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  1. Calories and macros

    Thanks... i think regarding what you have said I'll stick to what I'm doing, I don't need to deviate, but it's changing a lifetime of habits and addictions. It does not help having such food groups in close proximity
  2. Since the new year , I've cut out sugar, in hot drinks and I've stopped eating confectionary , etc so my question is for example , if a salad or a choclate bar each equal 200 calories , is there no difference in what you eat if you hit your macro and calorie limit. Or it will just take longer , to reach that shape you aim for around the waist, due to adding the above and not going over your total count. why the above may read or sound odd is because in my life I have never tried to lose fat, it's alien to me.
  3. IF 16/8 and bcaa

    Cheers for the replies , I'll go low calorie and adjust on results..
  4. IF 16/8 and bcaa

    Well was gonna give it a go, and eat low carb or I would say, eat healthy and cut out all sugar. My main reason was to lose that hard to shift fat, and also using such (fat) as energy instead of the fuel that I was putting into my mouth every few hours , if that makes sense.. what I have read seems to go with that approach !
  5. IF 16/8 and bcaa

    If this is the case what's the crack with fasting ? why bother ?
  6. IF 16/8 and bcaa

    To shed that stubborn fat ... but then if I would break the fast then it could be taken in the window, but then you could get the same amino from food, I suppose.
  7. IF 16/8 and bcaa

    My question is , would taking 5g of bcaa with water , stop the fast , or it will not impact on the fast itself.
  8. Black seed oil

    Just ordered myself 200 mls and wondered if anybody else have used this ? Bought to use for ailments and a pick me up, when the spirulina has run out..
  9. Coconut Oil

    Just bought a ltr to use in cooking and as a organic moisturiser