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  1. Iso lateral machines, one arm or two

    Try a different variation every week, keep the body guessing!
  2. pull ups

    Variable grip positions work different areas of the back/arms so depends what you want to focus on really. All pull-ups are beneficial overall though!
  3. 10 a day?

    Great article. I like using the general rule; the more color on the plate the better!
  4. Fitness Blog

    Thank's will let him know! His name is Tom Seed - got quite a following on insta.
  5. Hey Guys

  6. Hello UK-M'ers

  7. Hi from Norfolk

    Welcome! Plenty of motivation here to get you where you want to be!
  8. Hi all

    Don't be afraid to ask! Loads of knowledgeable members here.
  9. Forum Newbie

    Welcome! I'm new here too and it's a good platform! Enjoy
  10. Which would you rather?

    The bad looking car because who wants the good looking one with no power???
  11. Band squats

    Yea I guess if it aint broke, don't fix it! Good luck with the training, hope it goes well.
  12. Royal Rice

    This looks epic! Going to give it a try this week.
  13. Freezing meals

    Prepped on a Sunday for the 5 working days ahead for years now and never been an issue or got sick from it. As long as you keep the containers cold all the time and heat them right through before consuming it shouldn't be a problem.
  14. Can't fault MyfitnessPal - Been using for a number of years and it's so easy to work into your everyday routine. As previously mentioned don't rely on it when setting it up initially as the figures it gives you aren't the best for hitting those goals required. I used: https://www.iifym.com/iifym-calculator/ to get a calorie goal.
  15. Complete Noob! help

    A great way to get all that you want out of training is to try and get one of your friends involved. When I started training around your age me and one of my buddies would always be researching diets/nutrition/workouts and putting our minds together to encourage and teach each other. Same goes with the gym, it would always be a good session when training together because you want to out-do one another and always push the limits.