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  1. 2020 worst year ever ?

    Lol brilliant
  2. 2020 worst year ever ?

    Nah wasn't alive then
  3. Yessss the gyms are opened from...!

    August 22nd
  4. Caught my girlfriend cheating

    Tell her dad hes completely out of order
  5. White Shaming

    Because she's only there to fill a quota, polictical correctness is deadly.
  6. White Shaming

    The elites will be enjoying it as it's just another classic divide and conquer tactic, and its having success. People of all races need to realise that its not about your colour, but more about inequality and the ever widening gap of the haves and the have nots. The middle classes as it were have been slowly decimated over the last thirty years and minimum wage is nowhere near the rate of inflation. Shaming anyone for their skin colour, looting, rioting and race wars are just playing into the elites hands. Nothing in this world will ever change if we're constantly at eachothers throats over irrelevant nonsense. Has anyone heard about the white family that were shot dead whilst visiting their dead relatives at a graveyard, oh and the murderer was a black guy. No? Oh funny that. The media has an agenda
  7. Stone Island

    Ok thanks
  8. Stone Island

    Do you buy or wear stone island? I know it's been around for years and its ridiculously expensive, but they do make some quality stuff to be fair. Did the football hooligan element ruin the brand or do you still rate it ?
  9. When The Pubs and Clubs Re-Open!

    Many will go bust, folk are paranoid and won't bother going to them like before all this. It's a knock on effect that was always going to be inevitable. Grim times ahead
  10. Brilliant news

    It was from his sister
  11. That's the way the world is going because of the internet,the world got smaller and business can be done with a few mouse clicks. Same with the high streets and shopping centres. Easier to just buy online and avoid the parking fees, crowds and all round ballache.
  12. I'm all for this, I dont see the point of people driving or getting on public transport for a job they can do from home.
  13. 45% off everything on myprotein

    Like its going to make any noticeable difference
  14. 45% off everything on myprotein

    eggs and whole milk, much cheaper