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  1. Do you feel out of place in night club

    They are a complete waste of time and money, anyone over 30 years old and still regularly doing the party scene is a bit sad to be honest.
  2. AJ is ridiculously overrated in my opinion, Fury will slaughter him if AJ has the balls to face him which I doubt he has. AJ knows that he would lose to Fury.
  3. Mike Tyson is the GOAT in my opinion, don't give a feck what anyone thinks. A prime Mike Tyson would destroy anyone. End thread.
  4. Dbol back pumps ... remedies

    Taurine one hour before training helped me
  5. UKM 2020 steroid census

    No because I wanna keep my cock and balls thanks !
  6. Is the world getting fckin confusing???

    Cnuts likes sam smith need putting down
  7. Show us your ignored user list!!

    Ignored list? Grown men acting like teenage girls. Tragic
  8. Points based immigration system

    Fear mongering at its finest, well done
  9. Points based immigration system

    Twenty years too late
  10. Older or younger?

    I'm 40 and the bit of stuff I'm currently bonking has just turned 19