other high profile Political figures have been brutally Torturing and Raping Children for many Years you will start to question every aspect of the World you thought you knew. 

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    jjtreml reacted to Seppuku71 in Fragrance   
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    jjtreml reacted to toecutter in Fragrance   
    Most of those are evening fragrances. Too heavy and projecting for daytime or work/office. 
    Aventus and bleu de Chanel are versatile but Aventus not my cup of tea (too flowery/fruity) and definitely not worth the money for what it is.
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    jjtreml got a reaction from wylde99 in Brainwashed normie sheep thread   
    That awkward moment when David icke & Alex Jones are proved right.
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    jjtreml reacted to SwoleTip in Anywhere you can actually buy weights from   
    Ffs . And some nob head on ebay is tryna sell the £200 argos rack I was looking at for £480. What a tosser. I refuse to give money to these dickheads
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    jjtreml reacted to aLadNamedAsh in Fragrance   
    Dior- sauvage
    Creed- aventus 
    Creed- green Irish tweed
    Chanel- bleu de chanel 
    Tom Ford-black orchid
    Know this Arab fella that sells ‘fragrance oils‘ that smell the exact same as the real stuff. I literally get compliments from them all. 
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    jjtreml reacted to YoelD in Fragrance   
    Boss Bottled Night. 
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    jjtreml reacted to Jackoffblades in LEGIT natties only   
    Greatest natural ever. Plus you know he’s natural because he says he is 

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    jjtreml reacted to SwoleTip in LEGIT natties only   

    Should have known a natural thread would turn to s**t in no time on here. 
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    jjtreml reacted to fakenattymatty in Fragrance   
    Bleu de Chanal 
    Creed Aventus
    YSL le nuit homme
    Davidoff cool water
    Dior Sauvage
    Had a daze of being into fragrances lol, even came to watching YouTube reviews 
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    jjtreml reacted to js77 in Fragrance   
    Chanel Allure - evening
    RL Safari - daytime
    Old classics, like me.....well, old anyway.
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    jjtreml reacted to AncientOldBloke in Best labs currently   
    Cos tranny lives matter
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    jjtreml reacted to js77 in Russell Howard is being great at politics   
    Come on guys, he’s absolutely right....that’s why Corbyns government absolutely destroyed the Tories in the last election.......or was it the other way around??
    Sorry to post another Paul Joseph Watson video but here he is putting a video together in stark contrast to this complete helmet and baring in mind he’s not a supposed ‘stand up’ I p1ss myself every time  I watch this.....
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    jjtreml got a reaction from js77 in Russell Howard is being great at politics   
    I've met this guy before when I was working in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. 
    He's comes across smug and a bit of a tit (his girlfriend was very nice/friendly though)
    As for his comedy, well he's safe/predictable and somewhat boring, nothing new to see here.
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    jjtreml reacted to Henda83 in Russell Howard is being great at politics   
    Can’t stand the fu**ing sight of the c**t
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    jjtreml reacted to MTM1 in Russell Howard is being great at politics   
    I always thought he was one of the weaker ones on mock the week. Seemed a nice enough guy but I always thought he had something of the sixth form common room about his political views. Tbf I've not watched the clips and already made my mind up I won't find them funny lol so maybe I should be less narrow minded and give him a try.